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Is gildan 8000 unisex?

Gildan is a popular apparel brand known for its t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other basic clothing items. The Gildan 8000 is one of their most popular t-shirt styles, featuring a classic fit and soft cotton fabric. But one question buyers often have is whether the Gildan 8000 t-shirt is a unisex style that works for both men and women.

An Overview of the Gildan 8000 T-Shirt

The Gildan 8000 t-shirt features a classic fit, with straight sides and a crew neckline. It’s made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton with a fabric weight of 5.3 oz. Gildan 8000 shirts are tag-free and feature a taped neck and shoulders. They are designed to be a basic blank t-shirt that can be printed or embroidered for customization.

Some key features and specs of the Gildan 8000 t-shirt include:

  • 100% cotton
  • Pre-shrunk fabric
  • Taped neck and shoulders
  • 5.3 oz. fabric weight
  • Seamless double-needle collar
  • Classic fit

The Gildan 8000 comes in a wide range of sizes from small to 5XL. It’s available in both white and colored fabric options. The variety of sizes and colors makes it a versatile blank t-shirt that can work for many different needs.

Is the Gildan 8000 Unisex?

The simple answer is yes, the Gildan 8000 style is a unisex t-shirt. The classic straight cut and crew neck work well as a basic tee for both men and women. While Gildan does differentiate some of their other styles as specifically men’s or women’s fits, the 8000 is simply categorized as a general adult t-shirt style.

There are a few reasons why the Gildan 8000 works as a unisex style:

  • The straight shape is not overly boxy but also not fitted
  • The crew neckline flatters both masculine and feminine frames
  • The fabric drapes nicely and doesn’t cling too tight
  • The sizes range from small to 5XL to accommodate many body types

The result is a comfortable, casual t-shirt with universal appeal. It avoids stereotypical gender-specific design elements that might limit its versatility as a unisex garment.

Unisex Sizing for the Gildan 8000

One important aspect that makes the Gildan 8000 truly unisex is its broad size range. The sizing accommodates everything from petite women’s frames to tall, broad men’s frames. Here is a size chart comparing the 8000 sizing to typical women’s and men’s size ranges:

Gildan 8000 Women’s Size Equivalent Men’s Size Equivalent
Small 4-6 34-36
Medium 8-10 38-40
Large 12-14 42-44
XL 16-18 46-48
2XL 20-22 50-52
3XL 24-26 54-56
4XL 28-30 58-60
5XL 32-34 62-64

As you can see, the Gildan 8000 size range corresponds well to standard women’s and men’s sizing. A small works for petite women, while 5XL can accommodate even the tallest men. This extensive range is key for a unisex garment.

Style and Fit for All Genders

The straight, classic cut of the Gildan 8000 flatters most body types, regardless of gender. The cloth drapes nicely without clinging too tight or appearing too boxy and shapeless. The crew neckline is versatile and suits both cisgender and gender non-conforming body shapes and personal styles.

Some additional factors that contribute to the 8000’s unisex appeal:

  • The cotton fabric has enough weight to drape nicely but remain lightweight and breathable
  • The shirt tails are not excessively long or short
  • Shoulder seams sit comfortably without binding
  • Sleeves offer good mobility through the arms
  • Side seams sit at natural waist level for most adults

Overall, Gildan designed the 8000 to be a blank slate t-shirt accommodating many needs. The simplicity of its classic design means it avoids restrictive gender-specific elements. Both masculine and feminine identifying customers can style the shirt in ways that feel comfortable and reflect their personal preferences.

Matching the Gildan 8000 with Men’s and Women’s Outfits

A benefit of the Gildan 8000 being a unisex style is its versatility to match all different types of outfits. Here are some examples of how both men and women might style the Gildan 8000 t-shirt:

Women’s Outfit Ideas

  • Pair with jeans, leggings or shorts for a casual tee
  • Tuck into a flowy midi skirt for an effortless weekend look
  • Layer under an open flannel or cardigan
  • Knot at the waistline for a cropped, flirty silhouette
  • Wear as a loose, breathable layer for yoga or exercise

Men’s Outfit Ideas

  • Wear with jeans or shorts for a laidback weekend look
  • Layer under an unbuttoned shirt or jacket for an easy-going style
  • Tuck into chinos or joggers for a polished casual outfit
  • Pair with athletic shorts and shoes for the gym
  • Go for a loose, relaxed vibe by sizing up

As you can see, the 8000 adapts well to many different outfit aesthetics for all genders. Both men and women can style it in ways that feel comfortable and authentic to their personal taste.

Printing and Embellishing the Gildan 8000

Another advantage of the Gildan 8000 being a blank unisex tee is that it provides a versatile canvas for printing, embellishing and customizing. The soft cotton holds screen printing ink and embroidery stitches very well. And the classic style works for many types of designs and messages. Here are some examples of ways to customize Gildan 8000s:

  • Screen print personalized names, numbers or phrases for sports uniforms
  • Add embroidered company logos for promotional giveaway shirts
  • Use discharge inks for bleached, distressed prints
  • Print large-scale artwork for band merch and event tees
  • Embellish with rhinestones, appliques or iron-on patches
  • Tie-dye or bleach dye for unique patterns and colors

Since the Gildan 8000 suits both masculine and feminine styles, it gives full creative freedom when printing unisex designs. Decorated Gildan 8000 shirts make great customized gifts, promotional items, school spirit wear and more.


With its classic straight cut, crew neckline and soft cotton fabric, the Gildan 8000 is suited to be an easy-wearing unisex t-shirt. The extensive size range accommodates petite women to tall men. And the simple blank design provides a flexible canvas to style and customize for different looks. So whether you identify as male, female, or anywhere in between, the Gildan 8000 is a comfortable, versatile t-shirt option for all.