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Is flower girl dress white?

White flower girl dresses are a popular and traditional choice for flower girls in weddings. However, while white is common, it is not necessarily required. The color of a flower girl’s dress should complement the overall wedding theme and colors. Here are some things to consider when choosing the color for your flower girl’s dress.

The Tradition of White Flower Girl Dresses

White flower girl dresses have long been a wedding tradition. Typically, the flower girl is dressed similar to or matching the bride’s gown. This helps create a cohesive look for the wedding party. Here are some reasons white flower girl dresses are popular:

  • Matches the bride’s white gown
  • Looks elegant and formal
  • Symbolizes innocence and youthfulness
  • Photographs well against wedding decor
  • Compliments the groom and groomsmen’s black tuxedos

For many, an all-white wedding party seems classic and timeless. However, as wedding trends have evolved, so have flower girl styles.

When White is Not Required

While white flower girl dresses are customary, they are not necessarily required. Here are some instances when alternatives to white are appropriate:

  • The bride’s gown is not white
  • The wedding colors do not include white
  • Having all attendants in white would look too monotonous
  • The flower girl’s complexion looks better in colors other than stark white
  • The wedding has a themed or seasonal color palette
  • The couple wants a less formal or more eclectic style

With so many gorgeous dress options available today, there is no need to limit a flower girl to white if it does not fit your wedding style.

Popular Alternatives to White Flower Girl Dresses

If white is not the right choice, what colors can you dress a flower girl in? Here are some stylish alternatives to white flower girl dresses:

Color Reasons to Choose
Ivory or Blush Softer, lighter alternatives to stark white
Pastels Pretty in pink, dreamy lavender, mint, buttercream yellow, etc.
Metallic On trend gold, rose gold, silver
Patterned Florals, polka dots, stripes, lace prints
Colors Matching the Wedding Blue, purple, red, orange, emerald green – any color in the wedding palette

Dressing a flower girl to complement your wedding theme or colors is a great way to create a cohesive look.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flower Girl Dress Colors

When selecting a flower girl dress color, here are some factors to consider:

  • Wedding colors and theme – Choose a color that fits your overall wedding style
  • Bride’s dress – Coordinate with the bride’s gown color
  • Season – Light pastels for spring and summer, deeper tones for fall and winter
  • Flower girl’s complexion and hair color – Find colors that complement her skin tone and hair
  • Venue decor – Ensure the color fits with the location’s aesthetic
  • Photos – Pick a color that photographs well
  • Age of flower girl – Young girls often look best in white or soft colors
  • Personal preference – Select the flower girl’s favorite color for a more personal touch

Take these things into account when deciding on a flower girl dress color. The right choice can tie your whole wedding look together!

Tips for Accessorizing Non-White Flower Girl Dresses

Once you’ve selected a color, how do you accessorize it? Here are some tips:

  • Match the headpiece and shoes to the dress color
  • Add a sash or ribbons in a coordinating color
  • Choose floral crowns featuring colors from the wedding palette
  • For pastels, opt for neutral shoes like white or nude
  • Metallic dresses pair well with sparkly shoes and hair accessories
  • For patterned dresses, keep accessories simple
  • Use accessories to tie in other wedding colors

Proper accessories will give the flower girl a polished, complete look.

Examples of Stunning Non-White Flower Girl Dresses

For visual inspiration, below are some examples of gorgeous alternatives to white flower girl dresses:

Dress Color Description
Blush Pink Full tulle skirt with hand-embroidered bodice and matching pink sash
Navy Elegant satin A-line gown with cap sleeves
Red Ombre effect dress fading from rich red at top to blush at tulle skirt
Gold Metallic lace bodice with full gold taffeta skirt and matching headband
Orange Bright strapless organza dress with ruffled skirt and orange floral crown

As you can see, flower girls can wear a rainbow of gorgeous colors beyond just white!


While white flower girl dresses are a timeless tradition, they are by no means required. The color choice should complement the wedding’s overall style and theme. Today’s fashionable options go far beyond basic white. Whether you select a soft pastel, vivid color, metallic hue, or pretty print, your flower girl will look both beautiful and coordinated when you choose a dress that fits your wedding vision. With so many gorgeous colors and styles to pick from, you can make sure your flower girl feels just as special and elegant as the bride on the big day!