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Is it #ffb6c1?

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Is #ffb6c1? The hex code #ffb6c1 represents a light pink color. Hex codes are used to specify colors for web design, graphic design, and other digital applications. The hex code is made up of 3 sets of 2 digits each, ranging from 00 to FF, representing the amounts of red, green, and blue that make up the color. #ffb6c1 has an RGB value of (255,182,193) and falls within the pink color family.

Understanding Hex Codes

Hex codes always start with a # symbol and then have six digits ranging from 0-9 and A-F. Each pair of digits represents a value for red, green and blue.

For example:

#FF0000 Is pure red
#00FF00 Is pure green
#0000FF Is pure blue

The digits specify the brightness of each color component on a scale from 00 (no color) to FF (full brightness). By mixing different amounts of red, green and blue you can create millions of colors.

Decoding the #ffb6c1 Hex Code

Let’s break down what each part of the #ffb6c1 hex code means:

ff The maximum amount of red
b6 182 out of 255 for green
c1 193 out of 255 for blue

Because #ffb6c1 has high amounts of red and relatively medium-low amounts of green and blue, it creates a soft pink color.

The RGB values of #ffb6c1 are:

Red 255
Green 182
Blue 193

#ffb6c1 as a Pink Color

#ffb6c1 falls within the range of pink colors in color theory. It is a light and muted pink. Some key facts about #ffb6c1 as a pink:

– It is very close to a light rose pink shade. Rose pinks have a somewhat grayish quality.

– #ffb6c1 is less saturated or vivid than vibrant pink shades like magenta or fuchsia.

– It is lighter and brighter than most pinks. Many pinks are closer to red and darker.

– #ffb6c1 has high amounts of red, making it distinctly pink rather than other colors.

– It lacks the orange/salmon quality of some pink hues that have higher green values.

So in summary, #ffb6c1 represents a soft, muted, light rose pink. It sits in the middle of the pink color spectrum, making it a versatile choice.

Use Cases for #ffb6c1

What are some good uses for the #ffb6c1 pink color? Here are some potential applications:

Web design:

– As a background color for websites, especially feminine, lifestyle, or fashion sites. Its soft tone creates a gentle feel.

– For call-to-action buttons related to romantic, cute, or girly themes.

– For highlighting text, icons, or other elements you want to stand out subtly.

Graphic design:

– In graphics related to romance, weddings, flowers, cupcakes, etc.

– As a feminine touch on greetings cards, invitations, calendars, or stationery.

– Combined with darker colors like black or gray to create a beautiful high contrast look.


– On packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, and beauty products targeted at women.

– As a polish color in nail salons.

– In logos or branding for clothes, accessories, or jewelry with a feminine aesthetic.

Interior design:

– As an accent wall or front door color. Especially in bedrooms, living rooms, and other relaxed spaces.

– On furnishings like throws, pillows, lampshades or rugs to add a pop of color.

– In children’s rooms to create a whimsical, playful mood.

So in summary, #ffb6c1 works nicely for feminine, romantic, and youthful applications where a soft pink shade is desired.

Complementary Colors for #ffb6c1

What colors go well with light pink #ffb6c1? Some classic color combinations include:

#ffb6c1 and Navy Blue (#000080)

The contrast between the light pink and dark blue creates a vibrant look. This combo is nautical and great for summer themes.

#ffb6c1 and Gray (#808080)

Medium gray nicely complements without overpowering the pink. It creates a sophisticated mood.

#ffb6c1 and Mint Green (#B6ffb9)

The soft pink and green have a pleasant spring or Easter vibe. This combo works well in graphic design.

#ffb6c1 and Gold (#FFD700)

The metallic gold amplifies the luxuriousness of the pink. This is perfect for fancy invitations or packaging.

#ffb6c1 and Black (#000000)

The high contrast pink on black creates a striking, bold look. It grabs attention beautifully.

In general, light or neutral colors tend to suit #ffb6c1, while other bright shades might clash. But the pink is versatile enough to work in many color schemes.


In summary, #ffb6c1 is a hexadecimal code for a soft, muted light pink. It has high red values and medium-low green and blue values. This color works well for feminine, romantic themes where a subtle pink shade is desired. It looks beautiful alongside navy, gray, mint, gold, black and other colors. With its versatility and gentle tone, #ffb6c1 is a great choice when a light pink is needed.