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Is there a gold paint for walls?

Is there a gold paint for walls?

Is there a gold paint for walls? The short answer is yes, there are paints that create a gold or metallic finish for interior walls. Gold paint can add a glamorous, elegant touch to a room. However, there are a few things to consider when selecting gold paint, such as the finish, sheen level, and brand. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of gold wall paint, factors to consider when choosing one, and provide some recommendations for top gold paint brands and colors.

Types of Gold Paint Finishes

There are a few main types of gold paint finishes for walls:

– Metallic paint – Contains tiny flecks of metallic particles like gold, bronze, silver, or copper suspended in the paint. When the paint dries, the metallic flakes shine through to create a shimmery look.

– Gold mica paint – Contains mica particles coated with titanium dioxide pigments. Mica is a mineral that refracts light. The pigments create the gold tone. These paints have a luminous shimmer.

– Gold leaf paint – Real gold, brass, or copper leaf is applied by hand to the surface. This creates the most authentic metal look but is labor intensive.

– Gold glaze – A translucent liquid glaze with a gold tint is applied over a base wall color. The glaze adheres to the texture of the walls for a gilded look.

– Gold foil wallpaper – Wallpaper coated with metal foil or metallized material. When applied to walls, it mimics the look of gold leafing.

Sheen Level

Gold paint comes in different sheen levels, from flat to high gloss. Here are some tips on sheen:

– Flat gold paint has a non-reflective matte look. It helps hide wall imperfections. Ideal for ceilings and low-traffic areas.

– Satin gold has a soft glow with minimal shine. It’s easy to clean and durable. Good for living rooms, bedrooms.

– Semi-gloss offers medium reflectivity. Makes architectural details pop. Useful for trim and bathrooms.

– High gloss gold has a mirror-like shine. Use it to highlight specific accents like crown molding. Shows more defects.

Lower sheens like flat or satin work best for large gold painted walls, while higher gloss paints accent nicely on trims and accents. Consider the existing wall texture and lighting when choosing a sheen.

Choosing a Brand of Gold Paint

When selecting a gold paint brand, look for quality and durability. Here are some top options:

– **Behr** – Known for their metallic paints like Behr Premium Metallic Gold which provides good coverage. Their glazes and finishes are also popular.

– **Benjamin Moore** – Regal Premium Interior Metallic paint provides a pearlescent finish. Ben Moore gold leaf glazes offer artisan quality.

– **Valspar** – The Metallic Gold Flake paint has nice brilliance. Their glazes and metal paints are affordable options.

– **Rust-Oleum** – Their metallic gold paints provide industrial-grade durability and vivid gold radiance. Good for high-traffic areas.

– **Krylon** – For a spray-on gold paint, Krylon’s Shimmer Metallic Gold delivers proven performance. Easy DIY application.

– **Modern Masters** – Top choice for artisan metal paints and glazes, like their Venetian Gold Finish Modern Masters delivers pro-quality results.

Always test paint brands on samples before doing full application. Apply primer first for best adhesion.

Popular Gold Paint Colors

From soft champagne gold to dramatic old-world gold, there are many shades to consider:

– **Champagne Gold** – A soft metallic gold with subtle warmth. Pairs nicely with creams and taupes.

– **Rose Gold** – A trendy pinkish gold hue. Looks great with blush and marble tones.

– **Bronze Gold** – A blend of brown and gold for an antiqued effect. Works with neutrals like tans and grays.

– **Old Gold** – A traditional deep yellow gold with vintage vibe. Accent with emerald greens and ruby reds.

– **Radiant Gold** – A bright, clean golden hue. Pops against jet black. Has an Art Deco feel.

– **Copper Gold** – A burnished gold with coppery undertones. Coordinates well with leather, wood, terracotta.

Visit a paint store to view swatches of different gold tones. Pick a shade that complements your existing decor.

Where to Use Gold Paint

Gold paint can be applied to:

– **Accent walls** – Use metallic gold paint or glaze on one focal wall. Looks striking in bedrooms, dining rooms, offices.

– **Trim and molding** – Metallic gold on crown moldings, baseboards and door trims pops against wall colors.

– **Furniture** – Give wood furniture new life with a coat of gold paint. Also great for painting ornate cabinetry.

– **Kitchens and baths** – Gold paint is surprisingly versatile in kitchens and bathrooms. Use on an island, vanity, or as a backsplash accent.

– **DIY art projects** – Get creative with gold-painted canvas art, decorative boxes, vases, frames and more.

Gold paint works in many design aesthetics from modern to traditional so it can be adapted to your existing decor.

How Much Gold Paint is Needed?

The amount of gold paint needed depends on the surface area you are covering. Here are some guidelines:

– For a **full wall** ~300-400 sq ft – 1-2 gallons of gold paint
– For **accent wall** 50-150 sq ft – 1 quart to 1 gallon
– For **trim and molding** – 1-2 quarts
– For **furniture** – 1-2 quarts
– For **DIY projects** – 1-2 quarts or sample sizes

Measure wall dimensions to get the square footage. Unpainted surfaces may need primer which affects paint quantity needed. Buy more than you think you’ll need to avoid running out of a custom mixed gold hue.

Cost of Gold Paint

On average, expect to pay $25 to $50 per gallon for premium gold paint. Metallic and specialty finishes cost more than standard paints. The price also varies based on the brand. Here are typical costs:

Gold Paint Type Cost per Gallon
Standard metallic finish $25 – $35
Mica or pearlized $30 – $45
Gold leaf glaze $35 – $50
Foil or leafing $40 – $75

Additional supplies like primer, brushes, rollers, trays will add to the budget. Consider the labor cost if hiring a pro. But gold paint can provide great visual impact for the cost.

Application Tips

Follow these tips when applying gold paint:

– Prepare surfaces thoroughly – Clean, lightly sand, fill holes, apply primer and let dry completely. This helps the paint adhere.

– Use high-quality brushes and rollers – Look for soft synthetic bristles and microfiber roller covers which smooth metallic paint best.

– Go slowly – Apply paint in slow, even strokes to prevent blotchiness and brush marks.

– Mix and match sheens – Use high gloss on trims/accents and lower sheens on walls to minimize imperfections.

– Don’t overspread – Metallic paint is thinner than regular paint. Spread in 3×3 foot sections and don’t stretch paint too thin.

– Apply thin coats – Multiple thin coats provide better coverage than a single thick coat with metallic paints.

– Cut in edges first – Outline trim, ceilings, corners with a brush then use a roller on larger areas.

Proper prep and application technique enhances the luminous gold finish. Consider hiring a professional if you lack painting experience.


Gold painted walls should be cleaned only when necessary by gently wiping with a microfiber cloth and mild non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid abrasive sponges or scrubbing. Over time, gold paint may lose some shine simply due to normal environmental factors. Touch-ups can help refresh the look. Reapplying metallic glaze coats every 2-5 years can maintain the brilliance. With care, gold painted walls can sparkle for years before needing a complete redo.


Gold paint in its various forms can add an elegant metallic touch to your home’s interior when applied to accent walls, trims, furniture and more. When choosing gold paint, consider the finish, sheen level, brand quality, and depth of color you want. Prepare surfaces thoroughly and apply with high quality brushes and rollers in multiple thin coats. Pair gold walls with accessories and decor that complement the richness of the color. With proper application and care, you can enjoy stunning gold painted walls that stand out beautifully for years to come.