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Is teal green and peacock green same?

Is teal green and peacock green same?

Teal and peacock green are two shades of green that are often confused with each other. Though they may look similar at first glance, they are actually quite different colors with distinct properties. In this article, we will analyze the differences between teal and peacock green in detail to understand if they are the same or not.

Defining Teal

Teal is a medium blue-green color that is meant to resemble the color of actual teal feathers. It is created by mixing blue into a green base. The name “teal” comes from the common teal bird, whose plumage exhibits this specific color.

Some key facts about teal:

  • It is a darker, duller shade of cyan.
  • Teal gets its signature blue-green look by combining equal parts green and blue.
  • In design, teal evokes meanings of balance, sophistication, and being trustworthy.

In the RGB color model, teal is created by combining 0 red, 130 green, and 130 blue. This results in the hex code #008080.

Defining Peacock Green

Peacock green is a vivid shade of green that is meant to mimic the iridescent green plumage of a peacock. It has a bright emerald green base infused with tones of teal. The name comes from its resemblance to peacock feathers.

Some key facts about peacock green:

  • It is a highly saturated green that almost appears to glow.
  • Peacock green mixes mostly green with small amounts of blue.
  • It represents meanings like renewal, vigor, vision, and confidence.

In the RGB model, peacock green is made by combining 27 red, 176 green, and 75 blue. This creates the hex code #1BB04B.

Comparing Color Properties

Now that we understand how teal and peacock green are defined individually, we can start comparing their specific color properties:


  • Teal has a blue-green hue positioned between blue and green.
  • Peacock green has a yellow-green hue closer to green than blue.

So while both colors are in the green family, teal leans more towards blue, while peacock green leans more towards yellow.


  • Teal has low to moderate saturation, giving it a muted appearance.
  • Peacock green has very high saturation, making it seem vivid and intense.

This shows that peacock green contains much more pure chroma than teal.


  • Teal is a darker, duller shade with low to moderate brightness.
  • Peacock green is very bright with high luminosity.

Peacock green visibly pops more than teal due to its higher brightness.

RGB Values

Color Red Green Blue
Teal 0 130 130
Peacock Green 27 176 75

This table highlights the precise red, green, and blue values in each color’s RGB make-up. We can see peacock green contains much more green, while teal has equal parts green and blue.

Comparing Color Uses and Meanings

Teal and peacock green also differ in their common uses and color meanings:


  • Teal is commonly used in interior design, fonts, logos, and wedding themes.
  • Peacock green is popular in bold graphic prints, party décor, fashion statements.


  • Teal symbolizes balance, sophistication, wisdom, trust.
  • Peacock green represents vitality, growth, uniqueness, ambition.

So teal tends to convey more reserved meanings, while peacock green has an energetic, lively character.

Key Differences Summarized

To recap the main differences between teal and peacock green:

Teal Peacock Green
Blue-green hue Yellow-green hue
Lower saturation Higher saturation
Darker and duller Brighter and more vivid
More green and blue Mostly green, some blue
Reserved meanings Energetic meanings
Popular in graphic design Popular in bold prints

This table summarizes how teal and peacock green have noticeably different color properties and uses, despite both being shades of green.


In conclusion, teal and peacock green are not the same color. Though they are both green hues, they have distinctly different properties:

  • Teal is a blue-tinted muted green, while peacock green is a vivid yellow-toned green.
  • Peacock green is much brighter and more saturated than the darker teal.
  • They have different RGB make-ups, with teal blending blue and green equally, while peacock green is mostly green.
  • The two colors also evoke different meanings and are used in different applications.

So while teal and peacock green may appear somewhat similar on first glance, they are actually distinct shades with their own characteristics when examined more closely. Teal has a reserved sophistication, while peacock green conveys energy and boldness. Knowing the precise differences allows designers and artists to select the best shade of green for their specific needs.

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