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Is Ducky One 2 Mini RGB customizable?

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a popular 60% mechanical gaming keyboard known for its compact size, RGB lighting effects, and customizable features. With its small form factor and minimalist design, the Ducky One 2 Mini is a favorite among enthusiasts and gamers who want a portable keyboard with full functionality.

Quick Answers

The Ducky One 2 Mini RGB is highly customizable when it comes to both aesthetics and functionality. Here are some quick answers to common questions about customizing the Ducky One 2 Mini:

  • The RGB lighting is fully customizable with multiple effects and color options using the Ducky Macro 2.0 software.
  • The keyboard layout can be customized by remapping keys and creating macros using the software.
  • The case and keycaps can be swapped out and customized by the user.
  • Switches can be replaced to customize the typing feel.
  • The keyboard features USB-C connectivity for use with various cables.

RGB Lighting Customization

One of the most popular customization options on the Ducky One 2 Mini is the RGB lighting effects. The keyboard comes with vibrant per-key RGB lighting, allowing each individual key to display a different color and effect.

The RGB lighting is configured through the Ducky Macro 2.0 software. This gives you complete control over colors, effects, and brightness. Some of the lighting effects include:

  • Solid colors
  • Breathing effects
  • Wave and ripple effects
  • Reactive effects that respond to key presses
  • Custom effects

You can set the whole keyboard to display one effect, or customize each key individually. This allows you to get very creative with your preferred lighting schemes. The software also includes preset options like rainbow wave effects that you can apply with one click.

Layout and Macro Customization

Using the Ducky software, the keyboard layout and macros can be customized in various ways.

Key remapping: Any key on the Ducky One 2 Mini can have its function changed to something else. For example, you could set the Caps Lock to act as Ctrl instead. This allows you to customize the layout specifically for your workflow.

Macro recording: Complex keystroke sequences can be recorded and assigned to a single key. This allows you to execute complicated commands or text strings with one keypress.

Macro editing: Recorded macros can be edited and fine-tuned by inserting delays, adding more keystrokes, or changing the sequence.

These customizations allow you to optimize shortcuts, workflows, and in-game actions using the keyboard.

Case and Keycap Customization

The Ducky One 2 Mini has a standard 60% layout which means you can swap out the case and keycaps to completely change the look of the keyboard.

Replacement cases: Aftermarket 60% cases made of aluminum, wood, plastic, etc. can be used to give the keyboard a new exterior. Cases allow custom coloring and engraving.

Keycap sets: The default ABS keycaps can be replaced with custom PBT, POM, or other material sets. Unlimited color and font options are available.

Swapping cases and keycaps provides endless possibilities for achieving a unique keyboard aesthetic. The Ducky One 2 Mini is compatible with most standard parts for 60% keyboards.

Case Material Keycap Material
Aluminum PBT
Acrylic POM
Wood ABS

Switch Customization

The Ducky One 2 Mini allows you to customize the typing feel by swapping switches.

It comes with your choice of Cherry MX switches (Blue, Brown, Red, etc.) soldered in. However, the hotswap PCB version allows you to remove and replace switches without any soldering.

With the hotswap version, you can install any MX-style mechanical switches such as:

  • Gateron
  • Kailh
  • NovelKeys
  • Zealios
  • And more…

This gives you the flexibility to experiment with various tactile feels and sounds. Swap heavy, clicky switches for gaming. Install silent linear switches for the office. The possibilities are endless for customizing the typing experience.

USB Connectivity

The Ducky One 2 Mini uses a modern USB Type-C connector for wired connectivity. This allows compatibility with a wide range of USB cables to match your setup.

You can use:

  • The stock USB-C cable
  • A coiled custom cable for aesthetic purposes
  • Any USB-C to USB-A cable for connectivity

USB-C makes the keyboard universally compatible and also allows for reliable connectivity during intense gaming sessions.


With its wide range of customization options for lighting, layout, switches, and appearance, the Ducky One 2 Mini is one of the most customizable 60% mechanical keyboards available. While compact, it gives you extensive personalization through RGB effects, macro programming, case and keycap options, switch swapping, and USB-C connectivity. Ducky’s software unlocks the full customization potential of this mini yet mighty keyboard.