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What accessories go with a red prom dress?

What accessories go with a red prom dress?

As a fashion assistant, let me provide some quick tips for accessories that complement a red prom dress. Red is a bold, passionate color that commands attention. The right accessories can enhance the vibrancy of your red dress for prom night.


When it comes to jewelry, opt for metallic pieces in silver, gold or rose gold. Stay away from gems or stones that may clash with the red. Some stylish jewelry choices include:

  • Dainty necklace – A simple necklace with a pendant or charm draws eyes up to your face.
  • Statement earrings – Chandelier or dangling earrings balance a strapless or sweetheart dress.
  • Tennis bracelet – A sparkling bracelet adds elegance to a strapless look.
  • Cocktail rings – An oversized gemstone or cluster ring provides flair.
  • Arm cuff – An arm cuff adds dramatic flair, or try a set stacked together.

Keep other jewelry minimal. Allow your red dress and select statement pieces to shine.


When selecting shoes for your red prom dress, you have lots of stylish options:

  • Metallic heels – Gold, rose gold or silver complement red’s richness.
  • Sparkling shoes – Subtle sparkle on heels or flats enlivens the look.
  • Red heels – Match your shoes to your dress for drama.
  • Nude heels – Allow red to stand out against neutral shoes.
  • Black heels – Classic black heels ground the vibrant red.

Consider heel height and comfort for dancing all night long. Strappy sandals, peep toes and ankle straps beautifully showcase feet.


A beaded evening bag or metallic clutch adds the perfect pop of color. Look for:

  • Metallic fabrics like gold or silver lame
  • Sparkling beads or jewels
  • Red snakeskin or patent leather
  • Black satin with metallic accents

A wristlet or wrist strap leaves hands free for mingling. Inside, stash lip gloss, phone and essentials.


Consider a shawl or wrap to accessorize your red dress with added flair:

  • Chiffon – Flowy chiffon with embellishments or lace trims
  • Lace – Delicate lace wraps add romance
  • Faux fur – For glamorous old Hollywood appeal
  • Pashmina – Luxe cashmere or metallic pashminas drape beautifully

A shawl adds a touch of sophistication while covering shoulders between photos. Toss it over bare arms or wrap it around your elbows for versatile styling.

Hair Accessories

A few hair accessories polish off your red dress look:

  • Headband – A sparkling headband glams up an updo.
  • Barrette – An oversized barrette accents a partial updo.
  • Hair pins – Intricate hair pins embellish a chignon or bun.
  • Flower – Pin a fabric flower above your ear for a flirty touch.

Avoid heavy tiaras or crowns that may compete with your dress. Let your locks down in soft curls or waves to complement the one-shoulder or sweetheart neckline of your dress.

Other Accessories

Finish the look with these accessories:

  • Satin gloves – Extend the glamour of vintage Hollywood.
  • Shapewear – Sculpt your figure smoothly under your dress.
  • Intricate belt – Cinch the waist of a flowy dress.
  • Garter – Worn under the dress, a lacy garter tosses tradition.
  • Scent – A lightly floral perfume enhances your aura.

With the perfect accessories, your red prom dress look will be one to remember. Have fun dancing, mingling and celebrating in stylish red.


A red prom dress commands attention with its vibrant hue. Complement the rich color with metallic jewelry like dangly earrings, bracelets and rings. Sparkling heels dazzle alongside a beaded clutch. Drape a chiffon shawl over bare shoulders between photos. Hair adornments like a jeweled headband or flower accent an elegant updo. Other glamorous touches include satin gloves, a cinched belt, lacy garter and floral scent. With the perfect accessories, your red prom dress look will steal the spotlight on your special night.