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Is the Colour turquoise lucky?

Colour has long been associated with luck, with different hues carrying different meanings and associations across cultures. One colour that is often connected with good fortune is turquoise – a bluish-green hue that evokes the gemstone of the same name. But is the colour turquoise actually lucky, or is this just an old superstition?

The History and Symbolism of Turquoise

To understand if turquoise is truly a lucky colour, it helps to examine the history and symbolism associated with it. Turquoise gems and dyes have been prized for thousands of years, with evidence of turquoise jewellery dating back to ancient Egypt. In the ancient world, turquoise was closely linked to concepts of healing, protection and even immortality.

In ancient Persia, turquoise was thought to be a holy stone that could ward off unlucky forces. Hindus thought turquoise brought good fortune if worn on the body. Native Americans believed the striking blue-green turquoise gems were life-bringing sky stones that could offer protection. In ancient China, turquoise was associated with wisdom, tranquility and luck.

Turquoise has continued to be a symbol of good fortune into modern times. Because of its soothing color, it is thought to have a calming effect that can invite happiness and success. The associations with healing and protective powers also remain.

Turquoise in Feng Shui

In feng shui philosophy, turquoise is considered to be an especially lucky colour. Feng shui practitioners often recommend adding turquoise accents to a home or workplace to attract fortunate qi energy.

Here are some of the key reasons why turquoise is considered lucky in feng shui:

  • It is connected to the feng shui water element, which symbolizes wealth, abundance and prosperity.
  • It has a soothing, calming energy that helps reduce anxiety and invite flow and harmony.
  • Its link to water also promotes communication, creativity and emotional balance.
  • Turquoise paired with gold, silver or white represents fruition of projects and goals.

Incorporating turquoise is said to be especially auspicious for the career and wealth areas of a home or office. Accents like turquoise pillows, artworks or decorative objects are simple ways to bring in this lucky color energy.

Turquoise in Different Cultures

Let’s look at some of the specific associations and meanings attached to the color turquoise in cultures around the world:

Culture Turquoise Meaning and Symbolism
Native American Considered a sacred stone, symbol of protection, luck and life
Tibetan Buddhism Turquoise stones are believed to grant wisdom and invite good fortune into one’s life
Medieval Europe Turquoise was thought to detect poison, bring diplomatic success and offer protection while riding horses
Persia Believed wearing turquoise could prevent unlucky accidents or falls from horses
Ancient India Turquoise worn on the body was said to bring good luck, success and prosperity
New Age Turquoise energy is linked with healing, calmness, intuition and open communication

As we can see, in many major cultures around the globe, turquoise has been viewed as a stone imbued with lucky protective powers and the ability to attract good fortune.

Turquoise Superstitions and Beliefs

Let’s look at some of the common superstitions and beliefs associated with turquoise:

  • Owning a turquoise gem or object meant good luck would follow you.
  • Turquoise was thought to ward off the Evil Eye and protection against curses.
  • It was considered lucky for equestrians, protecting horses and riders from falls.
  • Turquoise was believed to help heal sicknesses and injuries when worn close to the body.
  • It was thought seeing a turquoise robin predicted prosperity was on the way.
  • Turquoise was said to help bring calmness and clarity in times of crisis or danger.
  • Some believed turquoise would change color if danger was imminent.
  • Victorians exchanged turquoise gifts as tokens of love and believed they promoted faithfulness.

Many of these long-held turquoise beliefs stemmed from its reputation as a protective amulet and symbol of power and wisdom. While turquoise is not an inherently “magical” stone, the positive energy and mood it seems to inspire certainly can have lucky results!

Is There Science Behind Turquoise Luck?

While turquoise may not literally possess mystical energy, there are some scientific reasons why it may lift spirits and mood:

  • Color psychology – The soothing blue-green shade is linked with calmness, relaxation and flow.
  • Coping aid – Turquoise can be a talisman that provides comfort and reassurance during stressful times.
  • Reduced anxiety – Many find gazing at or wearing turquoise has a calming, tranquilizing effect on the nervous system.
  • Creativity boost – Turquoise is thought to help lateral thinking and creative problem-solving.

So while turquoise may not supernaturally attract luck, it can reduce stress, invite happiness and promote creative insights – all helpful qualities!

Who Should Wear or Use Turquoise?

According to feng shui and gemlore, here are some of the types of people who may benefit most from incorporating turquoise into their lives:

  • Artists, writers and creatives – thought to enhance imagination
  • Speakers and performers – said to aid communication
  • Those wanting to become more calm and centered
  • People going through a major change or upheaval
  • Those recovering from illness or injury – promotes healing
  • Travelers – brings protective energy
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners – invites prosperity
  • Seekers of wisdom and self-knowledge

However, anyone can wear or use turquoise if they are simply drawn to its vibrant color and calming energy. Popular ways to incorporate it include turquoise gemstone jewelry, home decor items like vases or pillows, artworks featuring turquoise, or turquoise meditation and healing crystals.

Where to Place Turquoise in Your Home

Feng shui offers specific guidance on where to place turquoise in the home to enhance luck in different life areas:

Room Where to Place Turquoise Intended Benefit
Entryway Front door, welcome mat, artwork in entry Attracts fortunate opportunities
Living room Sofa pillows, vases, decor items Promotes harmony in relationships
Dining room Table runners, placemats, centerpieces Encourages open communication
Office Desk accessories, art near desk Boosts career success
Bedroom Bedding, artwork, accessory accents Invites relaxation and prosperity

Keep turquoise pairing principles in mind too – combine with white or silver for fruition of ideas, or gold for added prosperity energy.

Lucky Turquoise Gifts

Due to its lucky symbolism, turquoise also makes a great gift for almost any occasion. Here are some lucky turquoise gift ideas:

  • Turquoise jewelry like earrings or a bracelet for a birthday
  • A turquoise decorative bowl or vase for a housewarming
  • Turquoise meditation crystals for relaxation and serenity
  • A turquoise dreamcatcher for peaceful sleep
  • A turquoise figurine of an elephant or other symbol of luck
  • Feng shui turquoise candles or incense for cleansing energy
  • A turquoise kitchen tool like salt and pepper shakers
  • Turquoise office supplies like pens for a colleague

Gifting turquoise is a thoughtful way to pass along its lucky properties. Just be sure to pick quality stones and products for durability.

Is Turquoise Right for You?

Turquoise is a stunning shade with a long history of being connected with serenity, wisdom and fortune. Whether this is due to mystical energy, positive symbolism or simply its relaxing effect on the mind, the vibrant blue-green hue has rightly earned a reputation as a lucky color.

If you are drawn to turquoise for its cool tones or purported powers, there are many ways to begin incorporating it into your life. Start with small turquoise accents around your home or jewelry you can wear each day. See if you notice a boost in your mood, creativity or sense of calm from having this color present. Stay mindful of any positive shifts or changes that occur.

While turquoise may not miraculously guarantee good luck, it sets the stage for happiness, prosperity and flow. If you find yourself more at ease and open to opportunity with turquoise nearby, then it has certainly lived up to its reputation as a fortunate shade. Let the timeless beauty and spirit of this colored gemstone inspire personal growth, wisdom and possibility.