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What anniversary is white?

Anniversaries are a special time to celebrate important milestones in a relationship. Each year represents a landmark, with certain anniversary years taking on special meaning and significance. When it comes to wedding anniversaries, the color white has traditionally been associated with several major milestones.

The 1st Anniversary: Paper

The first wedding anniversary is celebrated by giving paper gifts. Paper represents a blank page, symbolic of the first year of marriage when the couple’s story is just beginning to unfold. For this reason, the traditional color associated with the 1st anniversary is white.

Some popular paper gifts for the 1st anniversary include:

Gift Significance
Photo album To collect memories from the first year
Love letters Sentimental notes written to each other
Book of poems Romantic poetry meaningful to the couple

A couple celebrating their first anniversary could also exchange white paper cranes, rolls of white wallpaper to decorate their home, or other homemade paper crafts painted white. The key is to exchange heartfelt, thoughtful gifts that honor this first chapter in marriage.

The 10th Anniversary: Tin/Aluminum

After a decade of marriage, couples celebrate their 10th anniversary with gifts made of tin or aluminum. The durability of tin and aluminum represent the strength and flexibility of a marriage after 10 years. And like tin and aluminum, which can be polished to shine, the marriage grows more beautiful over time.

Appropriate 10th anniversary presents include:

Gift Significance
Tin or aluminum jewelry An accessory to complement the recipient’s style
Tin or aluminum wall art Decor representing the couple’s interests
Donation in their name Supporting a cause important to them

More unique 10th anniversary gift ideas are vintage tin lunchboxes, aluminum travel mugs, tin flower pots planted with the recipient’s favorite flowers, or aluminum bakeware etched with a meaningful phrase. Silver-colored versions of tin or aluminum gifts are appropriate for celebrating a decade of marriage.

The 25th Anniversary: Silver

A 25th wedding anniversary is called the silver anniversary. Representing a milestone not every couple reaches, silver symbolizes the rarity and value of a lasting marriage. Pure silver’s radiant white luster embodies the shine of a relationship that has been polished through time.

Silver 25th anniversary gifts convey love and commitment, such as:

Gift Significance
Silver jewelry Adornment close to the recipient’s heart
Silver plated items Meaningful decor for their home
Sentimental photo frame Honoring cherished memories

Other touching 25th anniversary gift ideas are pure silver coins engraved with a special message, silver vases filled with the recipient’s favorite flowers, monogrammed silver stationery, or silver Christmas ornaments crafted into meaningful shapes.

The 50th Anniversary: Gold

Symbolizing rare and treasured longevity, gold marks the golden anniversary at 50 years of marriage. Few relationships withstand the tests of time to reach the golden milestone. Gold represents the priceless value of commitment, forgiveness, and compassion needed to nurture a marriage for a half century.

Gold 50th anniversary presents may include:

Gift Significance
Gold jewelry An elegant accessory showing devotion
Vacation trip Creating new memories
Engraved plaque Honoring this achievement

Some other golden gift ideas are gold-rimmed china, gold flower bouquets, gold-foil detailed books of love poems, or donations to a charitable cause in the recipient’s honor. Lavish presents are not required – the thought and admiration behind 50th anniversary gifts make them special.

The 60th Anniversary: Diamond

The diamond anniversary at 60 years embodies a marriage’s resilience, clarity, and brilliance. As diamonds endure under pressure, the diamond anniversary celebrates a committed relationship preserving through all of life’s trials over many decades. Diamonds’ refractive purity represents the transparency and authenticity of two lives fully shared.

Diamond anniversary gifts might include:

Gift Significance
Diamond jewelry An elegant reminder of devotion
Luxury retreat Indulging in rest and reconnection
Donation or charity Giving back in their name

More unique ideas could be booking a hot air balloon ride, naming a star after your beloved, or compiling 60 love letters for them to open. Lavish diamond gifts are not mandatory – the thought and esteem behind 60th anniversary presents make them meaningful.


While every wedding anniversary is special, those ending in 1, 10, 25, 50 or 60 hold particular significance. The traditional anniversary color for these major milestones is white, represented by gifts made of paper, silver, gold, and diamonds. Each material symbolizes the increasing value and shine of a thriving marriage over time. Anniversary gifts show love for the past, hope for the future, and appreciation of the lifelong commitment marriage represents.