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What accent colors go with wine red?

What accent colors go with wine red?

Wine red is a rich, deep red color that can add drama and sophistication to any space. However, choosing accent colors to go with wine red can be tricky. The right accent colors will allow the wine red to shine while adding visual interest. The wrong ones can make the space feel dark and heavy. When decorating with wine red, it’s important to choose accent colors that provide enough contrast while coordinating in a pleasing way.

In this article, we’ll explore the best accent colors to pair with wine red for an elegant, put-together look. We’ll provide color combination inspiration for paint, furniture, rugs, pillows, and accessories. Read on to learn how to make wine red the star of your space while accenting it beautifully.

The Meaning and Psychology of the Color Wine Red

Before getting into specific color combinations, it’s helpful to understand the meaning and psychology behind the color wine red. This rich shade sits between burgundy and maroon on the color wheel. It has a darker, more sophisticated appearance than true red.

Wine red is associated with elegance, luxury, and passion. It’s bold and intense, evoking feelings of desire and romantic love. The color brings to mind images of velvet, wine, roses, and fine dining. It has an air of sensuality and opulence.

This color creates an intimate ambiance and encourages people to unwind and indulge in life’s pleasures. Its darker hue gives it a warm, cozy feeling perfect for bedrooms and dining spaces. Wine red adds a touch of drama and sophistication without being overwhelming.

Choosing Accent Colors for Wine Red

When selecting accent colors for wine red, you want shades that complement the wine hue without blending in too much. The goal is to strike the right balance between contrast and coordination. Here are some tips for choosing accent colors for wine red:

  • Pick a lighter and darker shade – Lighter and darker versions of wine red are easy accent colors. Burgundy makes a fantastic darker accent, while maroon or crimson work for lighter accents.
  • Go for bold neutrals – Rich, bold neutrals like chocolate brown, charcoal gray, and navy blue make stylish accent colors.
  • Add metallics – Metallic accents like gold, silver, bronze and copper jazz up a wine red palette.
  • Try earth tones – Natural, earthy hues like camel, olive green, and mocha pair perfectly with wine red’s earthy sophistication.
  • Use muted tones – Soft muted tones like lavender, sage green, plum and peach bring out wine red’s intensity.
  • Add pops of contrast – Vibrant shades like teal, yellow, and lemon provide lively contrast against wine red.

Avoid choosing accents that are too dark or match the wine red too closely. This can make the space feel heavy and overpowering. Stay away from black, purple, and brown hues that are close to the wine red tone.

Paint Color Combination Ideas

Paint is one of the most important elements to consider when decorating with wine red. Choose wine red in a flat or eggshell paint finish for large surfaces like walls. Use a semi-gloss sheen on trim and doors for a sophisticated look. Here are some stunning paint color combinations:

Wine Red and Gold: Pairing wine red walls with shimmering gold accents adds instant luxury. Gold pops against the red without feeling overpowered. Use golden oak trim or mix gold undertones into white crown molding.

Wine Red and Navy Blue: Navy blue makes a striking accent against rich wine red. Use it on ceilings, doors, or baseboards to let the wine red shine on walls. Navy also works for exteriors with wine red front doors or shutters.

Wine Red and Sage Green: Earthy sage green has just enough contrast from wine red while coordinating beautifully. Use it on ceiling beams, built-ins, or kitchen cabinetry paired with wine red walls.

Wine Red and Light Gray: For a sophisticated, elegant look, accent a wine red palette with soft light gray. Gray has enough contrast without competing with the bold red.

Wine Red and Chocolate Brown: Deep chocolate brown trim grounds the look and accentuates the sensuality of wine red. Use it on wainscoting, doors, or dining room chairs.

Furniture and Decor Combinations

After painting with wine red, bring the color into furniture and decor. Upholstering chairs or headboards in wine red makes a dramatic statement. Accent with furniture and accessories in these colors:

Metallics: Brushed gold, antique brass, and oil-rubbed bronze look striking against wine red. Use metallic finishes on lighting, hardware, furniture legs and mirrors. Metallic throws and pillows also shine.

Ivory and Cream: Light neutrals keep wine red spaces feeling fresh instead of dark. Natural linen or cotton in ivory makes a timeless accent. Use it on sofas, curtains panels, and area rugs.

Chocolate Leather: For an elegant, indulgent look, pair wine red walls with chocolate leather furniture. Tufted leather sofas, ottomans or sleek leather dining chairs complement wine red beautifully.

Terracotta: Earthy terracotta and wine red share similar depth and richness. Use terracotta on vases, lamps bases, ceramic tableware or tile backsplash.

Aged Wood: Work warm wood tones like oak, walnut and mahogany into furniture, flooring and cabinetry. The natural grain and caramel hues balance wine red.

Rug and Pillow Combinations

Layer in more wine red and accent colors through rugs, throw pillows, blankets and other soft furnishings. Here are some stylish combinations:

Ivory, Burgundy and Navy: Use a vintage Persian rug in ivory and burgundy tones. Accent with navy and burgundy pillows on neutral sofas or chairs. Add wine red throws for a layered look.

Multicolor Vintage: Vintage rugs often pair wine reds with slate blues, deep greens and tans. Use these colors on pillows and ceramics to pull from the rug.

Wine Red and Sage Green Plaid: For a country cottage look, use a buffalo plaid wool rug in wine red and sage green. Match your sage green painted trim. Add tan leather furniture.

Wine Red Southwestern: Use Native American patterned pillows and blankets in terra cotta, wine red and turquoise. Accent with pine wood furniture and accessories for a Southwestern vibe.

Wine Red and Gold Damask: For traditional glamour, use damask pillows mixing wine red and metallic gold. Add in gold framed mirrors and golden candlesticks.


With its richness and elegance, wine red makes a bold, sophisticated color choice. The trick is finding the right accent colors to highlight its striking hue. Stick with lighter and darker values of wine red itself like burgundy and maroon. Classic, upscale combinations include navy, chocolate, gold and ivory. For a cozy feel, use earth tones like sage green, cream, tan, and terracotta. Modern metallic sheens contrast wine red glamorously. With the perfect color scheme, wine red can create an atmosphere that is sensual, opulent and utterly timeless. Use this guide to find a wine red and accent color palette that suits your personal style and decor needs.