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Is light purple good for living room?

Is light purple good for living room?

Decorating a living room can be a fun yet challenging process. One of the most important decisions is choosing a wall color that complements your style and furniture. Light purple has become an increasingly popular paint color option for living rooms in recent years. But is it truly a good choice for this high-traffic family space? Here we’ll examine the pros and cons of using light purple paint in your living room.

The Appeal of Light Purple

There are several reasons why light purple paint colors are growing in popularity for living rooms:

  • It’s a soothing, soft color – Light or muted shades of purple evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation. This can help create a calm oasis in your home.
  • It complements many design styles – Light purple works well in traditional, contemporary, bohemian, cottage, and eclectic designed living rooms.
  • It’s uplifting yet subtle – Pale purple adds a pop of color without being overpowering. It’s a happy medium between bold and neutral.
  • It pairs beautifully with other colors – Light purple goes nicely with shades of gray, tan, light blue, mint green, and peach.

So if you’re looking to add a little color in your living room but don’t want anything too loud or intense, a light purple palette may be perfect. The soft, romantic vibe can lend itself well to creating a cozy yet visually interesting hangout space.

Factors to Consider with Light Purple Walls

While light purple can be a lovely living room color, there are a few considerations to weigh before painting your walls:


The way light hits the purple walls will affect how the color is perceived. With natural light, the walls will look brighter and more vivid. Under lamp and overhead lighting, the purple may translate darker and richer. Consider the room’s lighting when choosing a purple paint color. Pale, soft purples work best in rooms with ample natural light. Deeper plums and eggplants pair better with warm lighting.


Purple paint colors can take on blue, red, or gray undertones. Cooler undertones complement modern spaces while warmer reddish purples match traditional decor. Compare swatches at different times of day to see how the undertones come through.

Room Size

The bigger the living room, the more easily it can handle a bold light purple on the walls. Smaller rooms may become overwhelming with too much monochromatic purple. Consider limiting purple to an accent wall in a small living room.

Furniture and Decor

To keep a light purple living room from feeling flat, layer in accent colors and patterns through your furniture, rugs, drapes, pillows and accessories. Gold, white, green and soft pink work nicely. Let your existing decor guide which purple tone to choose.

Resale Value

Very bold paint colors can be polarizing and turn off potential home buyers. So if you plan to sell soon, stick to safer, more neutral shades. But most light purples have fairly universal appeal.

Best Light Purple Paint Color Options

If you’ve decided a light purple living room is right for you, choosing that perfect paint color is key. Here are some of the most popular and versatile light purple paint colors for living rooms:

Lavender Wisp

A very pale, icy purple with blue undertones. Its airy, peaceful vibe works in cottage, beach, and Scandinavian designed rooms. Pairs nicely with white or gray furniture.

Benjamin Moore Lavender Wisp 2127-60


A muted, powdery purple with a hint of gray. This flexible shade complements both traditional and modern spaces. Inviting and romantic.

Sherwin-Williams Wisteria SW 6711

Moonlit Orchid

A luminous purple with a touch of pink and blue. It mixes well with metallics and mint green. Lends a mystical, whimsical feel.

Behr Moonlit Orchid PPU18-14

Foggy Day

A soft, pale lilac purple with subtle blue undertones. Its airy quality works in all rooms sizes and styles. Calming and cheerful.

Valspar Foggy Day 5007-2B

Mountbatten Pink

A destressed, muted indigo purple inspired by Prince Philip Mountbatten’s naval uniforms. Adds a regal yet relaxed elegance.

Farrow & Ball Mountbatten Pink No. 221

Color Name Brand Undertones
Lavender Wisp Benjamin Moore Blue
Wisteria Sherwin-Williams Gray
Moonlit Orchid Behr Pink/Blue
Foggy Day Valspar Blue
Mountbatten Pink Farrow & Ball Indigo

Tips for Decorating a Light Purple Living Room

Use these tips to design a stylish and functional living room with light purple walls:

  • Choose accent colors that contrast. Go for pale yellow, soft green, or peach to prevent an all-purple overload.
  • Incorporate white elements through shelving, trim, furniture and decor. White helps lighten and brighten.
  • Layer on metallics. Brushed gold, rose gold, and matte silver accessories pop against purple.
  • Add in warm wood tones. Wood furniture, floors and decor balances out cool undertones.
  • Use patterned rugs and pillows sparingly. They can compete with vibrant purple walls.
  • Match your purple with analogous tones. Pinkish purple walls could pair with an amethyst chair.
  • Display fresh flowers and plants. Greenery helps any purple space feel inviting.

Avoid going too dark or jewel-toned with your purple unless you have ample natural lighting. For resale value, consider repainting if you choose an intense purple. But most light, airy shades will appeal to buyers.

How to Make Your Light Purple Living Room Cozy

While purple sets a lovely ambiance, you also want guests to feel cozy and relaxed in your living room. Here are tips for creating an inviting, comfortable space:

  • Incorporate plush pillows and soft, tactile rugs and blankets
  • Hang drapes in a warm material like velvet or linen
  • Arrange seating to encourage conversation
  • Include warm lighting like table and floor lamps
  • Display family photos, art, books and greenery
  • Use an area rug to define the seating area
  • Burn candles or use essential oil diffusers
  • Keep extra throws and pillows on hand

Don’t overlook ergonomic comfort – make sure your seating is supportive. Place a side table or two within reach for drinks and remotes. The right lighting helps prevent eye strain. Lastly, keep the room tidy and clean for optimal coziness.


A light purple living room can be absolutely stunning when done right. The color purple evokes creativity and imagination, so don’t be afraid to get a little playful with your design. Adhere to some basic decorating guidelines, incorporate cozy and comfortable furnishings, and display items you love. With the right light purple paint color choice and accent decor, your living room will become a peaceful oasis you, your family, and guests can all enjoy.