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Is Deep violet warm or cool?

Is Deep violet warm or cool?

When it comes to color analysis, determining whether a color is warm or cool tone can be important. Warm and cool tones can create very different moods and affect how colors work together in fashion, interior design, and more. Deep violet is a rich, vivid purple shade that falls somewhere between blue and red on the color wheel. But is deep violet considered a warm or cool color? Let’s take a closer look.

The Color Wheel

On the traditional color wheel, colors are arranged by hue in a circle. Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow fall on one side, while cool colors like blue, green, and purple fall on the opposite side. Colors that contain more warm pigments take on warm characteristics, while colors with more cool pigments take on cool characteristics.

The color violet sits between the cool colors blue and purple and the warm color red. This means violet contains both warm and cool pigments. The proportion of warm or cool pigments is what determines whether a violet shade will lean warm or cool.

Undertones of Deep Violet

Deep violet contains a greater proportion of blue and purple pigments than red. This gives deep violet a predominantly cool undertone. However, the presence of some red tones means deep violet is not as extremely cool as shades like navy blue or eggplant purple.

Deep violet may exhibit subtle warm undertones in certain lighting conditions. But overall, deep violet is considered a cool-toned color. This coolness is what gives deep violet a bold, rich personality.

Comparison to Other Colors

Looking at deep violet next to other colors also illustrates its cool undertone:

Warm Colors Deep Violet Cool Colors
Red Deep Violet Blue
Orange Deep Violet Green
Yellow Deep Violet Purple

When viewed beside warm hues like red, orange and yellow, deep violet stands out for its cooler personality. And when compared to other cool colors like blue, green and purple, the deep violet fits right in.

Use in Color Schemes

Another way to determine an ambiguous color like deep violet is warm or cool is to look at how it is used in color schemes.

Deep violet works best in cool color schemes, where its rich personality can stand out and complement other cooler hues. For example, analogic color schemes featuring deep violet alongside blue-violet and purple hues are very pleasing. Monochromatic palettes with tints and shades of deep violet are also popular.

Deep violet would feel out of place in a warm triadic or complementary color scheme featuring oranges or reds. This indicates deep violet is better suited for cool color palettes.

Effect on Skin Tones

Cool colors like deep violet can also emphasise cool undertones in skin and hair. Deep violet flatters those with fair cool skin tones featuring pink and red undertones. People with olive or darker skin tones tend to look better in warm rich colors.

The cool blue undertone of deep violet can also make teeth look whiter. Warm yellow or orange tones tend to enhance any yellowness in the teeth. So the cool personality of deep violet is more flattering for showcasing bright white teeth against the color.

Use in Fashion

In fashion, deep violet works as a neutral that leans cool. It pairs beautifully with other cool neutrals like gray, navy and black. Deep violet also matches well with cool pastel shades like mint green, sky blue and lilac. Combining deep violet with warm earth tones can look a bit muddy.

Deep violet works well in clothing for those with cool blue undertones in their skin and hair. It brings out blue eyes while complementing fair or porcelain skin tones. Deep violet clothing can also make blue veins less obvious compared to warm colors against fair skin.

Use in Interior Design

Deep violet works great as an accent color in interior spaces with cool color schemes. It can add an elegant touch against gray, blue and taupe backgrounds. Using deep violet with warm wood tones or yellow walls makes the space feel unbalanced and disjointed.

In spaces with natural light, deep violet may take on a warmer personality to complement the warm hues present at sunrise and sunset. But artificial lighting at night reveals the true cool nature of deep violet’s blue undertones.

Deep violet is commonly used in bedrooms because of its soothing effect. The cool undertone is calming, promoting relaxation and sleep. Deep violet is not recommended in kitchens or dining rooms where warm hues tend to stimulate the appetite.

Cultural Color Associations

Deep violet is associated with spirituality, dignity, royalty and luxury across many cultures. In Thailand, deep violet represents mourning and grief. Catholic priests wear deep violet during the seasons of penance and mourning. British royalty wear deep violet robes during ceremonial occasions.

Deep violet is also associated with femininity and romanticism in Western cultures. Light violet is the official color for International Women’s Day. Deep violet flowers like violets and lilacs communicate enchantment. In new age spirituality, deep violet represents wisdom and intuition.


While shades of violet exhibit both warm and cool undertones, deep violet contains more cool blue and purple pigmentation. This gives deep violet an overall cool personality and makes it work best with other cool colors. From color palettes to interior design to cultural symbolism, deep violet is consistently viewed as a rich, bold cool-toned color. The next time you come across deep violet, you can confidently classify it as a cool tone.