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What are popular paint colours?

What are popular paint colours?

Choosing a paint colour for your home can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which colours are the most popular and will look great in your space? In this article, we will discuss the most popular interior and exterior paint colours, factors that influence colour popularity, and provide tips on choosing the right shade for your home.

Most Popular Interior Paint Colours

When it comes to interior home paint, neutral colours tend to be the most popular. Here are some of the top shades homeowners and interior designers love to use inside:

Greige A blend between gray and beige, this versatile neutral works well in any room.
White Bright white paint colours like Chantilly Lace are clean and timeless. They make spaces feel open and airy.
Grey Cool greys like Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray are sophisticated neutrals that work well in modern and contemporary spaces.
Beige Warm beige paint colours like tan and khaki are versatile and work well in traditional or cottage style rooms.

While neutrals dominate most top paint colour lists, don’t be afraid to incorporate some colour as well. Here are some popular bold paint colours for feature walls or accents:

Navy blue From bright to dark shades, navy evokes a nautical vibe and pairs well with greys and whites.
Sage green Earthy sage greens are peaceful colours that work well in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.
Dark green Jewel-toned dark greens like emerald or forest green create cozy, luxurious spaces.
Terracotta This warm red-orange shade brings vibrancy and works beautifully in dining rooms, libraries or studies.

Most Popular Exterior Paint Colours

For home exteriors, deeper, bolder shades tend to look best. Popular exterior paint colours include:

Navy blue A nautical navy blue exterior is classic and timeless.
Forest green Deep greens complement natural surroundings and add curb appeal.
Charcoal grey Sophisticated charcoals work well on modern exteriors and pair nicely with black trims.
Red brick Warm red brick tones give a traditional look and feel welcoming and inviting.
Black For a dramatic look, dark black exteriors are striking and stylish.

While dark, saturated shades are popular for home exteriors, lighter neutrals like beige, gray, and white remain classic options as well.

Factors Influencing Paint Colour Popularity

There are a few key factors that determine which paint colours gain widespread popularity each year:

  • Interior design trends – Colour preferences in home decor and furniture influence popular paint shades.
  • Fashion trends – Colours highlighted on the runway often make their way into home paint palettes.
  • Nature and foliage – Earth tones and shades inspired by landscapes tend to have perennial appeal.
  • Economy and lifestyle – During times of uncertainty, neutral palettes gain favour for their flexibility and resale value.
  • Advances in paint technology – New innovations allow for deeper, bolder shades for every surface.

Many popular paint colours have longstanding, classic appeal, while others are fleeting trends. Greiges and blues seem to have the most lasting power year after year.

Tips for Choosing Paint Colours

If you’re feeling overwhelmed choosing from the many popular paint colour options, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider the amount of natural light – Dark rooms suit lighter paint colours best.
  • Pay attention to architecture – Bold colours complement modern spaces, while neutrals suit traditional homes.
  • Look at furnishings – Your paint colour should complement your interior decor style and permanent pieces.
  • Know the room function – Active family rooms need durable, darker paints. Neutrals work best for resale value.
  • Select two colours – Use a neutral on most walls and a bold colour for accents.
  • Check out colour trends – Look online and in design magazines for inspiration on new shades.
  • Experiment with samples – Paint large sample swatches to see colours in your space and lighting.

Choosing a timeless colour you love will ensure your paint colour stands the test of time. Consider popular colours like greige, blue and green, but opt for shades you find beautiful rather than just trendy.


When it comes to home paint colours, popular options run the gamut from versatile neutrals like white and greige to bold accent colours like navy blue and charcoal gray. Interior designers and homeowners gravitate towards shades influenced by fashion, nature and interior design trends. While some colours have more staying power than others, focus on choosing a colour you adore for a personalized space you’ll enjoy for years. With some consideration of your architecture, furnishings and lifestyle, you can select popular paint shades that will look beautiful in your home now and into the future.