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Is there a blue iPhone 15?

Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup is expected to be announced in September 2023. There has been a lot of speculation around potential new colors for the iPhone 15 models. One rumored new color that has gained some traction is blue.

History of Blue iPhones

Blue is not a new color for iPhones. Here is a brief history of blue iPhone models:

iPhone Model Shade of Blue Year Released
iPhone 5C Bright blue 2013
iPhone XR Blue 2018
iPhone 12 Blue 2020
iPhone 13 Blue 2021
iPhone 14 Pro Deep blue 2022

As you can see, Apple has offered various blue iPhone models over the years. The blue shade has ranged from bright and vibrant to more subtle and deep shades.

iPhone 15 Color Rumors

So what are the rumors indicating for a potential blue iPhone 15 in 2023? Here is a summary of some of the leaks:

  • Prolific leaker Jon Prosser has claimed there will be a new blue color for the iPhone 15 lineup.
  • The shade of blue is expected to be similar to the blue on the iPhone 5C from 2013.
  • Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted a new blue color for the iPhone 15.
  • Some leaks have suggested the blue option may be limited to only the iPhone 15 Pro models.
  • Other rumors indicate blue could come to the entire iPhone 15 lineup, including the base models.

While exact details remain uncertain, the consensus from leaks points to blue making a return to the iPhone color options in 2023 after a two year absence. The bright, vibrant blue shade from the iPhone 5C era appears to be the likely inspiration.

Potential Names for the Blue iPhone 15

If Apple does release a blue iPhone 15 in 2023, what name might they give the color option? Here are some potential names Apple could choose:

  • Blue – Apple has simply called the color “Blue” on several past iPhone models including the iPhone 12 and 13.
  • Bright Blue – Similar to the “Bright blue” name given to the blue iPhone 5C color.
  • Vibrant Blue – Descriptive name that highlights the expected bold, vivid shade of blue.
  • Fun Blue – Plays up the energetic, playful nature of the blue color.
  • Blast Blue – Dynamic name referencing the excitement around the return of the blue iPhone.

Of course Apple could surprise with an entirely new blue name. But one of the options above seems plausible based on past iPhone color names.

How Popular Would a Blue iPhone 15 Be?

If Apple releases a blue iPhone 15 in 2023, how popular and sought-after would the new color option be? Here are some predictions:

  • Very popular – Blue iPhones have sold well historically. The color pops and stands out.
  • Particularly sought after at launch – Initial supplies of a new color often sell out quickly.
  • Will appeal to iPhone upgraders – Those upgrading from older blue iPhone models may opt for the color again out of nostalgia.
  • Attract buyers who want a fun, vibrant color – Blue is inherently energetic and cheerful.
  • May have special appeal to younger buyers – Younger demographics are often drawn to bold, bright colors.

However, it’s important to note that some buyers will still prefer traditional colors like black, white, silver and gold. But the return of blue to the iPhone lineup after a two year absence seems very likely to resonate with consumers and prove highly popular if the rumors hold true.

What Other Colors Could the iPhone 15 Come In?

In addition to a potential new blue color, what other color options might be available on iPhone 15 models? Here is an overview of likely iPhone 15 colors:

Color Likelihood
Space Gray Very likely
Silver Very likely
Gold Very likely
Blue Strong potential
Red Moderate potential
Green Low potential
Purple Low potential

In summary, expect traditional colors like space gray, silver and gold to return. Blue has strong buzz as a new or returning color. Red and other colors like green or purple seem less likely but remain possibilities.

How Will the Blue iPhone 15 Look?

What will a potential blue iPhone 15 look like? Here are some educated guesses:

  • Bright, vibrant blue similar to the iPhone 5C color.
  • Glossy or reflective blue glass back and sides.
  • Matching blue aluminum trim around the edges.
  • White front bezels around the display for contrast.
  • Polished, sleek blue stainless steel edges on iPhone 15 Pro models.
  • Blue color will really stand out, especially on the Pro models.

The blue color is expected to be the highlight of the iPhone 15 design. The bold, energetic shade will give the new iPhones a fun, eye-catching look. Expect the color to attract a lot of attention if the rumors prove accurate.

When Will the Blue iPhone 15 Be Available?

Apple usually announces new iPhones in early-mid September. This likely means an unveiling event in the second week of September 2023 for the iPhone 15 lineup.

Based on past release timelines, here is the probable iPhone 15 and blue iPhone 15 availability:

  • Announcement: Week of September 11, 2023
  • Pre-orders: Probably September 15, 2023
  • In-store availability: September 22, 2023

Expect supply of the new blue color to be tight at launch. Shipping estimates for pre-orders may be pushed out several weeks for the blue iPhone 15 models. But Apple should be able to catch up with demand after several weeks to a month.

How Much Will the Blue iPhone 15 Cost?

Pricing on the iPhone 15 lineup is not yet known. However, most reports suggest similar pricing to the iPhone 14 models:

Model Potential Price
iPhone 15 $799+
iPhone 15 Plus $899+
iPhone 15 Pro $999+
iPhone 15 Pro Max $1099+

The new blue color option will likely be available on all models without any price premium over other colors. Buyers should expect to pay the same typical pricing whether they opt for blue or other colors.

Should You Wait for a Blue iPhone 15?

If you’re considering an iPhone upgrade in 2023, should you wait for the potential blue iPhone 15? Here are some factors to consider:

  • How much do you want a blue iPhone? If blue is your number one color choice, waiting could be ideal.
  • Can you wait 6-12 months to upgrade? The iPhone 15 likely won’t arrive until September 2023 at the earliest.
  • Do you have an older iPhone? Waiting may be easier if your current phone still works reasonably well.
  • Are you on a major carrier upgrade program? These often allow annual upgrades, so you may be able to upgrade twice.

In summary, if you have a strong desire for a blue iPhone and can manage with your current phone for a while longer, waiting for the iPhone 15 could make sense. But don’t wait strictly for color if you need a more urgent upgrade.

Should You Get an iPhone 14 Now or Wait?

If you’re due for a new iPhone in the next few months, is it better to get an iPhone 14 now or wait for the iPhone 15? Here are some quick pros and cons:

Get iPhone 14 Now Wait for iPhone 15
Excellent phones available now Potential new designs and features
Deals/promos often available Will be latest and greatest iPhones
colors Rumored new blue color returning

In summary, the iPhone 14 models are impressive upgrades with great cameras and performance. But the iPhone 15 may bring more significant changes like new colors and a fresh design. So if you can wait, holding off until September 2023 could be rewarding.


In conclusion, the rumors strongly indicate Apple will release an all-new blue iPhone 15 color in 2023. Given Apple’s history with blue iPhones and the multiple reports of a blue iPhone 15, the chances seem high. The new blue color will likely prove extremely popular with upgraders, especially if it resembles the vibrant blue shade from the classic iPhone 5C. While the iPhone 14 generation is compelling, holding off until the iPhone 15 launch in September 2023 could be worthwhile if you want that rumored blue color option.