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Is there a song named Blue?

Is there a song named Blue?

Yes, there are several songs with the title “Blue” or that contain the word “blue” prominently in the lyrics or song title. Some of the most famous examples include “Blue” by Joni Mitchell, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65, “Blue Eyes Blue” by Eric Clapton, and “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin. Songs with “blue” in the title span many genres and decades of music history.

Folk and Pop Songs Named “Blue”

One of the most famous songs titled simply “Blue” is by the legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. Written and recorded by Mitchell and released on her 1971 album Blue, this melancholy folk-pop song uses descriptions of the color blue and powerful lyrics to evoke emotions of sadness and longing. Some key lyrics include “Blue, songs are like tattoos/You know I’ve been to sea before/Crown and anchor me/Or let me sail away.” Mitchell’s sparse guitar and piano arrangement complements the poetic lyrics.

Another famous pop song called “Blue” was recorded by the boy band One Direction for their 2014 album Four. This upbeat breakup song features lyrics like “Blue/You knew how to hold me and kiss me so slowly/I’m wondering if you knew what you had with me.” One Direction’s pop-forward rendition of “Blue” topped charts internationally.

Electronic and Dance Songs with “Blue”

“Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by the Italian dance group Eiffel 65 is one of the most iconic electronic pop songs of the late 1990s and early 2000s. With its famously quirky lyrics “I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa/Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa,” manipulated vocals, and heavy beats, this international sensation uses the color blue throughout as a hook and lyrical theme. It spent many weeks at #1 across multiple countries after its release in 1999 and remains a dancefloor favorite today.

Similarly, “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) is a soaring, disco-influenced pop-rock song from the 1970s that also utilizes blue as a central motif. With uplifting lyrics about sunny skies and references to the title “Mr. Blue Sky” throughout, this beloved radio staple uses the color blue to capture a blissful mood.

Blues and Jazz Songs with “Blue”

As one might expect, blue is used extensively in titles and lyrics within the blues genre. One such example is Clapton’s melancholy acoustic ballad “Blue Eyes Blue” from his 1977 album Slowhand. The lyrics speak of deep blue eyes and an ended romance: “Blue eyes blue/Baby’s gone and left us blue/She’s gone and left us blue, just me and you.” Other examples of blues songs with blue include “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran and “Blue Blues” by Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers.

In jazz, George Gershwin’s iconic “Rhapsody in Blue” makes prominent use of the word blue. This classical-jazz fusion composition from 1924 was orchestrated by Ferde Grofe and is one of the most famous pieces in all of American music. Gershwin himself described the musical intent behind the title: “By the time the piece was written, jazz meant a great deal more to us than a mere dance rhythm. Jazz was enriching the very substance of American popular music.” The intertwining of classical and jazz elements echoes the meaning behind the blue title.

“Blue” Songs in Other Genres

In addition to the major works already mentioned, blue appears in song titles across many genres:

Song Artist Genre
“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” Bob Dylan Folk
“Tangled Up In Blue” Bob Dylan Folk Rock
“Blue Moon” The Marcels Doo-wop
“Blue Suede Shoes” Elvis Presley Rock & Roll
“Kind of Blue” Miles Davis Jazz
“Blue Velvet” Bobby Vinton Pop
“Blue Ain’t Your Color” Keith Urban Country
“Blue (Da Ba Dee)” Eiffel 65 Eurodance
“Iris (The Blue Album)” The Goo Goo Dolls Alternative Rock

As this diverse sampling shows, blue is a common song title word across genres and eras. Songwriters frequently utilize the color blue to express a mood or capture the essence of a song.

Lyrical and Symbolic Meaning of “Blue”

So why is “blue” such a commonly chosen color for song titles and lyrics? The prevalence of blue in music likely stems from the deep symbolic meanings and emotional associations connected to the color blue.

In many cultures, blue conveys sadness, longing, or depression. We speak of having “the blues” when feeling down. Songs like Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” and blues music in general tap into the melancholy side of blue.

Yet blue can also represent tranquility, beauty, and spirituality. Light baby blue elicits a soft, peaceful feeling. Darker shades of blue like navy and indigo symbolize depth, trust, and stability. Songs like ELO’s upbeat “Mr. Blue Sky” utilize these positive meanings.

Blue also has strong connections to romance and heartache. We describe being “blue” over lost love, and blue can represent loneliness or isolation. Classics like Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” capture the bluesy side of heartbreak.

Overall, songwriters gravitate towards “blue” because it conveys diverse moods and emotions through both its lyrical meaning and musical notes associated with the blues genre. Whether channeling sadness, spirituality, romance, or tranquility, blue resonates with listeners across cultures and musical styles.

Famous Examples of “Blue” Songs

To summarize, here are 10 of the most famous examples of songs with “blue” in the title:

Song Artist Year
“Blue” Joni Mitchell 1971
“Blue (Da Ba Dee)” Eiffel 65 1999
“Mr. Blue Sky” Electric Light Orchestra 1978
“Blue Eyes Blue” Eric Clapton 1977
“Rhapsody in Blue” George Gershwin 1924
“Blue Moon” The Marcels 1961
“Blue Suede Shoes” Elvis Presley 1956
“Blue Velvet” Bobby Vinton 1963
“Blue Ain’t Your Color” Keith Urban 2016
“Iris (The Blue Album)” Goo Goo Dolls 1998

From folk to pop, rock, jazz, blues, and more, these landmark tunes exemplify the rich musical history behind the color blue.


In summary, there are indeed numerous famous songs across genres that feature “blue” prominently in the title or lyrics. Musicians are drawn to the color blue to evoke certain moods, emotions, and musical styles. Blue conveys both sadness and tranquility, heartache and romance. Iconic blue songs range from Joni Mitchell’s melancholy “Blue” to the buoyant optimism of “Mr. Blue Sky” and the danceable beats of “Blue (Da Ba Dee).” So whether you seek the emotional catharsis of the blues or a joyful ode to blue skies, there’s a famous “blue” song out there for everyone to treasure. The color blue continues to inspire musicians and captivate listeners through its rich symbolism and musical associations.