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Is purple paint good for bedroom?

Is purple paint good for bedroom?

Quick Answer

Purple paint can be an excellent choice for a bedroom depending on the specific shade and how it is used. Lighter lavender purples create a soft, calming atmosphere while deepereggplant and wine purples can feel sophisticated and elegant. The keyis choosing the right tone of purple and combining it well with other colorsin the room. Use purple paint on an accent wall or on trim and furniture rather than all over for best effect.

How Does Purple Affect Mood?

The color purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and creativity. It evokes a sense of mystery and magic. Lighter shades of purple like lavender and lilac create a soft, feminine, romantic mood. The paler tones are known for promoting calmness and reducing stress. Darker purples like eggplant and wine are more sophisticated and luxurious. These deeper shades encourage introspection and can make a bold statement. Too much very dark purple can feel oppressive or intimidating in a bedroom. But used judiciously in the right tone, purple makes an elegant and uplifting bedroom color.

Best Types of Purple for a Bedroom

Here are some of the most popular shades of purple for bedrooms:

Lavender – With its light orchid tone, lavender purple conveys delicacy and romance. It brings a vintage charm to a bedroom. Use it on the walls or as an accent.

Lilac – This pale violet tone has a sweet, uplifting quality. Lilac purple walls or decor creates a restful retreat. It blends well with other pastels.

Wisteria – Named after the flower, this light purple with blue undertones is cheerful and refreshing. Use it in a cottage-style bedroom.

Violet – As one of the true shades of purple, violet has a classic, elegant feel. Deeper than lavender, it makes a striking accent color.

Eggplant – With red undertones, eggplant purple is sophisticated. Use it sparingly to add drama without overwhelming.

Wine – Deep red-purple hues like wine and burgundy work well for formal, luxurious bedrooms. Dark colors make a bold statement.

Plum – Reddish purple tones like plum create an exotic, artistic ambiance. This color inspires creativity.

How to Use Purple Paint in a Bedroom

Here are some tips for effectively incorporating purple paint colors into a bedroom:

– Accent wall – Painting one wall in a lighter purple shade adds a pop of color without going overboard. Lavender and lilac work well.

– Trim and furniture – Use deeper purple hues like eggplant and wine on millwork, headboards, armoires and chairs for drama.

– Ceiling – Painting the ceiling a pale purple like lilac or wisteria makes it a focal point. Consider adding a painting for visual interest.

– Neutral balance – Balance bolder purple shades with plenty of neutral walls, bedding, rugs and decor. White, beige, gray and taupe offsets the color.

– Color harmony – Combine purple with blues and greens for a harmonious palette. Pink and peach create a pretty, feminine feel.

– Lighting – Soft white and yellow light enhances the purple while brighter white light tones it down. Consider layered lighting.

– Sheer curtains – Hang gauzy curtains in a lighter purple tone to soften the windows and let in light.

– Artwork – Incorporate some purple hues into the artwork, decor and accessory pieces to tie it all together.

Best Bedroom Color Combinations with Purple Paint

Some recommended color pairings to consider with purple bedroom walls or accents:

– Purple and white – Crisp white trims out the purple elegantly. Use white bedding with a purple accent wall.

– Light purple and gray – Lavender walls with charcoal gray bed makes a soothing, sophisticated combo.

– Lilac and mint green – This is a fresh, inviting color scheme for a restful retreat.

– Purple and yellow – From pale violet and buttercream to deep purple and gold, this pairing really pops.

– Plum and peach – These dramatic, complementary colors create a vibrant Bohemian style bedroom.

– Eggplant and cream – Rich eggplant purple offset by creamy white bedding is luxurious.

– Pale purple and blue – Soft violet and sky blue evoke a dreamy, ethereal feel.

– Wine and chocolate brown – For an elegant, glamorous look, pair deep wine purple with warm cocoa browns.

Feng Shui Meaning of Purple

In Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, purple relates to the fire element. It’s considered an auspicious color that promotes passion and prosperity when used correctly. In the bedroom, purple can stimulate romance and intimacy. Lighter shades create a peaceful sanctuary, while deeper tones encourage creativity and spirituality. Purple complements the bedroom’s romance area. But limit its use to keep the energy balanced and avoid restlessness. Ideal Feng Shui colors to pair with purple in the bedroom include blue, green and peach.

Bedrooms with Purple Color Schemes

Color Scheme Mood Created
Pale lilac with white trim Calming, relaxed, elegant
Lavender and mint green Soothing, refreshing, peaceful
Vibrant violet with yellow accents Energetic, playful, cheerful
Eggplant walls with cream furniture Warm, sophisticated, luxurious

As shown in this table, purple can be adapted to create a wide range of looks and feels in a bedroom’s decor. The key is choosing the right tone and shades that appeal most for an individual space and sensibility. Overall, purple paint adds a touch of sophistication, creativity and tranquility to bedroom walls and decor. Properly incorporated, it makes an elegant, inspiring color choice.


Purple paint can make an excellent color choice in a bedroom, depending on the specific shade and how it is applied. Lighter lavender and lilac purples on the walls or as accents create a soft, dreamy atmosphere. Deeper eggplant and wine purple shades add drama and luxury when used judiciously on larger furniture pieces and accent walls. The best approach is to use purple as an accent rather than completely dominating a bedroom’s color palette. Combine it thoughtfully with calming neutrals and colors that complement it. This allows the purple to add pops of color and visual interest without becoming overwhelming in a restful bedroom retreat. With so many varied purple paint shades to explore, there are endless possibilities to incorporate this regal color into bedroom spaces elegantly.