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Is that dua lipa’s real hair?

Dua Lipa has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world in recent years. With hits like “New Rules,” “One Kiss,” and “Don’t Start Now,” the British singer has amassed a huge global fanbase. One thing fans often wonder about is whether Dua Lipa’s signature long, dark locks are her real hair or if she wears wigs or extensions.

Dua Lipa’s Natural Hair

According to various interviews and sources, Dua Lipa’s hair does seem to be natural for the most part. She has said her hair has always grown quickly and she’s been blessed with thick, dark tresses since she was young. Her natural hair texture is wavy and she sometimes enhances her waves with products or heat styling. When Dua Lipa wears her hair curly, it appears those are her natural curls. Her natural hair color also seems to be the dark brunette she is known for.

Here are some key facts about Dua Lipa’s natural hair:

Hair Texture Thick, wavy
Hair Color Dark brunette
Hair Density Very dense and thick
Natural Curl Pattern Loose waves and curls

Based on her childhood and early career photos, Dua Lipa’s hair has always appeared very thick and full. Even as a blonde in her youth, her hair looked like it had a lot of volume. This suggests she naturally has very dense, voluminous hair, which is an enviable trait for many!

Use of Extensions

While Dua Lipa’s hair does seem to be real, she has admitted to using clip-in extensions and halos to add length and volume for certain styles and looks over the years. Hair extensions are very commonly used by celebrities for red carpet events, photo shoots, music videos, and concerts. Here are some times Dua Lipa has used extensions:

  • Her early music videos like “Hotter Than Hell” and “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” feature longer, fuller hairstyles likely using extensions.
  • Photo shoots like her 2020 AnOther Magazine cover where she had extra long hair past her waist.
  • On-stage performances to achieve a dramatic long ponytail or braided look.
  • Appearances like the 2019 Met Gala when her hair was styled in a very long, sleek look.

Hair stylist Chris Appleton, who works closely with Dua Lipa, has said while her natural hair is enviable, extensions help take her looks to the next level and create dramatic styles. So while Dua Lipa’s hair is real, she uses extensions the way most celebrities do for certain looks.

Use of Wigs

In addition to extensions, Dua Lipa has worn wigs for music videos, photo shoots, concerts, and TV appearances over the years. Wigs allow for more versatility than extensions. Here are some examples of Dua Lipa’s famous wig looks:

  • Her bob wig in the “New Rules” video
  • Her purple wig for her performance on Saturday Night Live in 2019
  • Her blonde wig for her 2020 Future Nostalgia album imagery
  • Her red wig during her Studio 2054 live stream concert

Like many pop stars, Dua Lipa uses wigs to easily change up her hairstyle and match the theme of her projects. Wigs give her lots of flexibility with color, length, and style. But when she’s not doing a themed look, it seems her real hair is on display most of the time.

Dua Lipa’s Hair Care

To maintain her naturally beautiful long locks, Dua Lipa says she focuses on keeping her hair healthy and hydrated. Some of her hair care tips include:

  • Using conditioning masks and oils to hydrate dry ends.
  • Avoiding over-washing her hair to retain moisture.
  • Letting her hair air dry instead of heat styling when possible.
  • Using heat protectant spray when heat styling.
  • Getting regular trims to prevent split ends.
  • Using rich shampoos and conditioners formulated for dry hair.

Dua Lipa notes that while touring and traveling can be drying for her hair, she tries to prioritize moisture and protection. This hair care regimen has allowed her to grow her real hair very long.

Dua Lipa’s Hair Evolution

While Dua Lipa’s signature look is her long, dark tresses these days, she’s experimented with different hair colors and styles over the years. Here’s an overview of her hair evolution:

Time Period Hair Style & Color
Childhood Long, dark blonde hair
Early Career Long ombre hair transitioning from blonde to brunette
2017-2018 Long, straight black hair with bangs
2019-Present Very long, dark brunette hair with loose waves

No matter what hue she’s tried, Dua Lipa tends to favor long hairstyles, which suit her hair texture and face shape beautifully. Though she enjoys experimenting occasionally with wigs, she usually returns to dark locks as her signature look.

Does Dua Lipa Use Hair Vitamins?

In addition to great hair care, one of Dua Lipa’s secrets for healthy, long hair may be supplements. In interviews, she has mentioned taking vitamins like biotin and Viviscal to support thicker, faster growing hair. Supplements cannot change your natural hair but they can maximize growth potential by ensuring your body has the nutrients hair needs to thrive. Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, hair vitamins may help explain Dua Lipa’s envy-inducing locks.

Dua Lipa’s Hair Icon Status

While extensions and wigs are useful tools, the fact that Dua Lipa’s natural hair is so thick and healthy means she doesn’t have to rely on them. Her natural texture allows her to achieve tons of different stylish looks. Combined with her gorgeous features, Dua Lipa’s locks have become an iconic part of her image. Fans around the world dream of having hair as shiny and voluminous as hers.

Dua Lipa having natural hair that’s enviably thick and long does seem to be the case based on photographic evidence over the years. Her hairstylist’s comments also confirm she is blessed with wonderful natural tresses. Like most celebrities, Dua Lipa enhances her real hair with extensions, wigs, and styling as needed for projects and looks. But at the end of the day, those signature long dark waves are the real Dua Lipa.


In conclusion, although Dua Lipa enjoys experimenting with fun wigs and extensions, her hair does appear to be naturally full, shiny, and long. She puts effort into caring for her thick locks by keeping them hydrated and minimizing heat damage. Dua Lipa’s hair evolution shows she’s worn it in blonde and brunette shades, but typically keeps it long to flatter her natural texture. Fans are envious of her hair not just because it’s beautiful, but because it’s real. Dua Lipa’s luscious locks have become an iconic part of her look and star image.