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Is Olympic a good paint?

Olympic is a popular brand of interior and exterior paint that is sold at Home Depot stores. When considering Olympic paint, homeowners often wonder – is it a good quality paint? How does it compare to other top paint brands like Behr or Sherwin Williams? Here we will examine the pros and cons of Olympic paint to help you decide if it is the right choice for your next painting project.

Olympic Paint Overview

Olympic is the house paint brand of PPG, which is a large paint and coatings company based in Pittsburgh, PA. PPG acquired Olympic from Sherwin Williams in 2013. Olympic paint comes in various sheens including flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss. It is available in both interior and exterior lines. Some of the most popular Olympic interior paints include:

  • Olympic ONE – Interior acrylic latex paint + primer
  • Olympic Rescue It! – Interior paint & primer peel bond
  • Olympic Elite – Interior paint & primer

Some of Olympic’s most popular exterior paint options are:

  • Olympic Rescue – Exterior acrylic latex paint + primer
  • Olympic Woodland Oil – Exterior oil-based paint
  • Olympic Elite – Exterior acrylic latex paint & primer

Olympic paint is considered a mid-range to premium brand in terms of quality and price. It is more affordable thanSherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paints, but priced higher than Lowe’s house brand Valspar.

Benefits of Choosing Olympic Paint

There are several advantages that Olympic paint offers to homeowners and DIYers:

  • Wide availability – Olympic is conveniently available at Home Depot stores across the US and online. This makes it easy to obtain.
  • Paint + primer formulas – Most Olympic interior and exterior paints include primer in the formula, eliminating the need for a separate primer coat.
  • Good hide and coverage – Olympic paints contain high levels of titanium dioxide and other pigments that provide good hiding power and coverage, especially with lighter paint colors.
  • Warranty – Olympic offers a lifetime limited warranty on both interior and exterior paints to protect against defects.
  • Variety of sheens – Olympic is available in all the standard paint sheens – flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss.
  • Color options – There are thousands of Olympic paint colors to choose from, including ready-mixed off-the-shelf colors and custom-tinted colors.

Downsides of Olympic Paint

While Olympic paint has many advantages, there are some potential drawbacks to consider as well:

  • Quality consistency – According to some reviews, Olympic’s paint quality can be inconsistent at times between different cans of the same color.
  • Limited store availability – Olympic paints are only available at Home Depot, while other brands like Behr can be found at multiple retailers.
  • Upcharges for colors – Custom tinting fees can add $10 or more per gallon of Olympic paint.
  • Not as thick – When comparing similar interior paints, some pros report that Olympic covers in fewer coats but is thinner than brands like Benjamin Moore.
  • Strong paint smell – Some users note Olympic has noticeable off-gassing and odor during initial application and drying time.

Olympic Paint Prices

Olympic paint is competitively priced with most gallons ranging from $20-$70 depending on the specific line and sheen chosen. Here are Olympic’s MSRP paint prices as of 2023:

Olympic Paint Line MSRP Price Per Gallon
Olympic Rescue Interior $27.98
Olympic ONE Interior $31.98
Olympic Elite Interior $43.98
Olympic Rescue Exterior $36.98
Olympic Elite Exterior $59.98
Olympic Woodland Oil-Based $56.98

These prices may vary between different Home Depot locations, and the store often runs sales and promotions on Olympic paint. Overall Olympic hits a nice sweet spot between price and performance that appeals to many DIYers and homeowners.

How Does Olympic Paint Compare to Other Brands?

In comparison to leading national paint brands, Olympic tends to rate very competitively:

  • Vs. Behr (Home Depot): Behr is Home Depot’s premium interior paint brand. It rates comparably to Olympic in quality but commands a higher price. Olympic gives a better value on a cost per gallon basis.
  • Vs. Glidden (Lowe’s): Glidden is Olympic’s main competitor as Lowe’s house paint brand. Olympic tends to rate higher than Glidden for coverage and durability.
  • Vs. Sherwin-Williams: As Olympic’s former parent brand, it shares similarities with Sherwin-Williams paints. However, Sherwin-Williams is positioned as a premium brand and comes with a higher price tag.
  • Vs. Benjamin Moore: Benjamin Moore paints are known for their color accuracy and smooth application. Olympic paint offers similar performance for interior uses at a lower price point.

Types of Projects Best Suited For Olympic Paint

Based on its brand positioning and product qualities, Olympic paint works best for the following applications:

  • Interior walls, ceilings and trim in living spaces, bedrooms, etc.
  • Exterior painting of vinyl, wood, composite and fiber cement siding
  • Cabinets, doors, shutters, and trims
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Beginner and intermediate DIY painters
  • Rental and flippable properties where a quality paint is desired without the top-tier price

Olympic may not be the best choice for finicky surfaces like masonry, metal, and spraying applications. Its quality also may not meet the standards of professional painters and high-end interior design projects. But for mainstream home painting needs, Olympic delivers great value.

Tips for Using Olympic Paint

To get the best results with Olympic paint on your next project, keep these tips in mind:

  • Properly prepare surfaces – Clean, sand, patch, and prime surfaces to improve paint adhesion.
  • Apply two coats for full coverage and durability.
  • Use quality applicators – Olympic applies best with angled sash paintbrushes and microfiber roller covers.
  • Thin paint if needed – Sparingly thin with water or floetrol for easier brushing and rolling.
  • Clean up spills and messes promptly before paint dries using soap and water.
  • Allow proper dry times between coats.
  • Maintain a wet edge during application to prevent lap marks.
  • Apply topcoats within 2 weeks for best intercoat adhesion.


Olympic makes an excellent choice for the everyday DIYer or homeowner looking for quality paint at an affordable price point. While not rated as the top professional brand, Olympic delivers reliable performance across a wide range of interior and exterior applications. Just be sure to properly prep surfaces and apply the paint carefully according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. With some basic techniques Olympic paint can provide a fresh new look and protection for your home’s surfaces for years to come.