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What accent color goes with slate blue?

What accent color goes with slate blue?

Slate blue is a cool, elegant shade that can pair beautifully with a range of accent colors to create stylish interior designs. Choosing the right accent color is key to making sure your slate blue walls or furniture really pop. The accent should complement the slate blue while providing enough contrast to create visual interest.

When selecting an accent color for slate blue, it’s important to consider the undertones of the slate blue shade. Slate blue usually has strong blue undertones with hints of gray. Colors that go well with these undertones include pastel shades like mint green, blush pink, and butter yellow. Earth tones like taupe, sand, and mocha also make soothing accents for slate blue’s cool tones. For a bolder accent, jewel-inspired shades of ruby red, emerald green, or sapphire blue can really make slate blue sing. Metallic accents in silver, gold, or copper provide shiny contrast.

This article explores the best accent color options for pairing with different shades of slate blue, from light powder blue to darker hues nearing navy. Read on for accent ideas for paint, furniture, accessories, and more. Let’s dive into how to make slate blue the stunning focal point it deserves to be.

Complementary Color Accents

One foolproof way to choose an accent color for any shade of slate blue is to use colors from the complementary side of the color wheel. These colors naturally create a sense of visual balance while also providing stark contrast.

Some top complementary options for slate blue include:

– Burnt orange or terra cotta
– Brick red
– Salmon or coral
– Mustard yellow
– Moss or sage green

These shades have a warm, inviting effect that counterbalances the cool tones of slate blue. For example, vivid burnt orange throw pillows on a slate blue sofa create an eye-catching color pairing. A bright coral vase makes a cheerful accent on a slate blue bookshelf.

You can use any of these complementary colors in small hits throughout a slate blue room. Try mustard velvet chairs, brick red candles, or a terra cotta floor lamp. The warm accents energize the slate blue while also highlighting its sophisticated notes.

Pastel Accent Colors

For a softer accent pairing, look to pastel versions of complementary colors. Soft peach, buttery yellow, and muted sage green make gentle accents for light powder blue shades of slate. These pastels have enough contrast to keep the look interesting but aren’t overpowering.

Some top pastel options include:

– Blush pink
– Lavender purple
– Seafoam or mint green
– Buttercream yellow
– Peach

These tender hues blend especially well with lighter slate blues like powder blue, periwinkle, or sky blue. For example, decorate a powder blue dining room with touches of peach and lavender, like peach napkins and a dried lavender centerpiece. Or accessorize a light slate blue living room with mint green and buttercream yellow pillows.

Pastels also make pleasing accents for darker slate blues that near navy. They keep the look refined instead of clashing. For instance, try pale peach bedding with a navy slate blue headboard. Or style a midnight slate blue accent wall with artwork in mint frames. The pastels prevent the deeper blues from feeling too somber or cold.

Earth Tone Accents

Earth tones like sand, mocha, taupe, and almond also pair beautifully with slate blue walls, furniture, accessories, and more. These natural, grounded tones complement both light and dark shades of slate blue.

Earth tone accents to consider include:

– Khaki or sand
– Taupe or mushroom
– Mocha or coffee
– Almond
– Light brown
– Gray

Pair these earthy accents with slate blue for casually elegant rooms with an organic feel. For example, decorate a slate blue home office with mocha leather chairs and almond bookshelves. Or complement a slate blue dining area with a mushroom gray area rug and khaki linen curtains.

Use natural materials like jute, linen, cotton, and wool in earth tone hues to accentuate slate blue. Touches of wood furniture, rattan accents, or a driftwood mirror also look stunning against the cool slate backdrop. This creates a soothing oasis away from harsh artificial colors.

Metallic Sheen Accents

Metallic accents add a glam touch to slate blue designs. Polished metals like silver, gold, and copper make slate blue shine with an air of sophistication.

Here are some stylish ways to incorporate metallic accents:

– Silver table lamps or light fixtures
– Gold decor like frames, vases or candlesticks
– Copper kitchen accents like utensils or appliances
– Gold/silver striped pillows
– Mirrored furniture
– Mercury glass vases or trays

Metallic accents look especially striking against darker navy slate blues. For example, a dark slate blue living room gains modern dimension with gold floor lamps and a large silver mirror. Or amplify a dramatic navy slate blue accent wall with a copper wall sculpture and mercury glass jar decor.

