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Is dark green good for a bedroom?

Is dark green good for a bedroom?

Choosing a color scheme for your bedroom can be an exciting yet daunting task. The color you select can greatly impact the overall vibe and feel of the space. One popular bedroom color choice is dark green. But is this deep, rich shade the right fit for your master suite or guest room? There are several factors to consider when deciding if dark green paint is a good option for your bedroom walls and decor.

The Pros of Using Dark Green in the Bedroom

Here are some of the benefits that can come with opting for dark green bedroom walls and decor:

It’s Soothing

Deep green hues are associated with nature, growth, renewal, and freshness. The color psychologically represents tranquility, resilience, and stability. Painting your bedroom walls in a rich emerald or hunter green shade can promote relaxation and evoke a Zen-like atmosphere. This helps make the bedroom a peaceful sanctuary for resting and recharging.

It’s Unique

While light blue, gray, and beige are popular neutral colors for bedrooms, dark green offers a unique and bold aesthetic. Choosing a dramatic jewel tone green can add an unexpected pop of color and flair. It allows you to create a bedroom that stands out from the crowd.

It Pairs Well with Other Colors

The great thing about green is that it complements a wide range of other colors. Deep green can be paired with metallic accents like bronze and gold for a glamorous look. It also works nicely with creams and ivories for a soothing contrast. And it looks fantastic when matched with other nature-inspired colors like browns, blues, and purples.

It’s Versatile for Decor Styles

Whether your decor taste leans traditional, modern, rustic, or eclectic, there’s likely a shade of green that can work for you. Light green and sage tones suit cottage style rooms well. Vibrant lime green pops against modern grey and black. And hunter green works great for classic or farmhouse spaces.

Potential Drawbacks of Dark Green Bedrooms

While rich green walls and decor can have many perks, there are a few potential downsides to consider as well:

It Can Look Too Dark

Deep green hues may end up feeling oppressive or cavelike if used on all four walls or if the room lacks sufficient natural light. The intensity of the color can overwhelm a small dark bedroom. It’s best for larger spaces and rooms with ample windows.

It Can Make a Room Feel Smaller

Darker colors tend to visually recede, which can make an already cramped bedroom feel claustrophobic. By contrast, lighter green shades create an open, airy impression. So go bold green with caution in a petite bedroom.

It May Not Suit All Decor Styles

While green can work with many design aesthetics, ultra-bright lime green or deep forest green might clash with your existing color palette and furniture. Make sure to pick the right green hue for your decor theme.

It’s Hard to Paint Over

Vibrant dark greens have a lot of pigment. This makes the color very saturated and difficult to paint over down the road. So if you think you may want to frequently change up your wall color, a neutral tone may be easier to tweak.

Tips for Using Dark Green Successfully

Here are some pointers to help you implement dark green in your bedroom stylishly:

Opt for Lower Saturation

Try a dark green with lower saturation, like pine green or muted sage. This will have the same cozy, enveloping effect as a jewel tone but without being too bold and intense.

Use it Sparingly

Rather than paint all four walls green, opt for just one accent wall in a deep emerald or hunter shade. This prevents it from feeling oppressive while still adding a pop of color.

Balance it Out

Counterbalance the richness of the green walls with plenty of light and bright accent colors in your bedding, rugs, and decor. Cream, gold, and pale blues work nicely.

Incorporate Natural Light

Make sure your green bedroom has ample windows and sunlight streaming in. Sheer curtains also help diffuse the light and keep the space feeling open.

Anchor it with Wood Tones

Warm up the green walls with wood furniture and accents. Oak, walnut, and mahogany brown hues provide an earthy complement.

Best Dark Green Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Ready to take the plunge with deep green bedroom walls? Here are some of the most popular and versatile dark green paint color options to consider:

Benjamin Moore Forest Green (2062-10)

This classic dark green has subtle yellow undertones. It’s sophisticated without being too somber.

Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog (6204)

With a grayish undertone, this soft green reads as a neutral and provides a relaxing backdrop.

Behr Celtic (S340-4)

This crisp, jewel-toned green adds vibrancy without being neon bright.

Valspar Trailblazer (5007-10A)

Earthy and natural, this muted green is reminiscent of lush forests.

PPG Timeless Sage (PPG1145-3)

With its gray undertones, this lightened sage green reads as a neutral.

Complementary Colors for a Dark Green Bedroom

Need color scheme ideas for your new green bedroom walls? Here are some top color pairings:

Complementary Color How it Works with Green
Ivory or Cream Softens and lightens up the deep green walls
Crisp White Creates contrast and brightens the space
Chocolate Brown Feels cozy and earthy against the green backdrop
Sky Blue Echoes green’s nature theme in a lighter way
Sage Green Harmonizes as a lighter green tone
Lavender Purple Provides a pop of contrasting color

Bedroom Decor Ideas with Dark Green Walls

Here are some inspiring ways to decorate a bedroom with rich green painted walls:

Botanical Prints

Hang framed artwork depicting lush leaves, ferns, palms, or florals. These organic prints complement the earthy green walls.

Brass Accents

Incorporate lamp bases, side tables, mirrors or picture frames with a warm brass finish. This metallics pop against green.

Woven Textures

Use woven throws, rattan furniture, jute rugs, or linen bedding to add natural texture.

Classic Wood Furniture

Ground the space with timeless oak, walnut or mahogany wood nightstands, headboards, dressers and bookshelves.

Cream and White Bedding

Opt for crisp white sheets paired with cream and ivory accented pillows and blankets to soften the deeper green walls.

Best Flooring Options for Dark Green Bedroom

What flooring looks best with emerald or hunter green walls? Here are some flattering options:

Medium or Dark Wood Flooring

The rich grain and darker espresso tones of stained oak and walnut floors pair beautifully with dark green walls.

Natural Stone Floors

Options like slate, travertine, or marble tiles complement the earthiness of green walls.

Jute Rugs

Natural fiber jute area rugs provide cozy texture underfoot. Choose ones with ivory or brown accents.

Green Area Rugs

Try a lighter sage or mint rug to connect to your green walls.

Tile with Geometric Pattern

Intricate shapes and patterns in creams, greys or sky blues keep the floors lively against green walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common queries about using dark green paint colors in bedroom spaces:

Does dark green make a room look bigger or smaller?

Dark green often makes a space feel more intimate and enclosed. Lighter greens open up the room. Include ample lighting to keep a darker green bedroom feeling airy.

What colors make green look good?

Green pairs well with creams, browns, blues, metallics, and purples. Lighter greens also complement the look.

Is dark green soothing for a bedroom?

Yes, the right deep green can create a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Steer clear of neon hues in favor of more muted earthy greens.

What are the disadvantages of green color?

Some drawbacks of deep green are that it can seem overwhelming in a small dark room, it’s hard to paint over, and very bright shades may not suit all decor styles.


Painting your bedroom walls in a dramatic dark green shade can be an exciting way to transform the space. Before taking the plunge, make sure to consider the size and layout of your room along with the amount of natural light. Pair your bold green walls with plenty of bright, light accent colors and textures. With the right complementary decor, a rich emerald or hunter green can create a serene yet stylish master suite or guest room retreat. Just be mindful of drawbacks like making a petite space feel smaller. But if done right, dark green can be an elegant, unique color choice for a well-rested bedroom.