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What are black cats with yellow eyes called?

What are black cats with yellow eyes called?

Black cats with yellow eyes are a rare and distinctive type of feline. Their dark fur and glowing yellow eyes make them stand out. But what exactly are these mysterious cats called? There are a few potential names for black cats with yellow eyes.

Yellow-Eyed Black Cats

The most straightforward name is simply “yellow-eyed black cats.” This descriptive term refers to their two most defining features – their solid black coat and vibrant yellow eyes.

Yellow eyes on a black cat are caused by a gene that reduces the melanin pigment in the iris. This causes the yellow pigment to show through and make the eyes appear amber, gold or yellow.

So a yellow-eyed black cat is one whose fur is completely black while its eyes lack dark pigment and take on a golden/yellow hue.

This name makes it clear exactly what type of cat you’re referring to – a black-furred cat with yellow eyes, nothing more, nothing less.

Black Cats with Amber Eyes

“Black cats with amber eyes” is another commonly used term. Amber is a golden-yellow color, so amber eyes are the same as yellow eyes.

The word “amber” evokes a warm, rich, honey-like tone. So some people prefer using amber instead of yellow to describe the eye color.

Amber also has associations with precious gems and antiques. So this name can make the cats sound more special and prized.

But amber and yellow refer to the same golden eye color in cats. So “black cats with amber eyes” are the same as yellow-eyed black cats.

Topaz-Eyed Black Cats

Topaz is a semi-precious gemstone that commonly has a rich yellow color. “Topaz-eyed black cats” compares the eye color to these lustrous yellow gems.

This name paints a vivid image of a sleek black cat with eyes shining like brilliant topaz stones. It’s a more poetic and imaginative description than just yellow or amber eyes.

The main downside is that topaz comes in other colors beside yellow. But in the context of cats, topaz-eyed usually refers to the yellow/golden variety of topaz.

Gold-Eyed Black Cats

“Gold-eyed black cats” is similar to topaz-eyed. It compares the eye color to the precious metal gold.

Just like gold coins or nuggets, these cats have striking metallic golden eyes that stand out against their jet black fur.

This name also emphasizes the rarity and value of these kitties. Black cats are already uncommon. When you add the gold eye trait, they become even more special.

Sun-Eyed Black Cats

“Sun-eyed black cats” likens their eye color to the bright golden hue of the sun.

At dawn and sunset when sunlight passes horizontally through the atmosphere, sunlight often appears yellowish or amber-toned.

So a sun-eyed black cat has eyes that glow like mini suns in its dark furry face. This cheerful name highlights the warm, vibrant tone of the eyes.

Fire-Eyed Black Cats

Similar to sun-eyed, “fire-eyed black cats” compares the vivid eye color to flickering flames.

Fire produces amber/yellow light as the wood burns. So fire-eyed suggests the eyes look like small fires on an inky black background.

Fire also symbolizes energy, dynamism and power. So this name implies the cat has an intense gaze that seems to glow from within.

Chart: Common Names for Black Cats with Yellow Eyes

Name Meaning
Yellow-eyed black cats Direct description of black fur and yellow eyes
Black cats with amber eyes Amber meaning golden yellow
Topaz-eyed black cats Eyes compared to yellow topaz gem
Gold-eyed black cats Eyes compared to gold
Sun-eyed black cats Eyes compared to sunlight
Fire-eyed black cats Eyes compared to flickering flames

The Genetics Behind Yellow Eyes

In most cats, there are two pigments that determine eye color – amber and blue.

The amber pigment produces golden, yellow and greenish eye shades. The blue pigment produces gray, blue-gray and blue-green eyes.

For a cat to have yellow eyes, it must:

  • Have two recessive alleles of the dense pigment gene – which blocks melanin and allows the amber pigment to show through
  • Lack the gene for blue eyes

Solid black fur is also caused by high levels of eumelanin pigment produced by melanocytes. So yellow-eyed black cats have high eumelanin in their fur but low melanin in their eyes.

The combination of these genetic traits is what produces a black cat with vivid golden-yellow eyes.

Breeds of Black Cats with Yellow Eyes

While any breed of black cat can potentially have yellow eyes, some breeds exhibit this trait more often. Breeds where yellow eyes are common in their solid black coat varieties include:

  • Bombay – The signature yellow eyes on this black breed look like mini suns.
  • Burmese – Yellow and gold eyes shown in the black Burmese.
  • Cornish Rex – Some have lemon-yellow eyes contrasting with coat.
  • Devon Rex – Yellow, gold and green eyes often seen.
  • Oriental – Almond-shaped yellow eyes on the black Orientals.
  • Siamese – Blue-eyed parent can produce yellow-eyed black offspring.
  • Tonkinese – Aqua eyes can produce yellow-eyed blacks.

However, many random bred domestic cats with solid black coats will also develop the yellow eye trait.

Are Black Cats with Yellow Eyes Rare?

Among the general cat population, only about 5% have yellow eyes. And only around 11% have solid black coats.

So black cats with yellow eyes are relatively uncommon. The odds of a random cat having both traits at the same time is low.

However, selective cat breeding has made yellow-eyed black cats more prevalent in certain breeds. Still, they stand out from typical cats due to their distinctive coloration.

Are Yellow-Eyed Black Cats Friendly?

Eye color and fur color have no effect on a cat’s temperament and personality.

However, Cat Fancier’s Association notes that yellow-eyed cats often show more “warmth” than other eye colors.

But there is no firm evidence linking yellow eyes to personality. Each cat has individual character that depends on genetics, socialization, experiences, etc.

So yellow-eyed black cats can have any temperament – playful, aloof, friendly, energetic, lazy, etc. Their eye color doesn’t determine personality.

Superstitions and Beliefs About Yellow-Eyed Black Cats

Like all black cats, yellow-eyed black cats are subject to various superstitions and myths. Some positive beliefs include:

  • Bringing good luck and fortune
  • Helping ward off evil spirits
  • Being symbols of mystery and magic
  • Being familiars or companions for witches

However, black cats with any eye color are also frequently associated with bad luck, darkness, and evil omens – an undeserved and unfounded reputation.

Famous Yellow-Eyed Black Cats

Some celebrity black cats with golden eyes include:

  • Binx from Hocus Pocus – A boy turned into a yellow-eyed black cat by witches
  • Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch – A mischievous warlock cursed as a talking black cat
  • Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon – A black dragon with yellow eyes
  • Bagheera from The Jungle Book – The protective black panther guide with yellow eyes


Black cats with yellow eyes have various names from yellow-eyed and amber-eyed to sun-eyed and gold-eyed. Their dark fur and golden eyes come from a rare combination of genetic traits. These distinctive felines are prized by cat enthusiasts. And they can make for very striking and beautiful cats.