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What are cool color clothes?

What are cool color clothes?

Cool colors refer to colors on the cool end of the color spectrum, like blue, green, and purple. Clothes in these shades tend to have a calming and soothing effect. Cool color clothes are ideal for summer as they can help you feel cooler in the heat. They also complement warm skin tones nicely. Here’s a quick overview of what defines cool color clothes and why you may want to wear them.

What Are Cool Colors?

In color theory, colors are loosely grouped into “warm” colors and “cool” colors. Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow – colors that evoke warmth, fire, and energy. On the flip side, cool colors include blue, green, and purple – colors associated with water, sky, and relaxation.

Cool colors are often defined as those with blue, green or purple undertones. They are the hues found on the cool, blue side of the color wheel. When used in clothing or fashion, typical cool color clothes include:

– Blues – navy, royal, sky, teal
– Greens – emerald, mint, sage
– Purples – lavender, lilac, orchid
– Neutrals like gray and taupe

Textiles colored with these hues create outfits with a cool, relaxed vibe. The cool undertones flatter those with warm skin tones and create soothing color palettes.

Why Wear Cool Color Clothes?

There are many benefits to choosing cool colored clothing in your wardrobe:

They are soothing and calm. The cool green of mint pants or the soft purple of a chiffon blouse inherently create a sense of relaxation when worn. The cool tones are gentle on the eyes and spirit.

They flatter warm complexions. Those with warm skin tones and blonde, red or chestnut hair will find cool blue, green and purple clothes to be complementary colors. The cool hues contrast nicely with the yellow, peach and olive tones in the complexion.

They are ideal for summer. Lightweight fabrics in pastel blue, lavender and mint green have a cooling effect, which helps beat the summer heat. The lighter values reflect sunlight and feel breezy.

They create chic color palettes. Monochromatic outfits in shades of blue or purple paint a refined, sophisticated mood. Combining different cool colors also blends beautifully, like light blue with gray or mint with lavender.

They have a calming effect. Research shows that cool colors like green and blue can actually lower heart rate and calm nerves. So wearing ocean blues or sage greens may help you de-stress!

Choosing Cool Color Clothes

When shopping for cool colored clothes, look for these shades and fabrics:

Blues: Light blue, navy, royal blue, teal, powder blue, periwinkle

Greens: Seafoam, mint, sage, emerald, olive, jade

Purples: Lilac, lavender, orchid, plum, mauve

Neutrals: Gray, taupe, slate

Pastels: Any pale or desaturated cool colors like sky blue, lilac, sage

Lightweight Fabrics: Chiffon, linen, cotton, silk

Some tips for wearing cool color clothing:

– Mix and match different cool shades in an outfit, like pale blue jeans and lavender shirt.

– Anchor cool colors with neutral beiges, grays and whites.

– Layer lighter and darker values of the same hue, like navy trousers with a sky blue blouse.

– Accessorize with warm metallics like gold jewelry to prevent looking washed out.

Best Cool Colors for Different Complexions

Certain cool colored clothes are especially lovely on some skin tones:

Light and Fair Skin

– Pastel blue, periwinkle, light gray
– Seafoam, sage green, mossy green
– Soft lavender, lilac, mauve

Olive and Medium Skin

– Emerald, jade, forest green
– Royal blue, teal blue, slate blue
– Plum, eggplant, burgundy

Dark and Rich Skin

– Navy blue, cobalt, ink blue
– Hunter green, spruce green, camo green
– Deep purple, amethyst, Byzantium

The muted, refined hues of cool-toned clothes offer a sophisticated palette for any complexion.

Cool Color Outfit Ideas

Here are some chic outfit examples in relaxing cool colors:

Jade Green Dress + Gray Jacket

A short sleeved emerald dress pops against a fitted gray blazer and tan wedges. Add a matching green pendant necklace.

Lavender Sweater + Navy Trousers

A cotton lavender sweater with navy ankle trousers creates an elegant casual look. Add nude ballet flats.

Sage Green Jumpsuit + Bronze Jewelry

A flowy sage green jumpsuit makes a breezy statement, balanced with metallic bronze earrings and bangles.

Baby Blue Tunic + Distressed Jeans

A breezy chiffon baby blue tunic and cuffed light denim jeans channels effortless cool. Add metallic sandals.

Plum Shift Dress + Moto Jacket

Rich plum in a sleeveless shift dress gets an edge with a black cropped moto jacket and tall black boots.

Periwinkle Peplum Top + White Pants

A feminine periwinkle peplum top with crisp white trousers and white wedge heels channels retro charm.

Creating Cool Color Outfits for Men

Cool color clothes offer a versatile, laidback palette for men’s fashion as well. Some examples include:

Navy Blue Blazer + Gray Trousers

The classic navy sport coat and gray slacks combo brings understated polish. Pair with a white button-down.

Mint Green Polo + White Shorts

A cotton mint polo shirt has a springtime vibe with white shorts and white sneakers.

Steel Blue Oxford + Black Jeans

A light steel blue oxford cloth button-down and black skinny jeans makes sharp casual style.

Lavender Dress Shirt + Navy Suit

Make a colorful statement by pairing a lavender dress shirt with a navy suit and silk lavender print tie.

Seafoam V-Neck + Dark Rinse Jeans

A seafoam V-neck sweater with fitted dark rinse denim and brown boots balances smart and laidback.

Plum Chinos + White Linen Shirt

Rich plum lightweight chinos and a breezy white linen shirt exude vacation vibes.


Cool color clothing adds a refreshing, relaxing vibe to any wardrobe. Whether it’s powder blue chiffon, sage green linen, or a plum sundress, colors on the cooler side of the spectrum complement warm complexions beautifully. They also have a soothing, zen-like quality perfect for relieving stress. Especially in the warmer months, cool hues like seafoam, lavender and mint look and feel cool.

Next time you get dressed, add in some blues, greens or purples to relax both your eyes and your mood. The refined, laidback elegance of cool color clothes offers versatility across styles, seasons and settings.