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Is Kristen Taekman still married?

Kristen Taekman is a reality TV star who first gained fame on The Real Housewives of New York City. She joined the cast in 2014 for the show’s sixth season. Kristen was married to businessman Josh Taekman at the time she started on the show. The couple tied the knot in 2005 and have two children together – a son named Cash and a daughter named Kingsley.

Kristen’s marriage to Josh was a major storyline during her time as a Housewife. Throughout her two seasons on the show, fans got a glimpse into the ups and downs of their relationship. There were definitely some rocky moments that called into question whether or not their marriage would last.

Kristen’s Time on RHONY

When Kristen first joined RHONY in 2014, she was introduced as the wife of successful entrepreneur Josh Taekman. They lived in Tribeca with their two young children. At the time, Kristen and Josh seemed happily married and in love. However, cracks in their relationship soon started to show.

During Kristen’s freshman season, marital problems came up regarding Josh’s busy work schedule keeping him away from home often. Kristen frequently voiced feeling lonely and being overwhelmed with raising their kids mostly solo. Cracks deepened during a couples trip to Montana when Kristen drunkenly flirted with another man, angering Josh.

By Kristen’s second season in 2015, Josh had moved out of their marital home and into his own apartment in the city. The couple’s issues exploded at Dorinda Medley’s birthday trip to Atlantic City when Kristen learned Josh had an active dating app profile. Kristen berated Josh and angrily confronted him over cheating suspicions.

Josh Taekman’s Ashley Madison Scandal

In the summer of 2015, a huge scandal involving Josh Taekman broke. He was exposed as a paying member of the Ashley Madison cheating website. The site, which connects people looking to have affairs, had been hacked and user information was leaked to the public.

It was revealed Josh had an active account with the handle “mrcharming’ where he listed preferences for hookups with other attached women. This bombshell confirmation that Josh really was cheating devastated Kristen. At the RHONY season 8 reunion, Kristen confirmed she only learned of Josh’s account along with the public scandal.

Year Event
2005 Kristen and Josh get married
2011 Kristen and Josh welcome their first child, son Cash
2013 Kristen and Josh welcome their second child, daughter Kingsley
2014 Kristen joins The Real Housewives of New York City
2015 Josh’s Ashley Madison account is exposed publicly

The above table provides a timeline of key events in Kristen and Josh’s relationship history.

The Aftermath of the Scandal

In the immediate aftermath of Josh’s cheating scandal going public, Kristen was very candid about feeling angry, betrayed, and wanting a divorce. She felt Josh’s Ashley Madison usage was unforgivable and endangered their family. Kristen moved forward with separating from Josh and trying to adjust to life as a single mom.

However, as time passed after the initial scandal broke, Kristen softened her stance on leaving Josh. She saw how remorseful he was and how hard he was willing to work to regain her trust. By late 2015, Kristen confirmed she and Josh were back together in marriage counseling and rebuilding their relationship. Over the next couple years, they focused on therapeutic work and quality family time together.

Are Kristen and Josh Still Married Today?

Currently in 2023, Kristen Taekman remains married to Josh Taekman. After weathering the ultimate public scandal regarding Josh’s infidelity, they were able to salvage their marriage. Kristen has said it took a lot of time and therapy to get past the betrayal, but she is glad they put in the work.

In 2017, Kristen and Josh renewed their wedding vows in front of family and friends. Renewing their vows was a way to re-commit to each other after the tumultuous prior years. Since then, the couple has maintained they are happier than ever in their marriage.

Kristen and Josh live in New York City with their now teenage son Cash and daughter Kingsley. While no longer involved with RHONY after departing in 2015, Kristen still works in fashion and lifestyle branding. Josh continues running his marketing and events companies Pop Culture PR and Eboost.

The Taekmans have maintained it hasn’t always been easy keeping their marriage strong after Josh’s indiscretions. But they remain devoted to open communication and family time. Kristen says some of the biggest lessons learned include being able to truly forgive and focusing on what matters most.

