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What are 4 orange lights on Google Home?

Google Home is a voice-activated smart speaker developed by Google. It allows users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google’s smart assistant called Google Assistant. One of the ways Google Home communicates information back to users is through a light indicator on the top of the device.

Google Home has a LED light bar consisting of 4 lights that illuminate to signify different states or actions occurring on the device. Understanding what these different light patterns represent can be useful for diagnosing issues or getting feedback on what your Google Home is doing.

The 4 Orange Lights Explained

Here is an overview of what each pattern with the 4 orange lights on Google Home means:

Light Pattern Meaning
Solid orange Google Home is booting up
Pulsing orange Google Home is ready for set up
1 orange light Microphone is muted
4 orange lights flashing An error has occurred

Let’s go through each of these patterns and what they indicate in more detail:

Solid Orange Light

When you first plug in your Google Home, you will see the light bar illuminated in solid orange. This indicates that the device is booting up and loading the system. The solid orange light will remain on for around 10-20 seconds while Google Home starts up.

A solid orange light can also be seen when Google Home is applying a software or firmware update that was downloaded in the background. The update usually only takes a few minutes to complete with the orange light indicating progress.

Pulsing Orange Light

Once Google Home has finished booting up and is ready for set up, the light bar will switch to a slow pulsing orange pattern. This signals that the device is now in setup mode and prepared to connect with the Google Home app and your WiFi network.

The pulsing orange indicates you can proceed with the setup process in the app. Following the in-app prompts to connect Google Home to WiFi and link it to your Google account will then complete the setup.

1 Orange Light

If you see just one of the four lights illuminated in orange, this means the microphones on your Google Home have been muted. The microphone mute disables Google Home from listening for the ‘Hey Google’ activation phrase.

You can mute the mics by pressing the microphone mute button on the rear of the device. The one orange light indicates Google Home can’t detect voice commands when muted. Press the mic button again to unmute and enable voice control.

4 Orange Lights Flashing

The four orange lights flashing in sequence indicates that an error has occurred on your Google Home. This is typically caused by an issue with the WiFi connection or Google account linking.

Some troubleshooting steps to try if you see the flashing error pattern:

  • Check for internet connectivity issues with your WiFi.
  • Reboot your Google Home by unplugging and replugging it.
  • Use the Google Home app to remove your account and re-link it.
  • Factory reset Google Home and set it up again if issues persist.

The flashing lights should stop once you resolve the connectivity or account problem.

Other Light Colors and Patterns

In addition to orange, the Google Home light bar uses other colors and patterns to signify certain states:

  • Pulsing white: Listening for a voice command after hearing the ‘Hey Google’ hot word.
  • Solid white: Actively streaming music or responding to a request.
  • Green: Volume level has been lowered or raised.
  • Yellow: A reminder or timer is going off.
  • Blue: Connected over Bluetooth.

Knowing what the different lights mean provides a quick way to get feedback on what your Google Home speaker is up to. If you run into errors with the flashing orange, troubleshoot WiFi and account issues to get Google Home working properly again.

Reasons for 4 Orange Lights on Google Home

There are a few common reasons why you may see the 4 orange light pattern on your Google Home speaker:

Booting Up

As mentioned earlier, all 4 orange lights will illuminate during boot up when Google Home is first starting. This is normal on power on and the lights should transition to pulsing orange or white once fully booted.


Solid orange across the 4 lights often indicates Google Home is installing an update in the background. Updates help improve features and services. The orange light will turn off when the update completes in a few minutes.

Microphone Muted

One single orange light means the microphones are muted for privacy. You can unmute the mics with the switch on the back to re-enable voice commands.

WiFi Connectivity Issues

If you see the 4 orange lights flashing, Google Home is having trouble connecting to the internet and your WiFi network. Check that other devices can connect to the same WiFi and reboot the Google Home speaker.

Account Linking Problems

Linking your Google account allows access to calendars, music, and more personalized results. Flushing orange lights may indicate an error linking your account. Try removing and re-adding your account in the Google Home app.

Factory Reset

A factory reset will also trigger the 4 orange lights flashing as it resets the device. Complete setup again after a reset to reconnect to WiFi and your account.

How to Troubleshoot the 4 Orange Lights

If you’re seeing four orange lights on your Google Home and aren’t sure why, here are some troubleshooting steps to resolve common issues:

Check for Updates

Solid orange lights could mean an update is installing. Wait a few minutes to see if the lights turn off, indicating the update completed.

Try Rebooting

Unplug your Google Home for at least 10 seconds and plug it back in. This may fix interment connection issues causing orange indicator lights.

Confirm WiFi Connection

Make sure your WiFi router is operational and other devices can connect to the network. Move Google Home closer to the router if the signal is weak.

Factory Reset as Last Resort

If you continue seeing four flashing orange lights, do a factory reset. Press and hold the mute button on the back for 15+ seconds until the lights flash orange. Set up Google Home again from scratch.

Contact Google Support

For persistent flashing orange lights or other issues, reach out to Google Home customer support for additional troubleshooting help.

Preventing Common Google Home Issues

You can avoid some common Google Home issues with proper care and setup:

  • Place your Google Home in an open area to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Keep it away from extremes of temperature, humidity or moisture.
  • Connect Google Home to a stable high-speed internet connection for reliable performance.
  • Link your Google account securely for full access to features.
  • Keep the device up-to-date with the latest firmware for new capabilities.

Following Google’s recommended use guidelines can help minimize technical problems with your smart speaker.


The 4 orange lights on the top of Google Home act as indicators to provide feedback on the device’s current state. Knowing what the different solid, pulsing and flashing orange patterns mean can help you understand when your Google Home is booting up, muted, offline, or experiencing issues.

If your Google Home has persistent flashing orange lights, troubleshooting steps like rebooting, checking WiFi, resetting, and contacting Google support can help resolve many common problems. With proper setup and care, your Google Home smart speaker can provide many years of reliable hands-free help from the Google Assistant.