But don’t shy away from pairing metallic with lighter slate blue shades too. Silver photo frames, gold candles, and copper throw blankets add depth and interest to powder blue bedrooms or periwinkle dining spaces.

Vibrant Accent Colors

While slate blue often shines with softer pastel or earthy accents, you can also create bold contrast with vibrant shades. Primary colors like red, yellow and teal make lively complements to lighter or darker slate blues.

Some vivid accents to try include:

– Ruby red
– Crimson
– Emerald green
– Sunflower or canary yellow
– Sapphire or teal blue

Small hits of these vivid shades make slate blue pop. A teal blue glass vase energizes a slate blue bookshelf. Sunflower pillows enliven a slate blue sofa. Or try ruby red chairs in a darker navy-tinged slate blue dining room for dramatic contrast.

You can also layer several bright accents together for an eclectic slate blue space. For example, combine emerald containers, red candles, and yellow artwork in a light powder blue living area. This creates a playful, cheery atmosphere.

Just take care not to overdo the bright accents – slate blue offers a blank slate for accent colors, but it works best when allowed to be the dominant shade. Use vivid accents in moderation to retain the cool, understated elegance of slate blue hues.

Multi-Color Accents

While one accent color keeps a slate blue scheme cohesive, you can also liven up the look with punches of several colors. Just avoid going overboard – pick two to three accent shades at most so slate blue remains the focus.

Some color combinations to try:

– Buttercream yellow + blush pink
– Sand + terracotta
– Emerald green + coral
– Lavender + peach
– Copper + mint

You might pair a slate blue headboard with pillows in blush pink and buttercream stripes. Or accessorize slate blue bookshelves with objects in mint, peach, and copper tones. This type of playful color mixing creates warmth and whimsy.

Again, lighter pastel shades tend to suit lighter slate blues, while deeper slate blues pair better with vivid accents like emerald or coral. But don’t be afraid to experiment to find unique but balanced color combinations that make your slate blue scheme special.

Choosing Accent Colors for Specific Slate Blue Tones

Not all slate blues are created equal. Here are some accent ideas tailored to specific popular slate blue paint colors and fabrics:

Powder blue: Blush pink, lavender, buttercream yellow, seafoam green

Periwinkle: Peach, mocha, bright white

Ice blue: Terracotta, mint, crimson

Sky blue: Coral, mocha, turquoise

Denim blue: Mustard, brick red, copper

Steel blue: Sage green, peach, bright white

Stormy blue: Taupe, ruby red, bronze

Slate gray blue: Poppy orange, charcoal gray, lemon yellow

Navy slate blue: Yellow, silver, emerald green

Midnight slate blue: Sand, seafoam, copper

This should give you inspiration for harmonizing with specific blues in the slate family. In general, the darker the slate blue, the more it benefits from bold vivid accents instead of just soft pastels. But always trust your instincts – you can’t go wrong playing with color combinations until you find the perfect accent match.

Choosing Accents for Slate Blue Rooms

Now that you know color options for accenting slate blue, here are accent ideas for specific rooms:

Slate blue living room: Terracotta lamps, moss green pillows, peach curtains

Slate blue bedroom: Blush headboard, buttercream bedding, copper table lamps

Slate blue kitchen: Sage green bar stools, yellow backsplash tile, red appliances

Slate blue bathroom: Seafoam towels, light wood shelving, mint tiles

Slate blue home office: Taupe desk, sand curtains, motivational prints in coral frames

Slate blue dining room: Crimson chairs, turquoise placemats, brass pendant light

Mix and match accent pieces like throw pillows, rugs, wall art, and decorative objects to liven up slate blue rooms. Just keep proportions balanced so slate blue remains the star.


Slate blue is a universally flattering shade that opens up many possibilities for stylish, creative accent colors. Contrasting hues like burnt orange, blush pink, mustard yellow, and emerald green all pop against light or dark slate blue backdrops. You can also create natural, soothing accent palettes with earth tones like sand, mocha, taupe, and khaki. For glamour, polish up slate blue rooms with metallic hits of silver, gold, and copper.

Trust your personal taste to guide you to accent colors that highlight the cool, refined mood of slate blue. Use accent shades in small doses to provide punctuation to this versatile blue hue. With the right accents, you can create slate blue rooms with endless character, from tranquil retreats to lively creative spaces. Have fun finding your own perfect color combinations.