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Is it good to wear red on Friday?

Is it good to wear red on Friday?

Wearing the color red on Fridays has become a popular fashion trend and symbolic act. Many people wonder if it’s good to wear red on Fridays or if they should avoid it. There are various myths and beliefs around wearing red on Fridays, but no definitive rules. Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice and cultural context.

The Symbolism of Wearing Red on Fridays

In some cultures, Friday is associated with the planet Venus, which is connected to the color red. So wearing red on Fridays is considered auspicious by some. The color red is often seen as symbolizing energy, passion, luck, and prosperity. Therefore, wearing red on Fridays is thought to usher in an auspicious start to the weekend for some.

However, in some Eastern cultures, red is associated with inauspicious events and bad luck. There are superstitions around avoiding weddings or starting new ventures on Fridays as it’s seen as a day governed by the planet Shukra which is associated with obstacles. So wearing red on Fridays may be considered unlucky by some from these cultural backgrounds.

In Christianity, red is sometimes associated with the crucifixion of Christ, which occurred on a Friday according to tradition. But red is also a color of celebration in Christianity. Ultimately, perspectives vary across denominations and individual Christians on whether wearing red on Fridays has any particular symbolism.

In fashion, red is seen as a bold, lively color that commands attention. The “lady in red” is a longstanding trope of a woman dressed strikingly in red. For fashion purposes, wearing red on Fridays offers a vibrant look to start the weekend.

Potential Pros of Wearing Red on Fridays

There are some potential benefits that make Fridays a favorable day for wearing red clothing:

  • Boosts confidence – Red is an energizing, bold color so it can instill self-assurance.
  • Stands out – Red clothing attracts attention, helping you be seen and noticed.
  • Uplifts mood – Red is considered an uplifting, passionate hue that can improve mood.
  • Motivates action – Red is associated with energy, movement, and stimulation.
  • Marks celebrations – Red clothing signals you are ready to celebrate the impending weekend.

Research has shown that color can impact emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. One study found that wearing red can boost confidence and make women feel more attractive. The associations red has with passion, movement, and liveliness may provide an energizing effect.

Wearing eye-catching red clothing on Fridays offers a symbolic transition, marking the end of the workweek and start of leisure time. It visually signals you are ready for fun and celebration during the weekend.

Potential Cons of Wearing Red on Fridays

However, there are also some downsides that make Fridays potentially problematic for wearing red attire:

  • Cultural taboos – In some cultures red is avoided on certain days due to superstitions.
  • Less professional – Red may appear too bold or attention-seeking for conservative workplaces.
  • Spills show – Red notoriously shows stains, spills, and clothing care imperfections.
  • Limiting – Having a signature Friday red could get repetitive over time.
  • Draining – Red’s intensity as an eye-catching hue could feel draining if worn regularly.

The boldness and intensity of red may not suit more reserved personalities or formal work environments. Red is also notorious for vividly showing stains, fabric pulls, fading, or other clothing wear and imperfections.

Making red an every Friday signature could get tiresome over time and limit your versatility. Consider alternating red with other hues to mix up your style.

Tips for Wearing Red on Fridays

Here are some tips for wearing red clothing effectively on Fridays:

  • Choose quality fabrics that won’t show imperfections.
  • Style red carefully for day versus night events.
  • Pair red with neutrals like black, white, navy or gray.
  • Break up large blocks of red with other accent colors.
  • Accessorize with metals like gold or silver that complement red.
  • Consider different shades like crimson, cherry or maroon for variety.

Look for sturdy natural fabrics like denim or woven cotton that reduce showing Pulls or stains. Save very bright, saturated reds for nights out versus professional day looks.

Black, white or charcoal gray provide classic combinations that let red pop as an accent. Metallics like gold jewelry also lend red a luxe look. Vary the exact red tone to keep the color fresh.

Guidelines for Wearing Red to Work on Fridays

Here are some tips for wearing red professionally on Casual Fridays:

  • Stick to dark muted reds for conservative offices.
  • Choose red blazers, sweater sets, or dresses rather than t-shirts.
  • Pair red with traditional workwear like blazers, trousers or pencil skirts.
  • Add red accessories like handbags, scarves or jewelry instead of clothing.
  • Layer red under neutrals like a peeking scarf under a black blazer.

Deeper, darker reds like maroon or burgundy are easier to pull off at traditional offices. Make red part of polished looks with tailored pieces, avoiding overly casual tees.

Add small red accents through ties, handbags or heels instead of head-to-toe red outfits. Use red layers under neutral pieces for a subtle way to participate in Casual Friday red.

Key Considerations for Wearing Red on Fridays

Here are some key points to consider when deciding whether to wear red on Fridays:

  • Your industry and office culture norms on dress codes
  • Whether your personality suits bold red or if you prefer subtle style
  • Any cultural taboos or personal superstitions around wearing red
  • If red flatters your complexion and colouring
  • Alternating red with other colors to add variety

Look at what is generally considered appropriate business attire in your workplace before opting for red on Fridays. Reflect on whether red suits your personal comfort zone for self-expression.

Research any taboos around wearing red on Fridays that may exist in your culture. Analyze your skin undertones to choose red shades that are flattering. Change up red with other colorful accents to avoid style ruts.


Wearing red on Fridays offers an eye-catching way to celebrate the end of the workweek and transition into the weekend. However, red’s bold symbolism may not suit all personalities or workplace environments.

Consider red’s cultural meanings, your comfort level with attention-grabbing color, and workplace norms in deciding when to wear Friday red. Choose high quality red fabrics and aim for polished looks. Vary red tones and balance red with neutral pieces for maximum versatility and flair.

With mindful styling, red can provide an energizing boost heading into the weekend. But also reflect on any personal or cultural taboos around wearing red on Fridays. Ultimately, assess your own comfort level and motivations in choosing Friday red to determine if it’s a good fit.

Pros of Wearing Red on Fridays Cons of Wearing Red on Fridays
  • Boosts confidence
  • Stands out
  • Uplifts mood
  • Motivates action
  • Marks celebrations
  • Cultural taboos
  • Less professional
  • Spills show
  • Limiting
  • Draining
Tips for Wearing Red to Work on Fridays
  • Stick to dark muted reds
  • Choose formal red pieces
  • Pair with traditional workwear
  • Add red accessories
  • Layer red under neutrals
Key Considerations for Wearing Red on Fridays
  • Office dress code norms
  • Your personality and style
  • Cultural taboos about red
  • Your complexion and coloring
  • Varying red with other colors