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Is Koleston hair dye permanent?

Koleston is a popular brand of hair dye known for its wide range of colors and conditioning formulas. But one question many people have is whether Koleston’s hair dye is permanent or semi-permanent. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Koleston hair dye and examine its permanency and longevity.

What is Koleston hair dye?

Koleston is a professional-grade hair color brand owned by Wella. It offers over 50 vibrant shades ranging from natural looking colors to bold, fashion-forward hues. Some key features of Koleston hair dye include:

  • Ammonia-free formulas that are less damaging to hair
  • Conditioning and moisturizing properties to leave hair soft and shiny
  • Long-lasting color results
  • Options for 100% gray coverage
  • Blendable shades that can be customized

Koleston uses a cream-gel formula as opposed to traditional liquid hair dyes. This helps the color adhere better to hair for longer lasting results. The conditioning properties also help maintain the integrity of hair during the coloring process.

Is Koleston permanent or semi-permanent?

Koleston hair dye is considered a permanent hair color. This means that it can significantly alter the pigment within your hair for long-lasting results. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Penetrates the hair shaft – Unlike semi-permanent dyes that coat the outside of hair, Koleston penetrates into the cortex of the hair where pigment is held.
  • Uses peroxide developers – Koleston color must be mixed with Wella developers or peroxide. This opens the cuticle layer so color can deposit inside the hair.
  • Permanently changes hair pigment – The peroxide allows the color molecules to permanently bind to the natural pigment in your hair.

For these reasons, Koleston results in a lasting color change that does not wash out or fade quickly. The color is oxidized into the hair for more permanency compared to semi- or demi-permanent dyes.

How long does Koleston hair color last?

When properly applied, Koleston hair dye can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks before you may notice some fading, depending on your hair type and maintenance routine. Here are some factors that influence the longevity of Koleston hair color:

Factor Explanation
Hair type Koleston lasts longer on hair that is more porous and able to absorb dye. Coarse, thick, or curly hair holds onto color better than fine, straight hair.
Frequency of washing Frequent shampooing can cause hair color to fade faster. Washing hair less often helps extend the vibrancy of the color.
Sun exposure UV rays can degrade hair color over time. Minimizing sun exposure helps prevent fading.
Use of heat styling tools Heat from blow drying, straightening, or curling can make hair color fade quicker. Using lower heat settings helps maintain color.
Choice of hair products Harsh shampoos and conditioners can strip color, while products designed for color-treated hair will help retain vibrancy.

Doing a good conditioning and sealing the hair cuticle after coloring also helps the color last longer. Most people can go 4-6 weeks between touch up applications to maintain their desired shade.

Does Koleston completely cover gray hair?

Koleston hair dye provides excellent gray coverage when used correctly. The brand offers shades specifically formulated for resisting grays. Here are some tips for maximizing gray coverage with Koleston:

  • Perform a patch test first – Test a small section of hair to see color development before applying to whole head.
  • Use a 10 or 20 volume peroxide – Higher volumes help open the cuticle more to deposit pigment into resistant gray hair.
  • Leave on for maximum processing time – Process for full recommended time to allow deeper penetration into gray hairs.
  • Apply thoroughly from roots to ends – Ensure application is saturated through all hair, especially at the root area where grays start.
  • Use a comb to separate strands – Comb through hair during application to target individual gray hairs.

Koleston also makes shades specifically designed for gray coverage in their INOA and Perfect Me+ lines. Using these gray-resistant shades along with proper application techniques can provide complete gray coverage.

What’s the process of dyeing hair with Koleston?

Here are the basic steps for coloring hair with Koleston dye:

  1. Preparation – Shampoo and towel dry hair before application. Wear gloves and protective clothing.
  2. Mixing – Mix the color formula with Wella developer according to packaging instructions. Shake or stir until thoroughly blended.
  3. Sectioning – Divide hair into four sections using clips. Start the application in the back sections first.
  4. Application – Apply color using a tint brush to saturate hair from roots to ends. Use a comb to separate strands.
  5. Processing – Allow color to process for the full development time listed for your shade. Monitor for even saturation.
  6. Rinsing – Rinse with warm water until water runs clear. Shampoo and towel dry.
  7. Sealing – Apply a conditioning or bond-building treatment to seal cuticles.

Always follow the instructions for your specific formula and hair type. Process times can vary from 20-50 minutes. Performing a strand test is recommended to determine exact timing. Having a professional colorist apply Koleston can help achieve the best results.

What are the side effects of Koleston hair dye?

Most people can use Koleston safely, but some may experience minor side effects like:

  • Skin irritation or allergic reaction – Can cause redness, itching, or rash on scalp or hands.
  • Hair dryness or damage – Overprocessing can cause dry, brittle hair or breakage.
  • Skin discoloration – Color can temporarily stain skin if not rinsed thoroughly.
  • Eye irritation – Can occur if color comes into contact with eyes.

Performing an allergy patch test prior to use can detect any skin sensitivities. Always wear gloves during application and rinse thoroughly after processing to minimize risks. Choosing a shade close to your natural color also helps prevent adverse effects.

Does Koleston damage hair?

All permanent hair dyes involve some degree of potential damage to hair. However, Koleston contains ingredients to help minimize the risks compared to other brands. Here’s an overview:

  • Ammonia-free – Does not use ammonia to open the cuticle, which reduces dryness and breakage.
  • Conditioning agents – Contains oils and conditioners to smooth and soften hair.
  • Protein formulas – Some shades add proteins to fortify and strengthen hair strands.
  • Low peroxide options – Developer volumes start at 3% to limit lightening of underlying pigment.

Nonetheless, to help prevent damage it’s best to:

  • Do a strand test to determine exact timing needed.
  • Select the lowest level developer for your goal.
  • Apply a deep conditioner or bond builder after coloring.
  • Wait 4-6 weeks between color applications.
  • Use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo.

When used correctly following all precautions, Koleston offers high-quality color results while keeping hair in healthy condition.

Does Koleston fade well?

Koleston hair dye fades gradually over time for a natural looking, seamless grow out process. Here are some factors that contribute to nice fading:

  • Gradual oxidation process – The dye continues to fully oxidize and settle into shades over the first 1-2 weeks.
  • Evenly distributed tones – The gel consistency adheres evenly to all hairs to prevent splotchy growing out.
  • Smooth color blending – Koleston allows for seamless blending between shades for natural-looking regrowth.
  • No metallic bases – The colors avoid overly warm or cool undertones that visibly clash when growing out.

To keep the color looking fresher for longer between applications, be sure to use a sulfate-free, color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Lowering heat styling tool usage can also minimize color fading over time.


Koleston offers a permanent hair coloring solution with long-lasting results, gray coverage, and fade-resistant properties. When used properly, it can deposit vibrant, natural-looking color that gradually fades out beautifully. While no permanent dye is completely damage-free, Koleston aims to minimize the risks with ingredients that condition and fortify hair. For those seeking a salon-quality, ammonia-free permanent color, Koleston is an excellent option.