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Should you wear your hair up or down for an interview?

Should you wear your hair up or down for an interview?

As a job seeker, you want to make the best possible impression during a job interview. Your appearance, including your hairstyle, is an important factor that can influence the interviewer’s perception of you. Deciding whether to wear your hair up or down is something you’ll need to consider carefully when preparing for an interview. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of both options to help you determine if you should wear your hair up or down for an interview.

The Case for Wearing Your Hair Down

Here are some potential benefits to consider if you’re thinking about wearing your hair down for a job interview:

  • It can make you appear more relaxed and approachable. Loose, flowing hair gives off an easygoing vibe.
  • Wearing your hair down frames your face nicely and draws attention to your facial features and smile.
  • It allows your hair’s natural texture and style to shine through.
  • You avoid looking overly rigid or severe with tight, pulled-back hair.
  • It creates a feminine look that flatters many women.

Your hairstyle is part of your personal brand. If you typically wear your hair down in your day-to-day life, doing the same for an interview can help you feel more like your authentic self. You’ll be able to focus on your qualifications instead of feeling distracted by an unfamiliar hairstyle.

The environment of the workplace or industry you’re interviewing for may also sway your decision. More formal corporate settings may call for an updo, while more casual workplaces and startups may prefer down and loose locks. Think about what hairstyle would fit best within the company culture.

Reasons to Opt for an Updo

While wearing your hair down has its advantages, here are some benefits of putting your hair up that you may want to consider:

  • It looks tidy, professional and put-together.
  • Pulling your hair back helps minimize distractions and keeps the focus on your face.
  • It portrays confidence and polish.
  • An updo prevents you from fidgeting with your hair or having to adjust it.
  • It works well for formal business settings where neat grooming is valued.
  • An updo can allow you to show off stylish accessories like earrings.

A sleek updo demonstrates you are detail-oriented and able to present a polished, professional version of yourself. This can make a strong impression, especially for higher-level roles.

If your hair tends to be thick, curly or unruly, an updo may be the wise option to keep everything in check during the pressure of an interview when you’ll have a lot on your mind already.

Other Factors to Consider

Beyond the styling of your hair up or down, here are some other factors to keep in mind:

  • Hair health and condition – Make sure your hair is clean and conditioned so that it looks shiny and healthy no matter how you style it.
  • Hair length – Shorter hair may dictate an updo, while longer hair provides more options for both. Choose a look that flatters your length.
  • Hair color – Play up fun colors in your hair like highlights or ombre when wearing it down. For more natural tones, an updo may look better.
  • Face shape – Certain styles work better with oval, round, square etc. faces. See what flatters you most.
  • Interview attire – Formal suit? Professional dress? Make sure your hair doesn’t clash with your outfit.
  • Industry norms – Finance or law tend to be more buttoned-up. Creative fields allow more freedom.

No matter what you choose, make sure it’s a polished, professional look that makes you feel confident and ready to ace the interview!

Quick Takeaways on Hair Up vs. Down for Interviews

Here is a quick summary of factors to help you decide whether to wear your hair up or down for an interview:

Hair Up Hair Down
Looks tidy and professional Appears more relaxed and approachable
Conveys confidence and polish Allows your natural style to show through
Minimizes fidgeting and distractions Feminine and flattering for many
Better for formal/corporate settings Good for casual workplaces and startups

Assess the culture and environment of where you’re interviewing along with your personal brand. An updo may project professionalism, while wearing hair down can help you feel like your authentic self. Most importantly: choose the hairstyle that makes you feel confident, polished and ready to impress!


Deciding whether to wear your hair up or down for a job interview requires careful consideration of various factors. Assess the formality of the company culture, your typical hairstyle, face shape, hair attributes, interview outfit and industry norms. An updo often conveys professional polish, while hair worn down can project an approachable, authentic vibe.

Aim for neat, distraction-free hair that makes you feel confident. There is no universally right or wrong answer – go with what flatters you best and fits the environment. Get your hair healthy, conditioned and style it neatly. Most importantly, focus on showcasing your qualifications and personality so that your hair becomes just one small part of leaving a great impression.