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Is Hey color paint-by-number free?

Hey color paint-by-number is a popular app that allows users to recreate famous paintings or create their own artwork using a color-by-number system. The app provides the outlines and numbers, users simply need to fill in the colors. Many people wonder if Hey color provides its services for free or if there are in-app purchases required.

Is there a free version of Hey color paint-by-number?

Yes, Hey color does offer a free version of its paint-by-number app. The free version allows users access to a limited library of artwork templates to recreate. This includes a selection of famous paintings, animal portraits, landscapes, mandalas, and more. Users can choose a template, zoom in on areas to fill in, and use the provided color palette to recreate the artwork.

The free version of Hey color provides the basic functionality of the app without having to pay anything. However, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Limited template library – Only around 30-50 options available for free
  • No custom artwork – Can only recreate pre-made templates, no option to upload own photos
  • Limited color palettes – Less color options to choose from
  • Ads – Free version contains ads

So in summary, the core paint-by-number functionality of Hey color is available for free but the template and color options are limited unless you upgrade to the paid version.

What features are only available in the paid version?

Here are some of the key features that are only unlocked with a paid subscription to Hey color:

  • Large template library – Access to 1000s of templates vs just 30-50 free options
  • Custom templates – Upload your own photos to turn into paint-by-number templates
  • More color options – Larger range of colors to pick from for more accurate recreations
  • No ads – Paid version removes all ads from the app
  • Advanced tools – Extra functions like layers, symmetry drawing, etc
  • Premium brushes – Better quality brush tools for smoother painting
  • Early access – Get early access to new templates before they reach the free version

The paid subscription really expands the capabilities and customization options available in the app. Users who want to recreate lots of different artworks or turn their own photos into templates will need the premium version.

How much does the paid version of Hey color cost?

The paid subscription for Hey color is available in different packages:

Subscription Cost
Monthly $4.99 per month
Quarterly (3 months) $9.99 total (=$3.33 per month)
Annually $19.99 per year (=$1.67 per month)

As you can see, the longer subscription term provides the lowest cost per month. The annual plan at $19.99 per year is the best value if you plan to use the app consistently. There are also sometimes special promotional offers available like limited-time sales or bundle deals.

Is there a way to try the paid features before subscribing?

Hey color does provide a 7-day free trial of their premium subscription for first-time users. When you download the app for the first time, you will get a prompt to start a 7-day free trial after creating an account. This trial subscription gives you full access to all the paid features like unlimited templates, custom uploads, advanced tools, and more.

The free trial does not require entering any payment information, so you can test out the premium features risk-free. However, it is only available for first-time installs of the app. If you have already downloaded Hey color before, you won’t see the free trial option again on re-installing.

This free trial period gives new users the chance to experience the benefits of the paid subscription first-hand. You can determine if the additional features fit your needs before deciding whether to continue with a paid membership at the end of the 7 days.

Can I share a paid subscription with friends or family?

Unfortunately Hey color does not currently allow sharing of a paid subscription between multiple users or devices. Each premium account is limited to being used by a single user on one device only.

Some other apps do allow family sharing or splitting costs between friends for subscription access. But for now, Hey color requires each user to have their own individual subscription to gain access to the paid features.

The company may allow shared accounts or family plans in the future based on user demand. But there is no official information from Hey color about any plans for subscription sharing at this time.

Does Hey color ever go on sale?

Yes, Hey color does periodically offer discounts and deals on their premium subscription plans. Here are some of the common sales they have offered in the past:

  • Holiday sales – Discounted plans around major holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, July 4th, etc.
  • Limited-time discounts – Occasional random flash sales, like 50% off for 24 hours
  • Back-to-school sales – Discounts in late summer for students returning to school
  • Bundle deals – Promos offering subscriptions to multiple apps for a discounted bundle price

Some of the best times to find Hey color subscription deals include major holidays, seasonal sales events, and annual promotions like back-to-school discounts. Users might see discounts around 25-50% off during these sale periods.

Following Hey color on social media or signing up for their email newsletter can help you stay on top of any upcoming deals or limited-time offers on paid subscriptions.

Should I choose monthly or yearly subscription?

When signing up for a paid Hey color subscription, one of the choices you need to make is between a monthly plan or yearly plan. Here are some factors to help decide which is better for your needs:

Monthly Yearly
  • More expensive per month
  • More flexibility to cancel anytime
  • Don’t have to commit for full year
  • Can take breaks from using the app
  • Big cost savings per month
  • Have to commit for full year
  • Best value if using regularly all year
  • No need to think about renewing for a while

In general, the yearly plan provides the best value for money if you anticipate using Hey color frequently all year long. But the monthly plan offers more flexibility if your usage will vary.


Hey color provides a great free trial of their premium features, so you can get a good sense of the added benefits before subscribing. Take advantage of sales and yearly plans to get the lowest pricing. And the monthly option could work if you won’t use it steadily all year. Overall, Hey color offers an affordable way to access tons of fun paint-by-number templates and tools.