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Is there a dark navy blue?

Is there a dark navy blue?

The color navy blue is a very dark shade of the color blue. While many people think of navy as a single dark blue color, there are actually many variations of navy ranging from lighter to darker shades. So when someone asks “Is there a dark navy blue?” the answer is yes, there are darker shades of the classic navy blue color. In this article, we will explore what defines the color navy blue, look at different navy shades from light to dark, examine how dark navy shades are created, and see examples of dark navy blue colors used in design.

Defining Navy Blue

Navy blue got its name because it was used as one of the primary colors for British Royal Navy uniforms. The early use of the color goes back to the 18th century. Traditionally, navy blue is a very dark shade of blue that has hints of green. It sits between a bright blue and a black.

There are no strictly defined RGB or hex values that define navy blue. It’s more of a descriptive color name that encompasses a range of darker blue shades. Here are some typical ranges for navy blue:

Color System Navy Blue Range
RGB R: 0-50 G: 0-128 B: 50-128
Hex #000080 – #410C8F
CMYK C: 90-100% M: 45-100% Y: 0-50% K: 0-60%

As you can see, navy blue allows for a lot of variation in shade while keeping its distinctive dark blue color. When people ask about a “dark navy”, they are typically looking at the darker end of the navy blue spectrum.

Navy Blue Shades from Light to Dark

There are many different navy blues that range from lighter shades to very dark midnight colors. Here are some examples moving from lighter to darker navies:

Navy Shade Name Hex Code
Air Force Blue #5D8AA8
English Navy #212A3F
Space Cadet #1D2951
Dark Midnight Blue #003366
Midnight Navy #001433
Phthalo Blue #000F89

Air Force blue is a brightened navy that starts moving towards a royal blue. English navy and space cadet are medium depth navies in the midpoint. As you get into dark midnight blue, midnight navy, and phthalo blue, these are very dark, almost blackish navies.

So within the navy color spectrum, there are certainly many deep dark shades that would qualify as a “dark navy”.

Creating Dark Navy Blue Shades

There are a few different methods used to create deep dark navy shades:

– Mixing with black – Adding black paint, ink, or pigment to a navy blue is the simplest way to create a darker navy. The more black you add, the darker the navy becomes.

– Combining with other colors – Blues mixed with greens, purples, or browns can result in deep dark navies. Combining navy with forest green, violet, or chocolate brown are some examples.

– CMYK mixing – In a CMYK color model, increasing cyan and black will darken a navy blue. High cyan brings out the blue tones while high black dims the shade.

– Cool greying – Adding a cool grey with a blue bias to a navy will also take it to a deeper, moodier shade.

– Digital darkening – In digital design programs, you can simply take a navy color and reduce its lightness to create a darker navy.

So whether mixing real paints or working digitally, making a navy deeper and darker is very achievable through simple color combinations and lightness adjustments.

Dark Navy Blue Color Uses

Here are some examples of dark navy shades used in design:

– Outer space photography – Dark navies are used to depict the deep darkness of space. Midnight navy or dark phthalo blues work well.

– Fashion and formalwear – Dark navies like midnight blue convey elegance for evening dresses, suits, and tuxedos.

– Dramatic interiors – Using a deep navy on accent walls or furnishings adds drama and intensity to a room.

– Product packaging – Darker navies pair well with metallic finishes on packaging for a luxe look.

– Branding – Deep navies communicate tradition, authority, and stability for premium brands.

– Weddings – Navy is an alternative to black for groomsmen suits and bridesmaid dresses.


In summary, navy blue is a versatile color ranging from bright to dark shades. There are many deep dark navy colors that qualify as a “dark navy blue”. These midnight navies can be created through mixing with black, greying, color combinations, and digital darkening. Darker navies work well for dramatic designs from eveningwear toouter space scenes. So when considering “Is there a dark navy blue?” – the answer is a definitive yes across many shades and applications.