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Is there an app that shows paint color on cabinets?

With the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, there are now several options for apps that allow you to visualize different paint colors on cabinets or any surfaces in your home. These “virtual painting” apps provide an easy way to experiment with different paint colors before committing to actually painting your cabinets.

Benefits of a paint visualization app

Here are some of the main benefits that a paint visualization app can provide:

  • Allows you to “paint” surfaces virtually, without the time, mess or commitment of actual painting
  • Lets you experiment with unlimited color options from leading paint brands to find the right shade
  • Shows how colors will look in real environments under different lighting conditions
  • Saves time and money by letting you test colors before buying paint
  • Provides confidence that you’ve selected the right color before starting to paint
  • Can visualize colors on cabinets, walls, trim, furniture and more
  • Many apps are free or inexpensive compared to the cost of paint and painting supplies

Using a paint app to test colors on your cabinets or other surfaces makes it easy to experiment and find the perfect shade, while avoiding paint regret down the road. The visual nature of these apps gives you a much better idea of how the color will really look compared to just paint swatches or color samples.

Popular paint visualization apps

Here are some of the most popular and user-friendly paint apps currently available:

Paint My Place from Behr

Paint My Place allows you to visualize colors from Behr paints on your own photos. You can browse Behr colors by family or collection, edit photos to isolate surfaces, and swipe to apply colors. Provides paint colors from Behr Marquee and Behr Premium PlusInterior lines. Free app with no ads.

ColorSnap Visualizer from Sherwin-Williams

Lets you view colors from Sherwin-Williams on your photos with options to adjust lighting. Has a collection of Sherwin-Williams colors to browse and supports their ColorSnap system. Free app with no ads.

Paint Spray from Lowe’s

Includes Lowe’s entire selection of paint colors to visualize on your photos. Has photo editing tools and different paint techniques like spray or paintbrush. Provides paints from brands like Valspar and HGTV Home. Free app with no ads.

ColorSmart from The Home Depot

Gives access to paint colors from brands like Behr, Glidden, KILZ and more sold at Home Depot. Applies colors with a paintbrush effect on your photos. Has a collection of room scenes to try colors on. Free app with no ads.

Color Capture from Benjamin Moore

Features the complete Benjamin Moore paint color catalogue to visualize on photos. Lets you browse colors by paint type or color family. Has DIY tips and guides for picking colors. Free app with no ads.

Paint Pal from Virtually Decorating

Uses your camera to apply a virtual paint color in real-time AR. Offers paint colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. Subscription options for advanced tools. Initial app is free.

Color Design Studio from Valspar

Provides colors from Valspar, Devine and Reserve paint lines. Has preset room environments in addition to user photos. Ability to compare multiple color options at once. Free app with no ads.

ColorSmart from HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams

Gives access to the HGTV HOME line of paint colors to visualize. Create inspiration boards and palettes. Provides painting tips and cost estimation tools. Free app with no ads.

Dulux Visualizer

Features Dulux interior and exterior paint colors to apply to your photos. Browse colors by hue family or color name. Adjusts colors for different lighting conditions. Free app with some optional in-app purchases.

Key features to look for

Here are some important features to consider when choosing a paint visualization app:

  • Range of paint colors – Look for an app that offers lots of color options from leading paint brands
  • Intuitive controls – The app should make it easy to apply colors with just a few taps
  • Realistic visualization – Colors should look realistic on cabinet and room photos
  • Lighting adjustment – Ability to see colors under different lighting is useful
  • Photo editing – Tools to isolate cabinets or rooms from background helps focus on surfaces
  • Color organization – Browse or search colors in an organized way
  • Shareable results – Option to save or share your painted photos is helpful
  • Additional resources – Paint guides, visualization tips and cost estimators are useful

Prioritizing features like these will help you find the right cabinet paint app for your needs.

Tips for using paint apps effectively

Here are some tips to use a paint visualization app most effectively for cabinets or any surfaces:

  • Take photos specifically to use for paint samples – well-lit and focused on the cabinets or walls
  • Edit photos to mask out background distractions so colors stand out
  • Capture a few photos under different lighting like daytime, evening, etc
  • Start broader – evaluate colors by family or type before specific shades
  • Favorite or save color options to compare in batches
  • Visualize colors next to each other for contrast and combinations
  • Use apps along with real paint swatches for final validation
  • Apply final color choice to entire room photos to ensure it works together
  • Share results with others to get additional opinions

Using these best practices will result in an app experience that yields the perfect cabinet or room color for your needs.


Paint visualization apps provide a convenient way to experiment with cabinet colors virtually before committing to painting them. Apps from leading paint brands like Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and more allow you to visualize their colors on your own photos. Look for apps that offer robust color selections, intuitive controls, realistic visualization, lighting adjustment and handy photo editing tools. With the right app, you can find the perfect paint color for your cabinets or any room surfaces easily from your smartphone.

Popular options include Paint My Place, ColorSnap Visualizer, Paint Spray, ColorSmart, Color Capture, Paint Pal, Color Design Studio and Dulux Visualizer. Using tips like taking quality photos, masking backgrounds, comparing colors in batches and validating with real swatches will result in the best experience. Paint apps make it fast, convenient and mess-free to test drive paint colors before taking out the brushes.

App Name Key Features
Paint My Place Behr paint colors, free, no ads
ColorSnap Visualizer Sherwin-Williams colors, free, no ads
Paint Spray Lowe’s paints, free, no ads
ColorSmart Home Depot paints, free, no ads
Color Capture Benjamin Moore colors, free, no ads
Paint Pal Live camera painting, subscription
Color Design Studio Valspar colors, free, no ads
ColorSmart HGTV HGTV colors, free, no ads
Dulux Visualizer Dulux colors, in-app purchases

This table summarizes some of the top paint visualization apps, along with their key features like paint brand selection and app business model. With a wide range of apps to choose from, you can find the right option to visualize paint on your cabinets or any room surfaces.

In summary, paint visualization apps provide a quick, convenient way to experiment with different paint colors for cabinets, walls, trim and more. Using your smartphone, you can visualize paint colors from leading brands on photos of your actual spaces. Features like robust color selection, editing tools, lighting adjustment and color organization help streamline the process. Following best practices with high-quality photos, comparison and real-life validation will ensure you select the perfect color. So download a top-rated paint app and start visualizing your dream color on cabinets and any surfaces today.