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What are Leos known as?

What are Leos known as?

Leos, otherwise known as those born under the zodiac sign Leo, are known for being confident, ambitious, loyal, and encouraging. As fire signs, Leos have a fiery passion and enthusiasm for life that makes them natural leaders and trendsetters. Though they love being the center of attention, Leos use their influence and charm to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves. Here’s a closer look at what Leos are known for.


One of the most defining traits of Leos is their confidence. As a fixed sign, Leos are steadfast in their beliefs and approach to life, giving them a bold sureness in their abilities. This confidence allows Leos to take charge, start new initiatives, and speak up for what they feel is right. Leos know they have talent and unique gifts, so they aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and share their brilliance with the world. Their self-assurance allows them to take risks and chase big dreams without self-doubt holding them back. When channeled positively, the confidence of a Leo can inspire others to believe in themselves too.


With their tremendous self-belief comes great ambition. Leos set their sights high, dreaming big about what they can achieve. They are visionaries, coming up with creative ideas and innovative solutions. Leos believe anything is possible through passion and hard work, so they aren’t afraid to strive for lofty goals. They have a strong drive to better themselves, take on new challenges, and make a difference. Leos pour their heart into achieving success, knowing that reaching their full potential takes dedication. Their ambition is an internal fire that propels them towards excellence. Though they appreciate recognition, Leos are motivated from within to be the best they can be.


When you gain the friendship and trust of a Leo, you gain a fiercely loyal companion. Leos take their relationships very seriously, showing dedication to the people they let into their inner circle. They will stand up for loved ones and go the extra mile to offer support. As fixed signs, Leos cherish stability in relationships and devote themselves fully once committed. They pride themselves on being reliable, protective friends who will cheer you on through thick and thin. Leos look after those they care about, encouraging them to shine. While slow to trust, once you prove yourself to a Leo they reward you with steadfast loyalty.


Leos love motivating others to put their talents on display. With their natural charisma and confidence, Leos know how to draw out people’s gifts and make them feel valued. They give thoughtful compliments and highlight the positives in others, believing that with the right support, everyone can unlock their full potential. Leos are excellent cheerleaders who inspire through empowering words and leading by example. They want those around them to glow and will do what it takes to boost others up. If you need a morale boost, the warm optimism and passion of a Leo is sure to uplift you. Their encouraging nature brings out the best in people.

Dramatic Flair

Being natural performers, Leos have a knack for dramatic flair. They know how to put on a show and captivate an audience with their charisma. Leos have a playful, expressive side that adds pizzazz to any occasion. They have a penchant for the arts, drama, and creative endeavors that allow them to showcase their talents. Even in everyday life, Leos add a bit of theatricality and exaggeration to mundane tasks to spice things up. They live life with passion and want each day to feel exciting. With their vibrant energy, Leos inject color and vibrancy into their surroundings.


Leos are extremely generous, loving to share their time, resources, and talents with others. They enjoy making grand gestures, giving thoughtful gifts, and going over the top to make people feel special. Leos want everyone to live life to the fullest and will try to make that happen by being generous. They know the importance of paying generosity forward to make the world a little brighter. Leos also give compliments freely and build up those around them with kind words. The glowing warmth and open heart of a Leo creates an atmosphere of generosity wherever they go.


With their natural leadership abilities and confidence comes a certain pride in who Leos are. They carry themselves with dignity and self-importance recognizing their strengths and individuality. This pride can manifest in positive ways, like taking excellent care of themselves and demanding respect from others. However, if taken too far, Leo pride can turn into arrogance and vanity. Leos must remember to stay humble and graceful, not arrogant. They shine the most when they uplift others versus looking down on people. Harnessed properly, the pride of a Leo represents their noble character and integrity.


Leos love expressing their boundless imagination and coming up with novel ideas. They think outside the box, approaching situations with an ingenious perspective. With their passion and originality, Leos excel at creative pursuits like art, performance, decoration, and content creation. They have a flair for aesthetics and enjoy beautifying their surroundings. Leos have such creative energy that they can turn the most mundane task into a fun creative experience. Their vibrant inner world and enthusiasm constantly produce new inspirations to be manifested.


