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What are baby girl colors?

What are baby girl colors?

When expecting a baby girl, one of the most exciting parts is choosing her nursery theme and colors. The nursery is where she’ll spend most of her early months and years, so it’s important to create a space that’s both functional and tailored to her. Many parents opt for traditional baby girl colors like pink, purple, and peach, but the options are endless. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular baby girl colors to inspire your nursery design.


Pink is undoubtedly the most iconic baby girl color. Ranging from soft blush pink to bright fuchsia, it’s a playful, feminine shade that represents sweetness. Here are some reasons pink is a top choice for baby girl nurseries:

  • Universally associated with girls and femininity
  • Available in light, bright, pastel, and neon shades
  • Pairs well with other colors like gray, gold, mint
  • Invokes feelings of love, warmth, nurturing
  • Timeless and classic nursery color

When decorating with pink, consider lighter shades like blush, petal, and ballet pink for a subtle feminine touch. Bolder hot pink, fuchsia, and magenta make dramatic accent colors. Pair pink with complementary colors like gray, purple, peach, or coral for a sophisticated nursery palette.


Purple is another color traditionally associated with baby girls. Often viewed as a “grown up” version of pink, purple adds regal flair to any nursery. Reasons to choose purple for your baby girl’s nursery include:

  • Symbolizes creativity, imagination, wisdom
  • Available in light pastels or deep jewel tones
  • Pairs well with shades of pink, gray, yellow
  • Looks beautiful with metallic accents like gold and silver
  • Adds a touch of royalty and luxury

When incorporating purple, consider soft pastel lilacs, lavenders, and violets for a soothing ambiance. Jewel tones like amethyst, eggplant, and plum make bold accent colors. Gray, silver, and gold beautifully complement a purple palette.


For a soft, feminine nursery, peach is a warm, inviting color. Reasons peach is trending for modern baby girl rooms include:

  • Peaceful, calming color
  • Gender-neutral alternative to stereotypical pink
  • Works well with metallics, mint, sage green
  • Available in pale, muted peach tones
  • Feels bright and fresh

The key to decorating with peach is choosing the right undertone. Pink-based peaches read more feminine, while yellow-based shades have a gender-neutral vibe. Use peach as a main wall color or incorporate through accents and fabrics. Soft peach also pairs beautifully with gold, rose gold, or copper metallics.


For a clean and airy nursery space, mint green is a top choice. Here’s why mint is ideal for baby girls:

  • Crisp, refreshing color
  • Gender-neutral versatility
  • Works with peach, gray, yellow palettes
  • Available in soft pastels or vivid hues
  • Promotes feelings of rejuvenation, tranquility

Mint green evokes a youthful yet elegant mood. Use muted mints for a subtle touch or vivid hues like spearmint for bold accents. Pair mint greens with other tranquil colors like peach, lavender, or light gray. Metallics like rose gold also pop against mint green.


For an alternative to stereotypical “girly” colors, gray is a sophisticated neutral. Reasons gray is surging in popularity for baby girl nurseries include:

  • Gender-neutral versatility
  • Available in warm, cool, and neutral grays
  • Serene, peaceful color great for relaxation
  • Works with pink, peach, yellow, or purple
  • Allows for bold pops of color as accents

Choose a light, airy gray like dove, linen, or cloud for walls. Use darker charcoals and slates sparingly for contrast. Gray brilliantly complements pink, peach, mint, yellow, or purple nursery palettes. It’s easy to add feminine touches through floral prints and metallic or pink accessories.


Yellow brings sunshine and happiness to any baby’s nursery. For girls, soft pastel yellows create a cheerful, welcoming room. Reasons to consider yellow for your baby girl’s room include:

  • Fresh, happy color perfect for a nursery
  • Gender-neutral option
  • Works well with grays, greens, peaches
  • Available in pale buttery or bright lemon shades
  • Uplifting color that boosts mood

Buttery yellows like daffodil or lemon chiffon read feminine, while brighter yellows feel more gender-neutral. Use yellow as an accent color with light gray or soft green. Pair with peach or coral for a sweet nursery palette. Metallics like gold and rose gold also coordinate beautifully with yellow rooms.

