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What are confetti crayons?

Confetti crayons are a fun and creative way to add color and flair to art projects, coloring pages, and more. As the name suggests, these crayons contain small pieces of paper confetti in a wax crayon base, allowing you to draw and color while adding a sparkly, celebratory element. The confetti tends to be brightly colored dots, shapes, or glitter, giving drawings a festive and playful look. Confetti crayons first became popular as novelty crayons, but have since become a craft staple for both children and adults.

What do confetti crayons look like?

Confetti crayons are typically larger than standard crayons, measuring around 3.5 inches long and half an inch in diameter. They are made of a waxy formula similar to traditional crayons, but the body contains multi-colored specks of paper confetti. The confetti bits are small, usually between 1-3mm in size. They are dispersed randomly throughout the crayon so that every stroke produces a colorful, speckled effect.

The crayon base comes in many colors, including primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, as well as neons, metallics, pastels, and more. The confetti itself matches or complements the base color. For example, an orange confetti crayon might contain small pieces of red, yellow, and metallic gold confetti. The contrast between the base and confetti color creates a fun, vibrant effect when drawn with.

What are confetti crayons made of?

Confetti crayons consist of a wax and color pigment base, with bits of colorful paper confetti mixed in. Here is a breakdown of the main ingredients:

  • Wax – Typically paraffin wax, which provides the crayon’s smooth texture and helps bind it into a solid stick form.
  • Pigments – Dry powder pigments that give the crayon its color when mixed into the melted wax.
  • Confetti – Small pieces of tissue paper, metallic foil, or plastic film that provide colorful speckles.
  • Binding agents – Hold the crayon ingredients together and help them adhere to paper.

The confetti bits are what set confetti crayons apart from regular crayons. The confetti is precisely cut into tiny dots, shapes, or glitter. Holes are drilled into the formulated crayon base and the confetti is injected before the crayon hardens. This allows the confetti to become encased and secured inside the crayon.

When were confetti crayons invented?

The exact origins of confetti crayons are unknown, but they first started appearing as novelty crayons in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Several companies likely had the idea to embed confetti in crayons around the same time. Some of the earliest confetti crayon brands were Fun Doodlers by Binney & Smith in 1989 and Crazy Colors by Crayola in 1990.

Here is a timeline of early confetti crayon releases:

Year Confetti Crayon Release
1989 Fun Doodlers confetti crayons by Binney & Smith
1990 Crazy Colors confetti crayons by Crayola
1992 Confetti Fun crayons by Prang
1995 Confetti Craze crayons by Roseart

These novelty confetti crayons quickly became popular among children for their playful, colorful look. Over the next decade, confetti crayons expanded beyond kids’ crafts and into general art supplies, scrapbooking, card making, and more.

What are some popular confetti crayon brands?

Today there are numerous brands that make confetti crayons. Here are some of the leading confetti crayon products:

  • Crayola Confetti Crayons – Crayola’s signature confetti crayon line comes in 24+ colors with coordinating confetti.
  • Sargent Art Confetti Crayons – Budget-friendly confetti crayons in bright, bold colors.
  • Elmer’s Confetti Crayons – Wide barrel crayons with lots of colorful confetti flecks.
  • Melissa & Doug Confetti Crayons – Jumbo confetti crayons with eco-friendly paper confetti.

There are also many arts and crafts brands like Darice, Sculpey, Craft Smart, and more that produce confetti crayons. The number of colors and confetti combinations varies by brand. Special effect confetti like metallics, neons, and glitter are also popular.

Why are confetti crayons fun and unique?

There are many things that make confetti crayons a fun choice:

  • They instantly jazz up any coloring project with bursts of colorful confetti.
  • Drawing with them feels festive, like you’re creating your own handmade confetti.
  • The speckles add interest and texture to colored drawings.
  • Watching the confetti appear magically as you draw is satisfying.
  • They inspire creativity and self-expression.
  • The speckles blend and scatter in unique ways with every stroke.

Young children enjoy the whimsical look and sound of the confetti popping out. Crafters and artists appreciate the dynamic, textured effects. The speckled confetti effect simply makes coloring and drawing more exciting!

What types of projects can you use confetti crayons for?

Confetti crayons can be used to add pizzazz to all types of art projects, including:

  • Coloring books, pages, and posters
  • Handmade cards and invitations
  • Canvas paintings and mixed media art
  • Posters and hand lettering
  • Scrapbooking pages and ephemera
  • Craft decorations – ornaments, gift tags, vases
  • Chalk drawings and signs

Their versatility and eye-catching look make them ideal for DIY projects. The confetti effect livens up anything from crafts to home decor to paper art. Adults can blend confetti crayons with other mediums like acrylic paints, pastels, and colored pencils to create unique designs.

How do you use confetti crayons?

Using confetti crayons is much like using regular crayons. However, there are some tips to get the most vibrant confetti effect:

  • Apply medium pressure and use the side of the crayon to get full coverage.
  • Use short, thick strokes or small circles rather than long thin lines.
  • Layer and blend colors to mix up the confetti speckles.
  • Try different paper textures – smoother paper gives the best confetti dispersal.
  • Shake the crayons before use to distribute the confetti.
  • Store the crayons tip-down so confetti settles near the tip.

High-quality thick paper or cardstock works best to really make the speckles pop. Let creativity guide you – there’s no wrong way to use confetti crayons!

Are confetti crayons washable?

Most confetti crayons are washable, so they can be easily removed from surfaces, clothing, and skin with soap and water. However, the confetti bits themselves may stain if left on fabric or furniture too long. For best results:

  • Use confetti crayons on paper, cards, posters, and other non-porous surfaces.
  • Avoid drawing directly on fabric, furniture, or painted walls.
  • Rinse skin, clothes, and surfaces promptly if confetti crayon gets on them.
  • Test an inconspicuous spot first when using on furnishings or finished surfaces.

Supervising young children while using confetti crayons can prevent accidental stains. Prompt clean-up and proper use will keep projects mess-free.

Are there any eco-friendly confetti crayon options?

Many crafters and parents have concerns about microplastics and paper waste. Some confetti crayon brands now offer eco-friendly options:

  • Melissa & Doug – Plant-based crayons with paper confetti made from recycled materials.
  • EcoKids – Soy-based crayons with plant-fiber confetti.
  • Play-Doh – Compostable paper confetti crayons made from recycled plastic.

Eco-friendly crayons use renewable ingredients and responsible manufacturing processes. They are non-toxic and safe for kids. The eco options provide the same vibrant confetti effects as traditional confetti crayons.


With their colorful speckled effects, confetti crayons are a crafter’s secret weapon for creating fun, festive projects. Their versatility and uniqueness have made them a staple art supply. Confetti crayons inspire creativity in both children and adults. Now manufactured by many top brands, they come in a wide spectrum of colors and confetti combinations to suit any artistic need.