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Is there a name that means green?

Is there a name that means green?

Green is a color that is commonly associated with nature, growth, renewal, and the environment. Given its positive connotations, it is not surprising that many parents want baby names that mean or reference the color green. Luckily, there are a number of nice sounding baby names that relate to the color green.

Names Meaning Green

Here are some baby names that directly mean the word “green” or are associated with the color green:

Amina Arabic name meaning “faithful and trustworthy”
Chloe Greek name meaning “green shoot”
Emerald The gemstone emerald is green
Jade The gemstone jade is green
Verde Spanish name meaning “green”

Amina is a lyrical Arabic name that fittingly means “faithful and trustworthy.” In the Arabic language, the name is related to the word for the color green.

Chloe is a lovely Greek name meaning “green shoot” or fresh blooming plant. It evokes images of new life and growth. In mythology, the ancient Greeks also used chloris or chloe to refer to the goddess of green vegetation and fertility.

Emerald and Jade are both green gemstones that make exotic and melodic baby names. Emerald is the green variety of the mineral beryl. Jade refers to either the green mineral nephrite or the more rare green mineral jadeite.

Verde is a Spanish word directly meaning the color “green.” It is recognizable to English-speakers and nods to Spanish and Latin language roots. The similar sounding Hebrew name Yarden means “green water.”

Nature Green Names

Here are some additional green baby names that relate to trees, plants, and other natural green things:

Aspen The aspen tree has green leaves that quiver in the wind
Forrest Forests are green, wooded areas
Hazel The hazel tree has green leaves
Ivy Ivy is a green vining plant
Laurel The laurel tree has glossy green leaves
Linden Also known as lime trees, they have heart-shaped green leaves
Moss Moss is a fuzzy green plant
Olive The olive tree has silvery green foliage
Reed Cattail reeds have long green leaves
Sage Sage is a herb with grayish green leaves

Aspen is the name of a tree with fluttering green leaves. It conjures up images of quaking aspens in groves. Forrest is an alternate spelling of the name Forest, meaning a wooded green area.

Hazel, Laurel, and Linden are tree names that reference their green leaves. Ivy, Olive, Reed, and Sage are other plants known for their green foliage. Moss is the simple one-syllable name of the ubiquitous green plant.

Nature green names have an outdoorsy, Bohemian feel. Most work equally well for baby boys or girls.

Green Word Names

Here are some baby names that contain or reference the word “green” in their meaning:

Greyson Variant of Grayson meaning “son of the gray-haired one”
Verdell French name meaning “green valley”
Verdeen Variant spelling of Verdean meaning “from the green valley”
Verdessa Elaborated form of Verde meaning “green”

Greyson contains “grey” which is a shade bordering on green. The actual meaning relates to gray hair, but the sound evokes green.

Verdell, Verdeen, and Verdessa all clearly contain sounds playing off the Spanish and Latin word “verde” meaning green. They have a melodic and feminine sound.

Word name meanings are more subtle references to the color green, but may appeal more to parents looking for a conventional given name over a noun name.

Names Inspired by Green Things

Here are names inspired by green plants, gems, and natural features:

Beryl Green gemstone
Blossom Fresh green buds on a tree
Briar Thorny green vines
Clover Green three-leaved plant
Fern Green fern leaves
Garland Green vines or wreaths
Holly The holly plant has glossy green leaves
Hyacinth Type of green bulb flower
Piper Green pepper plant
Sylvie “Sylva” means woods or forest
Willow Willow trees have long green branches

Beryl is the mineral name for the green gemstone emerald. Blossom evokes fresh buds on trees in springtime. Briar, Clover, Fern, Garland, Holly, Hyacinth, Piper, Willow all directly reference green plants. Sylvie contains sounds of the Latin word “sylva” meaning forest.

Names inspired by greenery are a fresh way to subtly reference the color green. They work especially well as middle names.

Green Color Names

Here are some names that mean different hues and variations of the color green:

Cameron Scottish name meaning “crooked nose,” but also associated with the green color camogie
Celadon Pale greenish blue color
Emery From the mineral Emerald meaning green gemstone
Jade Green gemstone
Kelly Irish surname meaning “bright green”
Malachite Green and white banded mineral
Myrtle The myrtle plant has green leaves
Vert French word meaning “green”

Cameron is a Scottish surname associated with the color camogie which is a pale greenish hue. Celadon is the name of a specific pale, grayish green color.

Emery, Jade, Kelly, Malachite, Myrtle, and Vert all directly translate to different shades and varieties of green. Kelly is an Irish surname meaning “bright green” that is now used as a first name.

More overt color names are a fun way to pay homage to the essence of green. They make unique middle names or work for parents seeking an unambiguous green meaning.


There are many options for baby names meaning green or inspired by the color green. Nature greens like Aspen, Forrest, and Ivy suggest lush greenery. Word name greens like Verdell and Verdessa contain “verde” meaning green in Spanish. Green things like Blossom, Hyacinth and Willow nod to green plants and trees. Overt color names like Emerald, Jade, and Kelly directly translate to different green hues. Whatever your style, there is a green baby name perfect for a nature-loving child.