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What are best suit color combinations?

What are best suit color combinations?

Choosing the right suit color combination can be tricky. The suit is a cornerstone of men’s fashion, and getting the color pairing just right is key to looking sharp. While there are no hard rules, some suit color combos work better than others. Understanding which shades complement each other and your complexion is essential.

In this article, we’ll explore the best suit color combinations for different occasions and skin tones. We’ll look at versatile pairings that will always look stylish. We’ll also review more adventurous yet refined suit color combos for the fashion-forward gent.

Factors to Consider

When picking suit color combinations, there are a few key factors to consider:


The event you’re dressing for determines the formality of the suit color pairing. Darker shades like navy and charcoal are ideal for professional settings and serious affairs. Lighter options like tan, khaki and lighter greys work for daytime and casual gatherings.

Skin Tone

Choose suit colors that complement your complexion. Men with warm undertones look great in earth tones like olive, brown and tan. Cool complexions pair well with shades like light grey and navy.

Hair and Eye Color

Lighter hair and eyes look best with darker suit colors that create contrast. Darker hair and eyes can pull off lighter suit shades without washing one out.

Personal Style

Stick to suit color combos that align with your personal aesthetic. Conservative dressers may prefer traditional pairings while fashion-forward gents can experiment with bold shades.

Best Suit Color Combinations

Here are some of the most stylish suit color pairings for men:

Navy Suit with White Shirt

A navy blue suit paired with a crisp white shirt is the quintessential men’s suit color combination. This timeless look is versatile for both formal business and special occasions. Navy flatters most complexions.

Charcoal or Gray Suit with White or Blue Shirt

Like navy, charcoal and gray suits offer refinement. Pairing them with white or paler blue shirts has a sophisticated effect. This combo works year-round.

Tan or Khaki Suit with Light Blue Shirt

For a summery suit pairing, match tan or khaki with a light blue shirt. The lighter shades evoke the colors of sand and sea and add versatility.

Light or Medium Gray Suit with Pink Shirt

Pairing a light gray suit with a pink dress shirt and tie adds a stylish pop of color. This look oozes modern elegance for the office or a daytime wedding.

Dark Brown Suit with Light Blue or Pink Shirt

Earthy brown suits pair nicely with lighter shades like sky blue or salmon pink. This combo is great for fall and winter daytime events.

Suit and Tie Combinations

The suit and tie should complement each other seamlessly. Here are some of the best suit and tie color combinations:

Suit Color Tie Color
Navy Burgundy, Maroon, Gold, Silver
Gray Purple, Green, Red, Blue
Tan Rust, Forest Green, Navy Blue
Brown Red, Pink, Blue, Green

Stick to darker, richer tie shades with darker suits. Lighter suits allow for brighter tie colors. Always aim for enough contrast between the suit and tie.

More Advanced Suit Color Combinations

Once you’ve mastered the basics, expand your sartorial horizons with these sharp suit color pairings:

Navy Suit with Burgundy Shirt

A deep burgundy shirt has a luxurious effect against a navy suit. The contrast is elegant for evening affairs. Add a coordinating pocket square for extra flair.

Light Grey Suit with Pastel Shirt

Soft pastel shades like mint, peach or lavender complement a light grey suit. Wear this creative combo to spring and summer daytime events.

Medium Brown Suit with Orange or Green Shirt

Spice up a brown suit with a bright orange or green shirt, perfect for standing out. Just ensure the shades are complementary.

Charcoal Suit with Green Shirt

A charcoal suit with an emerald or forest green shirt makes a strong fashion statement. Pull it off with confidence for a bold evening look.

Black Suit with Blue Shirt

While a black suit is best for formal night affairs, pairing it with different colored shirts like royal blue keeps it interesting.

Avoid These Suit Color Combos

Some suit color combinations are better left in the past:

– Black suit, black shirt, black tie (too somber)
– Bright shirt with bright tie (too loud and mismatched)
– Light shirt and light tie with light suit (too washed out)
– Loud suit with loud shirt or tie (overkill)

Stick with suit colors that complement rather than compete with each other. Balance bright shades with neutrals for harmony.

Choosing Suit Color Combinations for Skin Tones

You can determine someone’s skin undertones by looking at the color of their veins. Here are flattering suit colors for different complexions:

Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin has hints of gold, yellow, peach or red. Best suit colors include:

– Olive green
– Camel
– Taupe
– Off-white

Cool Skin Tones

Cool skin leans pink, red or blue. Ideal suit colors are:

– Navy blue
– Lavender
– Soft gray
– Bright white

Neutral Skin Tones

Neutral skin has an even mix of warm and cool undertones. Most suit colors work including:

– Charcoal gray
– Medium blue
– Burgundy
– Forest green

Determine whether your undertones are warm, cool or neutral to guide your suit color choices. Test different shades near your face to see which are most flattering.

Combining Patterned Suits and Shirts

Patterned suits and shirts add visual interest but can be hard to pull off. Follow these guidelines when mixing patterns:

– Match scale (large suit pattern, large shirt pattern)
– Complementary colors (navy suit, maroon floral shirt)
– Contrasting textures (houndstooth suit, solid shirt)
– Minimal patterns (pinstripe suit, checkered shirt)
– Vary proportions (bold shirt print, subtle suit pattern)

Start with small complementary patterns in the same color family and work your way up to bolder looks.


Like all fashion choices, the best suit and shirt color combinations ultimately come down to knowing what works for your personal style and comfort level. Mastering versatile shades like navy and grey suits paired with white, blue or pink shirts is a great start.

From there, expand your suit color palette with different hues for various seasons and occasions. Contrasting or complementary shades can really make you stand out. Just stay away from matching loud suit and shirt colors.

With the right suit color pairings, you’ll look sharp and fully dressed for any event. Use combinations that play to your strengths and showcase your confidence. Experiment to find colors that enhance your complexion and make you feel like the best version of yourself.