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Is YETI discontinuing purple?


YETI is known for their high-quality coolers and drinkware in signature bold colors like white, tan, and seafoam green. However, recently there have been rumors circulating on social media that YETI may be discontinuing their popular purple color options across their product lines. As a YETI fan and owner of several of their iconic purple products, I decided to investigate whether these rumors hold any truth.

Popularity of the Purple Colorway

Since its addition to the color lineup several years ago, purple has become one of YETI’s most beloved and recognizable hues. The rich grape shade pops against the other neutral and pastel colors and has garnered a cult following among YETI enthusiasts.

On platforms like Instagram and Reddit, the purple drinkware and coolers are some of the most featured among users proudly showing off their YETI gear. The purple colorway has also frequently sold out in popular products like the YETI Rambler and YETI Hopper soft coolers.

Clearly, the purple is a favorite among YETI’s diverse and loyal customer base. So why would YETI decide to axe such an acclaimed color?

Origins of the Discontinuation Rumors

Rumblings of a purple discontinuation first popped up in early 2023 on social media and forum sites. Some users noted that certain purple color options had been removed from the YETI website or were listed as out of stock.

Around the same time, a few cryptic Instagram posts from popular YETI fan accounts further fueled the discontinuation gossip. Some captions hinted at insider knowledge of an impending phase-out of purple products.

Hashtags like #SavePurpleYETI and #DontDiscontinuePurpleYETI began appearing as users took to social channels to voice their opposition to the rumored decision. While all signs seem to point to at least a scaling back of purple, YETI has yet to make any formal announcement regarding plans to discontinue any colors.

Why Might YETI Cut Back on Purple?

While YETI has yet to confirm any purple discontinuation, there are a few possible motivations the brand could have for phasing out the color:

Streamlining Production

Limiting color and pattern options allows brands to consolidate production runs. This can improve efficiency and lower costs. If purple is one of YETI’s slower-selling colors, discontinuing it in favor of more popular neutrals like black and white could make good business sense.

Fresh Branding Approach

YETI recently unveiled new product designs and logos. As part of an overall rebranding, it’s possible they could look to retire certain colors in favor of options more aligned with their new aesthetic.

Matte Finish Replacements

Some online speculate that glossy purple finishes could be replaced with more on-trend matte or powder-coated purples. This theory suggests purple isn’t going away entirely but just undergoing a makeover.

Supply Chain Issues

Global shortages and delays continue to impact production and inventory across many industries. If purple dye or material has become harder to source, limiting its use could help stabilize YETI’s supply chain.

Has YETI Discontinued Other Colors Before?

While no colors have been permanently removed from YETI’s lineup before, they have cycled certain shades out for periods of time. Colors like seafoam green and coral have previously been phased out then later reintroduced when inventory allowed.

Past color retirements have also related to the replacement of gloss finishes with newer matte or powder color options. So YETI does have a history of scaling colors back temporarily based on manufacturing needs and design trends.

Outlook For Purple YETI Products

At this point, nothing is definitive regarding the rumored purple demise. Here are a few potential scenarios:

Permanent Discontinuation

Purple could be removed from all products for good. However, given its popularity, completely discontinuing such an acclaimed color seems unlikely.

Temporary Hiatus

YETI could choose to retire purple for a period of time while sorting out supply chain or inventory issues. Based on past precedent, purple could return months later once production stabilizes.

New & Improved Purple

Rather than abandoning purple altogether, YETI may be preparing to launch revised purple colorways. We could see glossy purples replaced with stylish new matte or powder-coated purple finishes.

Business as Usual

There’s also the chance these rumors could be overblown, and purple will continue to be offered normally across YETI’s catalog. Time will tell if concerned fans’ #SavePurpleYETI efforts were premature.

How Product Discontinuations Impact Consumers

When cult-favorite products get discontinued, it undoubtedly disappoints loyal fans who have come to cherish them. Here are some of the effects product discontinuations can have:

FOMO Buying Spikes

Scarcity fuels demand. As news of a discontinuation spreads, it often drives a surge of panicked buying from fans racing to stock up before that product is gone forever. Limited-edition Purple YETI items could become highly coveted.

Markups on Secondary Markets

With supply dwindling and demand spiking, discontinued or rare products often command inflated prices on resale sites like eBay. Purple YETI products could fetch well above retail.

Social Media Nostalgia

Discontinued products often remain objects of nostalgia as fans continue posting throwback pics and lamenting the loss long after it’s gone. #BringBackPurpleYETI wishes could linger for years on social media.

Product Loyalty Disruption

If consumers feel let down by a beloved product going away, it can damage brand loyalty. Fans may transfer allegiances to competitors that reliably provide the colors and designs they cherish.

Examples of Other Discontinued Cult Favorite Colors

YETI purple isn’t the only special color to get the axe by a popular brand. Here are some other notable examples of coveted colors getting cut:

Brand Discontinued Color Year
Apple Rose Gold 2019
Victoria’s Secret Wicked 2016
Crayola Dandelion 1990
Starbucks Lime Green 2015

Losing these signature shades sparked strong reactions from each brand’s devotees on social media and beyond. It goes to show how deeply consumers connect with the colors of their favorite products.

How Fans Can Voice Opinions on Product Changes

While YETI has yet to confirm purple’s demise, concerned fans aren’t sitting idly. Here are effective ways customers can make their voices heard when beloved products change:

Social Media Comments

Polite tweets, Instagram comments, and Facebook posts are public ways brands can be alerted of customer feedback. Tagging companies helps ensure they see concerns.

Reviews on Brand Sites

Reviews on a brand’s own website or retail partners provide visibility. Leaving constructive feedback on past purple purchases gives potential metrics.

Direct Emails or Contact Forms

Many brands offer contact emails or forms on their sites. Directly reaching out provides more private channels to log concerns.

Hashtags Campaigns

Well-organized hashtag campaigns like #SavePurpleYETI can demonstrate large-scale demand via social media virality.


Petitions with a substantial number of signatures convey significant data on customer priorities and interests.


While YETI has yet to confirm any plans to discontinue their iconic purple colorway, concerns from loyal fans are growing as rumors swirl. Losing such a cherished shade would undoubtedly disappoint consumers who have come to depend on purple as part of YETI’s identity.

However, YETI does have a track record of responsibly retiring colors temporarily based on inventory needs and later bringing back revamped versions in line with updated brand aesthetics. Outcry from devoted customers also holds weight with major brands, especially via visible public platforms.

In the end, YETI purple may yet persist in some form whether the original glossy hue or an exciting new iteration. Hopefully, YETI will address rumors officially soon and reassure fans that purple won’t be leaving for good. Until then, anyone eager to secure their favorite purple YETI products may want to act fact before supplies dwindle. But social media campaigns make it clear purple devotees won’t be going gently if this beloved shade eventually departs YETI’s iconic color family.