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What are purple colors starting with V?

What are purple colors starting with V?

Purple is a beautiful and regal color that evokes feelings of sophistication, spirituality, and creativity. There are many shades of purple but some of the most striking ones start with the letter V. In this article, we will explore purple colors that begin with V, examining their unique properties and how they are used.


One of the most common purple colors starting with V is violet. Violet is a rich, deep, and intense shade that lies at the end of the visible spectrum, making it one of the “purest” purples. The name comes from the flowering plant of the same name, Viola, which bears flowers in this distinctive hue.

Violet has long been associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, and ambition. In Greco-Roman mythology, Violet was the flower of the goddess Iris and was a symbol of love. Christian churches used Violet in art and decoration to represent modesty and humility. Violet light has the shortest wavelength of visible light, making it highly energetic. It was invisible to earlier humans and was often considered mystical and spiritual.

Here are some key facts about the color Violet:

  • Hex Code: #7F00FF, #8F00FF
  • RGB Values: R:127, G:0, B:255
  • CMYK Values: C:50%, M:100%, Y:0%, K:0%
  • Complementary Color: Yellow
  • Violet in design elicits feelings of imagination, nostalgia, and individuality.

Vivid Violet

Vivid Violet is a bold, bright, luminous purple. As the name suggests, it is an intense, saturated variant of violet that really stands out. Vivid Violet occupies a slightly bluer territory than standard violet.

Vivid Violet is a youthful, modern color that has become popular in athleisure, activewear, and casual fashion. It provides a fun pop of color. Energetic and eye-catching, Vivid Violet evokes vitality, vigor, and confidence.

Some key attributes of Vivid Violet:

  • Hex Code: #9900FF
  • RGB Values: R:153, G:0, B:255
  • CMYK Values: C:40%, M:100%, Y:0%, K:0%
  • Vivid Violet appeals to younger generations and signifies energy and boldness.


Vine is a grayish violet, muted purple shade reminiscent of the trailing vines of ivy. It is a dusty, soft tone created by mixing violet with a large dose of gray. While still recognizably purple, Vine is much subtler and more neutral than vivid shades.

With its cool, understated vibe, Vine purple works beautifully in home décor. It brings a sense of coziness and relaxation to bedrooms, studies, and libraries. Vine can also convey professionalism and expertise when used in offices, conference rooms, or executive spaces. Overall, vine purple balances tradition with modernity.

Here is more on the color Vine:

  • Hex Code: #9888A0
  • RGB Values: R:152, G:136, B:160
  • CMYK Values: C:26%, M:26%, Y:0%, K:25%
  • Vine purple works well with shades of blue, gray, peach, and moss green.

Velvet Violet

As the luxurious fabric it’s named after, Velvet Violet is a rich, opulent purple. It is a slightly darker, moodier, and grayer purple compared to traditional violet. Velvet Violet is elegant, refined, and romantic.

In fashion, Velvet Violet conveys sophistication and glamor, evoking gowns and jewelry. In interior design, it creates an atmosphere of indulgence and grandeur through velvets, satins, and brocades. Classy and elegant, Velvet Violet implies wealth, royalty, and sensuality.

Key characteristics of Velvet Violet:

  • Hex Code: #9955BB
  • RGB Values: R:153, G:85, B:187
  • CMYK Values: C:40%, M:70%, Y:0%, K:0%
  • Velvet Violet works beautifully with cream, gold, ivory, and even metallics.

Veronica Purple

Veronica Purple is a very pale, soft, breezy purple tinged with blue undertones. Its name comes from the Veronica flower, which has light purple hues. With its weightless, ethereal quality, Veronica Purple imparts a sense of romance and femininity.

In interior design, Veronica Purple is perfect for a baby nursery or girl’s room. It has an innocent, dreamy vibe. Its soft, peaceful energy also works well in bedrooms, promoting relaxation. In fashion, Veronica Purple offers a flirty, feminine accent when used in details like lace and embroidery.

More about this airy, delicate purple:

  • Hex Code: #AEA1AF
  • RGB Values: R:174, G:161, B:175
  • CMYK Values: C:22%, M:12%, Y:0%, K:20%
  • Works well with shades of pink, gray, yellow, and blue.

Violet Red

Violet Red is a vivid reddish purple that mixes the passion and intensity of red with the luxury of purple. As a tertiary color, it bridges the gap between the two primaries. The result is a rich, spicy, bold shade.

In designs, Violet Red commands attention with its saturated hue. It conveys energy, action, and excitement. Violet Red is popular for call-to-action buttons and dynamic headlines. In fashion, it makes a daring accent color that expresses sensuality and confidence.

More about this fiery purple-red:

  • Hex Code: #CC0066
  • RGB Values: R:204, G:0, B:102
  • CMYK Values: C:25%, M:100%, Y:0%, K:20%
  • Violet Red pairs beautifully with shades of purple, pink, black, white, and yellow.

Vivid Violet vs Violet

While Vivid Violet and Violet are similar purples, there are some key differences between the two:

  • Vivid Violet is brighter, more saturated, and more intense.
  • Violet is deeper, slightly darker, and more muted.
  • Violet appears in nature, Vivid Violet does not.
  • Violet is considered a “pure” primary shade, Vivid Violet leans slightly more blue.
  • Vivid Violet has more pop, Violet is more elegant and traditional.

In summary, Vivid Violet makes more of a vibrant, energizing statement, while Violet has a more subtle, regal vibe.

Vine vs Velvet Violet

Vine and Velvet Violet represent two different takes on muted, grayish purples:

  • Vine is lighter, cooler, and more understated.
  • Velvet Violet is darker, warmer, and richer.
  • Vine is dustier and more faded looking.
  • Velvet Violet appears more saturated and bold.
  • Vine works well in relaxed, casual spaces.
  • Velvet Violet conveys luxury and formality.

In summary, Vine is a pale, ethereal purple while Velvet Violet makes a decadent, dramatic statement.


Purple is endlessly captivating for its depth, complexity, and sense of mystique. The purple shades that start with V offer a broad spectrum – from the classic richness of Violet to the modern pop of Vivid Violet. Murky, muted tones like Vine and Velvet Violet bring intrigue through their smoky gray tones. Whimsical purples like Veronica evoke romance and femininity. And bold purples like Violet Red command attention with their intense saturation. With its myriad expressions, purple retains its aura of creativity, nobility, and imagination.

Purple Hex Code Key Attributes
Violet #7F00FF Deep, rich, regal
Vivid Violet #9900FF Bold, bright, energizing
Vine #9888A0 Muted, dusty, relaxed
Velvet Violet #9955BB Luxurious, elegant, formal
Veronica Purple #AEA1AF Soft, delicate, feminine
Violet Red #CC0066 Vibrant, fiery, sensual