Life with a Leo is guaranteed to be full of good times. Leos absolutely love having fun and make the perfect playmate. They live in the moment, know how to let loose, and bring excitement to any activity. Leos will often take the lead in group activities, initiating adventures and showing people a good time. For Leos, getting people smiling, laughing, and enjoying life is a top priority. They cherish the special bonds formed and memories made while having fun together. Leos will even find ways to add liveliness and joy to simple, everyday tasks.


As natural charmers and performers, Leos do crave attention and validation. They want to be noticed for their talents and feel appreciated. Being ignored is one of the hardest things for a Leo to handle. They shine their brightest when they have an audience cheering them on. However, Leos ultimately want attention for the right reasons—to spread joy and confidence, not out of ego. They must be mindful not to take too much of the spotlight. With mindfulness, Leos can direct their need for attention towards constructive purposes benefitting others as well as themselves.


Leos have strong opinions and beliefs that they are rarely shy about voicing. They areextremely passionate individuals who know where they stand on issues. This fixed conviction gives Leos a resolute sense of right and wrong. They aren’t easily swayed by other viewpoints and will defend their perspective boldly. Many Leos have a soapbox they like to stand on, advocating for causes aligned with their morals. Their opinions come from their big heart and desire to fight injustice. While steadfast, Leos should beware not to become too stubborn—keeping an open mind is still important.


When it comes to love and friendships, the fixed nature of Leos can translate into possessiveness and jealousy. They view relationships as something to be treasured and protected. Leos give their heart wholly and expect full loyalty in return. With their proud, passionate approach to bonds, Leos can fall into possessive tendencies like wanting to dominate their partner’s time. They need to keep their controlling instincts in check and offer freedom. Leos must learn that true love involves trust. With self-work, Leos can keep their hearts open while cultivating healthy attachments.


For all their bluster and bravado, Leos have incredibly sensitive hearts. Their supreme confidence masks vulnerability. Leos intensely feel every emotion—when happy they are elated, yet sadness cuts them to the core. They require loads of validation and affection to their self-worth intact. Leos just want to be loved for who they are. They may come off as attention-seekers, but deep down Leos simply want to spread warmth. Their sensitivity gives Leos great empathy and emotional intelligence when leveraged properly.


That fiery passion that Leos are known for can burn out of control at times. When provoked, challenged, or hurt, the flames of anger and aggression can erupt. Leos have such a strong sense of pride that they see attacks as personal even if they aren’t. The indignation of their temper flares things up fast. Leos must practice patience, diplomacy, and rise above when tempted to sulk, have tantrums, or seek revenge. With mindfulness, Leos can direct their notorious hot-blooded temper into constructive outrage against injustice.

Advice for Leos

Leos’ vibrant, leadership qualities make them incredibly fun and inspiring to be around. They uplift others with their warmth, loyalty, and encouragement. However, Leos must be mindful not to let their darker tendencies for pride, jealousy and anger get the best of them. Here are some tips for Leos to shine their brightest:

  • Stay humble – Don’t let ego and entitlement overshadow your good heart
  • Keep an open mind – Your opinions are valuable, but so are others’
  • Focus your attention-seeking on acts of service – Be a light for others
  • Let go of jealousy – Foster trust and healthy bonds with loved ones
  • Control your temper – Channel anger into positive change, not destruction
  • Forgive easily – Don’t hold grudges over petty slights or challenges
  • Share the spotlight – Uplift others so they can shine too


Leos are spirited, courageous souls who chase their ambitions with flair and determination. Their vibrant confidence, generosity and loyalty makes them natural leaders and cheerleaders. However, Leos must keep their pride in check and channel their sensitivity into empathy. With balance, Leos can positively impact the world through their gifts of creativity, fun and encouragement. Leos, embrace all that makes you unique – just keep an open heart and stay humble as you shine.

Leo Strengths Leo Weaknesses
Confident Arrogant
Ambitious Stubborn
Loyal Possessive
Encouraging Attention-seeking
Generous Extravagant
Fun-loving Dramatic