Nursery Color Scheme Ideas

When selecting your baby girl’s nursery color palette, consider colors that flow together harmoniously. Here are some stunning nursery color scheme ideas to inspire you:

Color Scheme Description
Blush pink, peach, and gold Romantic and airy. Softest pinks complemented by metallic gold accents.
Lavender, mint, and rose gold Tranquil and refreshing. Soft lavenders and mints paired with warm rose gold.
Peach, light teal, and copper Vibrant yet calming. Peach walls with teal and metallic copper accents.
Light gray, yellow, and charcoal Crisp and modern. Airy light gray balanced out by bold charcoal accents.
Pink, emerald green, and gold Playful and feminine. Perky pinks matched with regal emerald green and shiny gold.

When selecting a palette, opt for 3 core colors. Choose one dominant shade for walls, then add accent colors through decor, furniture, artwork, accessories, and textiles. Use metallics like gold, rose gold, or copper to tie the palette together.

Nursery Decor Ideas by Color

Beyond just walls, use your baby girl’s nursery color scheme throughout the space. Here are decor ideas for popular colors:

Pink Nursery Decor

  • Pink crib, bookshelves, dresser, or changing table
  • Pink curtains, rug, or patterned upholstery
  • Floral bedding and pillows
  • Rose gold furniture and decor accents
  • Blush stuffed animals and wall art

Purple Nursery Decor

  • Lavender area rug
  • Plum furniture or bookshelves
  • Metallic gold and silver accents
  • Watercolor floral prints
  • Butterfly or unicorn-themed details

Peach Nursery Decor

  • Peach and gold patterned pouf
  • Peach crib skirt or quilted crib protector
  • Copper and blush rose accents
  • Pastel floral wall decals
  • Fruit-themed prints and decor

Mint Nursery Decor

  • Mint green crib, bookshelves, or cabinetry
  • Metallic gold frames and table lamps
  • Rose gold mobiles, wall hooks, and hardware
  • Citrus fruit or floral prints
  • White and mustard yellow bedding

Gray Nursery Decor

  • Gray crib, dresser, bookshelves
  • Pink throw pillows and wall art
  • Gold mirrors, mobiles, table lamps
  • Colorful area rugs
  • Feminine floral or watercolor prints

Yellow Nursery Decor

  • Buttery yellow crib bedding
  • Lemon pom poms and tassel garlands
  • White and yellow striped curtains
  • Gold sunburst mirror or wall decor
  • Citrus fruit printed pouf

Use decor touches like bedding, window treatments, furniture, art, and accessories to implement your color scheme throughout the nursery.

Baby Girl Nursery Color Psychology

Color psychology impacts mood, energy, and emotions. When selecting a palette, consider the unique effects of different colors:

Color Psychological Impact
Pink Promotes feelings of love, warmth, nurturing
Purple Stimulates imagination and creativity
Peach Evokes feelings of cheerfulness, sincerity
Mint Yields feelings of refreshment and tranquility
Gray Projects sophistication and timelessness
Yellow Boosts happiness, optimism, clarity

While pinks and purples align with traditional “femininity”, bolder accent colors promote creativity. Soft neutrals like peach, mint, and gray have a calming effect perfect for a nursery. Ultimately choose colors that make you happy while designing a functional, inspiring space for baby.


Selecting the perfect color palette for your baby girl’s nursery is one of the most exciting parts of nesting. While pinks and purples are classic choices, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Colors like peach, mint, gray, and yellow offer plenty of versatility in creating a style that fits your little girl’s personality. Consider the psychological impact of colors and how they’ll make you feel spending time in the space. Most importantly, choose colors you love to design a nursery that nurtures your bond as you welcome baby home!