Kristen’s Advice to Others Experiencing Infidelity

Since working through her husband’s cheating scandal, Kristen Taekman has offered advice to others experiencing infidelity in their marriages. Here are some of her tips:

  • Take time to process the betrayal. Feeling hurt, angry, confused are normal. Don’t make rushed decisions.
  • Consider if this is a dealbreaker for you. For some people, infidelity means automatic divorce.
  • Communicate about what happened. Ask questions and allow your partner to take responsibility.
  • Seek professional counseling, both individually and as a couple if you want to reconcile.
  • Rebuild intimacy and trust slowly. Gestures like date nights help rekindle romance.
  • Focus on the family unit staying intact if you have children.
  • Make sure your partner puts in effort to earn back your trust through transparency.
  • Do not tolerate repeated infidelity thinking your partner will change.
  • Know when it’s healthier to walk away, even after attempting to make it work.

Kristen emphasizes importance of partners showing accountability and putting in hard work to repair the relationship. Both people must be fully committed for a marriage to heal after infidelity. Kristen credits counseling and Josh’s consistency regaining her trust over time with helping their family move forward.

How Kristen and Josh Overcame Cheating

For Kristen and Josh Taekman, the key elements allowing them to stay married after Josh’s cheating scandal include:

  • Josh immediately ending all infidelity – After being caught, Josh cut ties with anyone outside their marriage and committed fully to Kristen.
  • Willingness to work through problems – Both partners wanted to try saving their marriage, even during low points.
  • Individual and couples counseling – Therapy helped them communicate feelings, set boundaries, and gain tools to reconnect.
  • Taking a relationship inventory – They looked inward at areas each could improve on as a spouse and parent.
  • Reestablishing intimacy and trust – By spending quality time focused on each other, emotional and physical bonds grew.

It wasn’t a quick or easy process for Kristen and Josh to go from the brink of divorce back to having a strong marriage. But their commitment to each other and dedication over time helped overcome the betrayal. Now years later, the couple says their relationship is more fulfilling than ever.

Kristen and Josh Today

In recent years, Kristen and Josh Taekman appear happier and more united than ever. They are often photographed together smiling, holding hands, and embracing at events. On social media, they regularly share loving tributes about one another.

The Taekmans admit they still have to actively nurture their relationship, but the turmoil of the past has brought positive growth. During an appearance on Bravo’s Life After Bravo in 2021, Josh said of Kristen:

“I love my wife more today than the day I married her. She’s an unbelievable mother, unbelievable wife. We’ve been through some ups and downs but we came out stronger.”

Kristen in turn shared:

“I feel after everything we’ve been through in the past few years, it makes us value each other and our time together.”

They also make time to enjoy date nights, family activities, and vacations together. For example, the Taekmans took a Mediterranean yacht cruise in summer 2022 visiting beautiful destinations in Italy and Greece.

Co-Parenting Their Kids

Another factor allowing Kristen and Josh Taekman to remain happily married is their strong co-parenting relationship. They have worked hard to keep their son Cash, now 17, and daughter Kingsley, 13, their top priority.

Kristen and Josh are proud of the tight-knit family they’ve built. In 2022, they shared adorable photos together celebrating Cash’s prom sendoff. It’s clear Kristen and Josh remain devoted to giving their children a loving, stable home.


Kristen Taekman and Josh Taekman’s marriage has endured its fair share of scandals and hardships. However, their commitment to each other and willingness to do the work has allowed them to come through stronger than ever.

After the ultimate betrayal of Josh’s infidelity being exposed, many thought it was the end for the Taekmans. But Kristen’s ability to forgive, Josh’s consistency regaining her trust, and dedication on both sides rebuilt their fractured relationship.

The key takeaways from Kristen and Josh’s journey are commitment takes effort, time helps heal wounds, and perseverance through counseling and intimacy work can make marriages whole again after infidelity. Years later, the Taekmans have proven first-hand this is possible with consistent teamwork and a united front.

So to answer the question – yes, years after weathering cheating scandals, reality TV drama, and nearly divorcing, Kristen Taekman is still married to Josh Taekman today. Their bond has come through the fire stronger and renewed with greater trust, passion, and purpose.