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Should I use V34 before or after toothpaste?

When it comes to your oral hygiene routine, the order in which you use products can make a difference. Many people wonder if they should apply their V34 lip treatment before or after brushing with toothpaste. The quick answer is that you generally want to apply V34 after brushing. Here’s a more in-depth look at why order matters and how best to use V34 and toothpaste.

Why does order matter?

The order you use V34 and toothpaste in can impact how well each product works. Toothpaste helps clean your teeth and gums, removing plaque, bacteria, and food debris. Any product you apply before brushing may just get washed away. Conversely, if you apply V34 after brushing, it can fully absorb into your lips and provide maximum smoothing and moisturizing benefits.

Additionally, some ingredients in toothpaste, like menthol, peppermint oil, and sodium lauryl sulfate, can sometimes sting or irritate lips. Applying V34 first means you risk washing some of it off before it has time to absorb. You’re also more likely to experience irritation from the toothpaste ingredients. Applying V34 after brushing allows it to form a protective barrier.

Step-by-step routine

Follow these steps for the best oral care routine integrating V34:

  1. Brush teeth thoroughly with toothpaste, taking care to remove all plaque and debris.
  2. Rinse mouth and brush well to remove any remaining toothpaste.
  3. Apply a layer of V34 lip treatment onto clean, dry lips.
  4. Let V34 fully absorb before eating or drinking anything.
  5. Reapply V34 liberally throughout the day as needed for continued protection.

How does brushing impact lips?

Brushing your teeth is essential for oral hygiene, but it can sometimes cause collateral damage to lips. Here are some ways tooth brushing affects lips:

  • Exfoliation – The bristles can scrub off dead skin cells, leaving lips feeling raw or sensitive.
  • Irritation – Toothpaste ingredients like sulfates and menthol can sting chapped or irritated lips.
  • Dryness – Brushing removes protective lipids leaving lips vulnerable to moisture loss.
  • Discoloration – Ingredients like hydrogen peroxide can temporarily bleach lip skin.

Brushing is very abrasive to lip skin and can exacerbate common issues like dryness, chapping, and cold sores. Proper lip care is essential after brushing.

V34 ingredients that help lips

V34 contains several ingredients specifically designed to nourish and hydrate lips after the rigors of brushing:

Ingredient Benefits
Shea Butter Softens, smoothes, and moisturizes dry lips
Coconut Oil Soothes and protects delicate lip skin
Vitamin E Powerful antioxidant that defends against environmental damage
Sunflower Seed Oil Seals in moisture to prevent loss of hydration

V34 replenishes vital nutrients and lipids lost through brushing. Its occlusive oils also form a protective barrier to lock in moisture and prevent dryness.

Should you brush your lips?

Some people use their toothbrush to scrub their lips while brushing their teeth. However, this is not advisable. Here’s why:

  • Toothbrush bristles are too harsh for delicate lip tissue
  • Can cause irritation, bleeding, and chapping of lips
  • Lip skin may get trapped and torn in bristles
  • Toothpaste chemicals are too abrasive and dehydrating for the lips
  • Removes natural protective oils leading to dryness and cracking

It’s best to avoid brushing your lips with a toothbrush. Gently wipe lips with a soft washcloth to remove debris and exfoliate. Then apply a nourishing lip balm like V34 to hydrate without irritation.

Should you apply V34 before or after eating?

It’s generally recommended to apply V34 about 15-20 minutes before eating to allow time for full absorption into the lips. Here’s why:

  • Prevents V34 from being licked or wiped off before it can penetrate lip tissue.
  • Oils have time to seal in moisture before exposure to food and beverages.
  • Active ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil optimize hydrating effects.
  • Avoid applying right before eating, as you’ll end up ingesting much of the product.

If you do find your lips feeling parched right after eating, go ahead and reapply V34 to nourish and protect. But apply first before mealtime when possible.

Should you use V34 before or after drinking?

Similar to eating, it’s best to apply V34 before drinking beverages to create a barrier against hydration loss. Tips for integrating V34 into your drinking routine:

  • Apply 15-20 minutes before any intake of beverages.
  • Reapply after drinking something like coffee or alcohol that dehydrates lips.
  • Use V34 to protect lips in dry environments like airplanes.
  • Having V34 on before sipping hot tea or coffee can prevent burning.
  • Don’t apply right before drinking water, as you’ll end up swallowing the product.

V34 forms a moisturizing shield against the drying effects of beverages. Make sure to apply before intake for optimized results.

Should I use V34 or petroleum jelly on lips at night?

Applying a lip treatment before bed helps protect and nourish lips during sleep. Both V34 and petroleum jelly can provide overnight hydration. Here’s how they compare:

V34 Petroleum Jelly
  • Contains emollients like shea butter to soften lips
  • Soothes with moisturizers like coconut oil
  • Seals in moisture with sunflower seed oil
  • Natural botanical extracts may be more suitable for overnight use
  • Creates an occlusive seal to prevent water loss
  • No active moisturizing ingredients
  • May feel greasy on lips overnight
  • A petroleum-based product not made for lip care

While both provide a protective barrier, V34’s nourishing natural oils and butters specifically repair and hydrate lips overnight. So V34 may be a better nighttime lip treatment.

Should I use V34 before or after a lip mask?

Lip masks offer intensive moisturizing benefits and are great for repairing severely chapped lips. When using V34 with a lip mask, it’s best to apply V34 after your mask. Here’s why:

  • Applying V34 first could create a barrier preventing mask absorption
  • The mask can deeply penetrate and hydrate, while V34 seals the moisture in
  • V34 smooths and protects lips after the exfoliating effects of a lip scrub
  • Masks draw out impurities first, then V34 nourishes without spreading bacteria
  • V34 extends the moisturizing effects, preventing transepidermal water loss

Use your lip mask first to optimize effects, then apply V34 after to lock in all the hydration. The V34 will continue replenishing moisture after the mask is gone.

Should I use V34 before or after lipstick?

When pairing V34 with lipstick, it’s generally best to apply it underneath for a smooth, hydrated base. Here’s why V34 works great under lipstick:

  • Forms a moisturizing base to prevent lipstick dragging
  • Fills in fine lines and wrinkles for flawless application
  • Allows lipstick to glide on smoothly without catching or cracking
  • Sheer formulas can double as a shiny primer and lip tint
  • Prevents feathering and bleeding into lip lines

Make sure lips are exfoliated and use V34 before lip liner too. Reapply V34 on top as needed for hydration touch-ups during wear.

Should I use V34 before or after lip filler?

Caring for your lips properly before and after lip injections is crucial. Here are some tips for integrating V34 into your lip filler routine:

  • Use V34 1-2 weeks pre-injection to ensure lips are smooth, hydrated, and flaky-free
  • Avoid V34 right before appointments to keep the area clean for injections
  • Apply immediately after injections to soothe swelling and irritation
  • Use frequently in the first 48 hours post-injections when lips are extra dry
  • Apply a thick layer at night for healing moisture and plumping effects

V34 can help prep your lips pre-injection, then provide soothing relief from dryness and swelling after. Just avoid right before appointments.


Being mindful of when you apply V34 in relation to your other lip and oral care products can help maximize its effectiveness. Use V34 after brushing and eating, but before drinking and makeup application. Apply before lip masks and injectables for optimal results. Consider V34 the last step of your lip care and first step of your makeup routine for healthy, hydrated, gorgeous lips!