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What are Redken shades?

Redken is a popular haircare and styling brand that offers a wide range of hair color products. Redken shades refer to the different hair color options available within the Redken color lines. Redken offers permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and deposit-only hair color in a variety of shades from natural looking to vibrant fashion colors.

What are the different types of Redken hair color?

Redken offers 4 main types of hair color:

  • Permanent Hair Color – Lasts until the hair grows out, contains peroxide for lightening
  • Demi-Permanent Hair Color – Lasts 24-28 shampoos, deposits color without lightening
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Temporary, lasts 4-8 shampoos, conditioned-based with no peroxide
  • Deposit-Only Hair Color – Used to refresh color or enhance shine, no lifting or depositing

What are some of the most popular Redken shades?

Here are some of Redken’s most popular hair color shades:

  • Blonde Shades – Beige Blonde, Buttered Blonde, Sandy Blonde
  • Brown Shades – Medium Warm Brown, Mocha, Espresso
  • Red Shades – Intense Auburn, Copper, Crimson
  • Fashion Shades – Blue Black, Silver, Purple

What Redken permanent hair color lines are available?

Redken offers three main permanent hair color lines:

  • Color Fusion – Redken’s signature permanent cream hair color with 18 intermixable shades. Provides 100% gray coverage and multi-dimensional color.
  • Color Gels – Permanent oil-gel hair color offering bold, vibrant results with a translucent gel base. Available in over 38 shades.
  • Cover Fusion – Permanent hair color designed specifically for gray coverage. Contains anti-fade complex to keep gray coverage longer.

What are some popular shades in the Color Fusion line?

Here are some of the most popular Redken Color Fusion shades:

Shade Name Color Description
4NA Natural dark brown
5RR Intense auburn
6N Medium brown
7AA Dark ash blonde
8N Medium blonde

What are some popular Redken Color Gel shades?

Some top selling shades in the Redken Color Gel line include:

Shade Name Color Description
6RB Intense red-brown
7IR Iridescent copper
8GC Gold caramel blonde
9P Extra light cool blonde
6VV Vivid violet

What semi-permanent shades does Redken offer?

Redken’s semi-permanent hair color line is called Shades EQ. It comes in over 40 intermixable shades. Some of the most popular Shades EQ shades include:

  • 09P – Extra Light Platinum Blonde
  • 6IR – Iridescent Copper
  • 6NN – Natural Neutral Brown
  • 7N – Neutral Brown
  • 5RR – Intense Red Brown

Shades EQ allows you to customize your color results. It can be used to add shine, enhance natural color, refresh faded color, go darker, go lighter, or add a fashion shade.

Does Redken offer fashion hair color shades?

Yes, Redken offers a range of fashion forward vivid hair color shades in multiple color lines including:

  • Color Gels – 6VV Vivid Violet, 67V Violet, 66G Green
  • Shades EQ – EQ Secrets Collection with shades like Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Raspberry
  • City Beats – Redken’s true neon hair color line with shades like Green Envy, Orange Crush, Red Light

These vivid shades provide intense, statement making color results. They can be used as full head color or for creative techniques like ombre, root smudging, color melting, or hair painting.

What level system does Redken use?

Redken utilizes a numeric level system from 1 to 10 to denote depth of color. Level 1 is black and level 10 is lightest blonde. The lower the number, the darker the color. Here is an overview of the levels:

Level Color
Level 1 Black
Level 2 Darkest brown
Level 3 Dark brown
Level 4 Medium brown
Level 5 Light brown
Level 6 Dark blonde
Level 7 Medium blonde
Level 8 Light blonde
Level 9 Very light blonde
Level 10 Lightest blonde

Knowing the underlying color level helps guide shade selection to achieve your desired results.

How does Redken name and code their shades?

Redken shades are named and coded based on the color’s level, tone, and intensity. Here is how it works:

  • The first number indicates the depth from 1 (black) to 10 (lightest blonde).
  • The letter(s) indicate tone – N=Neutral, G=Gold, A=Ash, C=Beige, RR=Red-Red.
  • Multiple letters indicates higher intensity of that tone.

Some examples:

  • 5RR = Level 5, Intense Red-Red tone
  • 7A = Level 7, Ash tone
  • 9G = Level 9, Gold tone

This coded system helps stylists easily identify the shade color and tone.

Does Redken offer root blending and gray coverage?

Yes, Redken offers several ways to blend roots, cover grays, and refresh color between salon visits:

  • Color Fusion – The Shimmer Clear and Zero Lift shades are ideal for root blending and toning.
  • Cover Fusion – Specifically designed for targeted gray coverage and root touch-ups.
  • Color Extend – Deposit-only gloss adds shine and lasts up to 20 shampoos.
  • Root Fusion – Minimizes the appearance of grown out roots between color services.

Using the right Redken product for root coverage can keep your color looking fresh.

Does Redken offer organic or ammonia-free hair color?

Redken offers ammonia-free hair color options:

  • Color Gels – Oil-gel permanent hair color free of ammonia and perfume.
  • Shades EQ – Demi-permanent ammonia-free hair color.
  • Color Extend – Deposit-only ammonia-free hair color.

These allow you to achieve permanent, semi-permanent, or deposit-only results without ammonia odor or sensitivity.


In summary, Redken offers a wide selection of permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and deposit-only hair color shades. Their shade lines include natural browns and blondes, bold reds and coppers, and vivid fashion shades. Redken uses a level system from 1-10 and codes shades by level, tone, and intensity. Their shades can be mixed and customized to create personalized hair color results. With ammonia-free options, root blending products, and grey coverage shades, Redken provides professional, salon-quality hair color in a range of shades.