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Is teal a good bedroom color?

Is teal a good bedroom color?

Teal is a trendy and popular bedroom wall color that pairs nicely with other colors and can create a relaxing or invigorating atmosphere. When used properly in coordination with bedding, furniture, and decor accents, teal walls can transform a bedroom into a stylish and welcoming retreat. However, like any bold color choice, using teal paint on bedroom walls isn’t right for everyone. There are some important factors to consider before deciding if teal is the best color for your bedroom walls.

The Pros and Cons of Teal Bedroom Walls

Here is a quick overview of the main pros and cons of using teal as a bedroom wall color:


  • Creates an eye-catching, stylish look
  • Pairs well with neutral bedding
  • Invigorating shade can boost energy
  • Relaxing hue can promote tranquility
  • Coordinates nicely with metals and natural wood tones


  • Can feel overwhelming in a small bedroom
  • Makes it harder to change decor schemes
  • Bold color isn’t for everyone’s taste
  • Darker shades may not reflect enough light

As you can see, using a vibrant teal color on bedroom walls has both advantages and disadvantages to weigh. The color you choose can shift the pros and cons, so it’s key to pick the right teal for your space.

Different Shades of Teal for Bedroom Walls

Teal is a versatile color with depth and nuance. The specific teal shade you select will dramatically impact the overall look and feel of the bedroom. Here are some of the most popular teal hues for bedroom walls and their general characteristics:

Pale Teal – A light, almost minty teal that creates a soothing, airy atmosphere. Works in both large and small bedrooms.

Classic Teal – The true teal halfway between green and blue. This vibrant mid-tone teal is great for medium to large bedrooms.

Dark Teal – A deep jewel-tone teal that feels enveloping and intimate. Best for spacious bedrooms as it can feel dark.

Green Teal – Teal with yellow-green undertones has an invigorating, spring-like vibe. Uplifting for any size bedroom.

Blue Teal – Teal shades with blue undertones read as cooler and more relaxing. Ideal for destressing.

Gray Teal – Teal with gray undertones is sophisticated and versatile. Works in any bedroom as a neutral.

Make sure to choose a teal with undertones that match your goals for the space. Cool blue teals are calming, warm green teals energize, and neutral gray teals go with anything.

Teal Bedrooms by Style

Teal can work in bedrooms of many different styles. Here are some popular ways to use teal walls effectively:

Modern Teal Bedroom – In modern spaces, pair medium teal walls with white bedding, sleek furniture, and chrome accents. Abstract art and symmetric patterns keep it contemporary.

Bohemian Teal Bedroom – Use a pale seafoam teal on walls to contrast ornately carved wood furniture and ethnic tapestries. Layer on textured rugs and macrame accents.

Coastal Teal Bedroom – For a beachy look, use aqua teal walls with weathered driftwood furniture, netting, and seashell accents. Add diaphanous curtains and rattan chairs.

Eclectic Teal Bedroom – Incorporate different teal shades through accent walls, furnishings, and decor. Play with mismatched patterns and unusual accents.

Traditional Teal Bedroom – Soft powdery teals complement mahogany wood furniture nicely. Floral bedding, chandeliers, and gilt-framed artwork keep it elegant.

There are endless ways to incorporate teal walls into your desired decorating style. Just be sure to choose hues and accents that complement each other.

Teal Paint Colors

When selecting a teal paint for bedroom walls, you’ll want to consider undertones and finish options that work best for the space. Here are some top-rated teal paint colors to consider:

Benjamin Moore Teal Paint Colors

  • Ciring Night – Deep blue-green, dramatic
  • Sleepy Blue – Soft green-blue, soothing
  • Harbor Haze – Gray-blue green, versatile neutral
  • Green Gem – Vibrant jewel-tone, energizing

Sherwin Williams Teal Paint Colors

  • Tradewind – Gray teal, relaxing neutral
  • Caribbean – Classic true teal, vibrant
  • Renwick Olive – Dark green teal, enveloping
  • Helium – Pale gray-blue green, peaceful

Behr Teal Paint Colors

  • Stream Bank – Blue-green, tranquil
  • Sea Salt – Soft gray-green, breezy
  • Rainwater – Medium classic teal, versatile
  • Mystic Green – Jewel-tone, exotic

Visit paint stores to view swatches of these teal shades in person. Samples painted on walls show the true undertones.

Teal Bedroom Ideas and Accents

Painting bedroom walls teal sets the tone, but you need coordinated accents and decor to complete the look. Here are some ideas for accessorizing a teal bedroom:

Bedding – White, gray, and teal bedding look sharp against teal walls. Crisp patterns like stripes, trellis, and ikat pair well.

Furniture – Driftwood, rattan, chrome, and transparent acrylic furnishings suit teal rooms. Avoid bulky, dark woods.

Textiles – Mirror teal walls with teal cushions, rugs, curtains, and lampshades. Natural fibers like cotton and linen complement.

Artwork – Frame neutral prints, photographs, or paintings with metallic frames for contrast. Teal mats unite the colors.

Decor – Include natural elements like shells, sand dollars, sea glass, and driftwood. Metallic accents in silver, copper, and brass go nicely.

Lighting – Use pale lamps, sconces, and overhead fixtures to prevent a dark, cave-like feeling.

Mix different textures like nubby linens, soft chenille throws, sleek lacquered surfaces, and rustic rattan for visual interest. The goal is to unify varied elements through the common teal color.

Should You Paint Your Bedroom Teal?

Painting an entire room teal is a bold choice requiring commitment. But if you follow these guidelines, it can look amazing:

– Choose a teal shade with the right undertones for the desired mood – cool for relaxing, warm for energizing.

– Test teal paint samples on walls and view at different times of day. Ensure the color is not overwhelming.

– For small rooms, stick with soft, pale teals like a mint or seafoam green-blue.

– Use plenty of natural light and reflective surfaces to keep dark teals from appearing murky and closed-in.

– Tie everything together with coordinated teal decor, bedding, textiles, and metallic accents.

– Embrace the teal completely rather than using it sparingly. Feature walls can seem disjointed.

With proper planning and execution, teal bedroom walls can look vibrant, elegant, and welcoming. Just think thoroughly before committing to transform your space with this dramatic hue.


Teal is an exciting, on-trend color choice for modern bedroom walls and decor. The soothing, revitalizing shade can totally transform the look and feel of a room when done right. However, teal has some limitations that require careful consideration. Small, dark bedrooms may become overwhelming and difficult to decorate. But in most bedrooms, various hues of teal paint can create a stylish oasis. Match undertones to your goals, test samples thoroughly, and unify the look with plenty of coordinating decor. With the right prep work, teal walls can be the perfect sophisticated, colorful choice for your new dream bedroom.