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Is Meghan Markle a brunette?

Meghan Markle’s hair color has been a topic of much discussion and speculation since she first stepped into the public eye. As the wife of Prince Harry and a member of the British royal family, Markle’s style and beauty choices are highly scrutinized by fans and critics alike. Her hair in particular has gone through various iterations, leading many to wonder – is Meghan Markle actually a brunette?

Meghan’s Natural Hair Color

Meghan Markle was born with dark brown hair that could be described as brunette. However, like many people, her natural hair color has likely lightened a bit as she has aged. Photos of a young Meghan show her with dark brown locks during her childhood and teen years. So while her hair may not be as dark now as it was in her youth, Meghan is naturally a brunette.

Hair Color as a Working Actor

When Meghan first started working as an actor, she stayed relatively close to her natural brunette hue. But like many actors, Meghan started experimenting with different hair colors as she took on various roles. Her character on the TV show Suits required black hair, so Meghan dyed her hair a very dark brown almost black shade for years while filming the show. She also periodically colored her hair lighter browns and chocolate hues while playing other roles over the years. So while Meghan’s natural color is a dark brown, her hair has seen a variety of shades.

Going Lighter as a Royal

Once she became engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan started wearing her hair in visibly lighter brown tones. Her hair became a medium chocolate brown with subtle highlights framing her face. This was a purposeful move, as members of the royal family tend to stick to more natural, understated hair colors. Bright reds, purples and blondes are not generally approved of by the Queen. So Meghan adopted a lighter brown hair color that flatters her complexion while still remaining within the acceptable hue palette for royals.

Has She Ever Been Blonde?

Meghan has worn her hair darker for most of her adult life, both as an actor and a royal family member. She has never sported platinum blonde or bleach blonde hair. Her lightest brown shade could possibly be described as a dirty blonde or light brunette color. But she actually appeared most blonde during her brief college days, when she experimented with blonde highlights. This look on young Meghan was quite striking, as she generally tends to suit darker hair tones better with her olive complexion. But she never went fully blonde, tending to stay closer to a lighter brown.

Subtle Highlights and Lowlights

While Meghan does not dye her whole head blonde, she does get subtle golden highlights and lowlights to add dimension to her brunette tresses. These soft blonde highlights help warm up and brighten her overall hair color. When photographed in sunlight, these lightly hand-painted highlights provide a slight ombre effect. However her base color remains a brown shade. So while Meghan may incorporate golden blonde pieces, her overall hair color remains solidly within the brunette family.

Which Brown Hair Colors Has Meghan Tried?

Here is a table summarizing the different brown and brunette hair shades Meghan Markle has tried over the years:

Year Hair Color
Early Acting Career Dark brown, almost black
On Suits Very dark brown/black
Dating Prince Harry Medium chocolate brown
As a Royal Medium brown with subtle golden highlights
College Brunette with blonde highlights

As you can see, while the exact shade varies, Meghan consistently wears her hair in brunette and brown tones ranging from dark to medium brown.

Does She Dye Her Hair?

Meghan clearly regularly dyes her hair to maintain her signature brunette look. Her natural new growth would come in a bit lighter, so dye is needed to keep her hair a rich, dark brown. Permanent color and semi-permanent glazes are likely used to get the multi-dimensional brown she wears now. To maintain this look, Meghan probably gets her hair colored every 6-8 weeks by a professional stylist.

The Brunette That Almost Wasn’t

Ironically, Meghan revealed in a 2017 interview that she almost didn’t get the part on Suits because the producers thought she was too blonde! The character was supposed to have jet black hair, so they weren’t sure the golden-highlighted Meghan would work. But they took a chance on her, having her dye her hair an extremely dark brown that better matched the role. And clearly, it all worked out in the end!

Brunette Beauty Icon

There is no doubt that Meghan Markle will continue to be brunette royalty. Her glossy chocolate brown locks are a key part of her polished royal style. Meghan knows rich brown hair complements her warm complexion and brings out the sparkle in her eyes. Brunette simply feels like her signature look. So while Meghan may test out various brown tones and styles, she will always return to the fabulous brunette beauty that she is.


While Meghan Markle was born with naturally dark brown hair, she has worn various brunette shades over the years, ranging from black to medium brown. She incorporated subtle blonde highlights at times, but has never been a platinum or strawberry blonde. Meghan stayed true to dark hair early in her acting career, often dyeing it black for roles. As she joined the royal family, she adjusted to wearing a somewhat lighter brown. But Meghan remains committed to a polished yet natural brunette hair color in her life as a duchess. From her early days as an American actress to her current British royal status, Meghan Markle’s signature beauty look centers around her glossy, glamorous brunette hair.