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Is brick red dark red?

Is brick red dark red?

Dark red and brick red are shades of red that are often used to describe similar colors. However, there are some key differences between the two shades that help distinguish them from one another.

Defining Dark Red

Dark red is a deep, rich shade of red that has a brownish undertone. It sits at the darker end of the red color spectrum and has low brightness and medium saturation. Some examples of dark red colors are maroon, burgundy, and oxblood.

Dark red is created by adding black or brown to red to create a darker, more saturated shade. As more black is added, the red becomes increasingly darker until it eventually transitions into a shade of brown. Dark red is associated with richness, elegance, and luxury. It’s commonly used in formalwear, interior design, wine bottles, and lipsticks.

Defining Brick Red

Brick red is also a deep, rich shade of red, but it has more of an orangey undertone compared to dark red. Brick red sits around the middle area of the red color spectrum in terms of brightness and saturation. The color resembles the clay bricks used in construction, hence the name.

Brick red contains strong red-orange hues but is deeper and more muted than bright orange-reds. It’s created by adding brown and orange hues to a regular red. Brick red is associated with earthiness, autumn, and terracotta. It’s used to mimic the look of bricks in architecture, home goods, and clothing.

Comparing Color Values

Color HEX Code RGB Code
Dark red #8b0000 RGB(139, 0, 0)
Brick red #CB4154 RGB(203, 65, 84)

Looking at the HEX and RGB color values, you can see dark red has a much lower green and blue value compared to brick red. This results in the darker, brownish tone of dark red versus the more vivid, orangey brick red. While both are rich reds, brick red is brighter and more saturated.

Color Palettes

Dark red and brick red fit into different color palettes, which also highlights their distinct tones.

Dark red fits well into a monochromatic red palette with maroon and burgundy. It creates a sophisticated, elegant look.

Brick red fits into a warm, earthy palette with browns, oranges, yellows, and terracotta. This creates a natural, rustic aesthetic.

Use in Design

In website design and branding, dark red is associated with power, boldness, and high-end elegance. It’s commonly used in luxury, fashion, law, and medical brands. Brick red feels more earthy, handmade, and organic. It’s popular for autumn-themed brands, restaurants, and agricultural or craft businesses.

In interior design, dark red makes a dramatic, romantic statement in rooms accent walls, furniture, curtains, and carpets. Brick red provides a warmer, cozier feel for autumnal decoration and creating a rustic feel in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Use in Fashion

In fashion, dark red clothing evokes elegance, prestige, and opulence. It’s perfect for evening gowns, couture, and runway fashion. Brick red feels more casual and artisanal for everyday wear in t-shirts, flannel shirts, jackets, and jeans. Dark red makes a striking bold lipstick, while brick red is better for natural daytime looks.


Here are some examples of dark red vs brick red from paint brands:

Dark Red Brick Red
Sherwin-Williams Roycroft Vintage Burgundy Sherwin-Williams Fireweed
Benjamin Moore Sweet plum Benjamin Moore Fire
Behr Port Wine Behr Red Chestnut

As you can see, dark reds have exotic, regal names referring to wine, vintage looks, and plums. The brick reds sound warmer, more natural, and earthy.


In summary, dark red and brick red are both rich, deep shades of red that look similar but have some key differences:

– Dark red has a brownish undertone while brick red has an orangey undertone
– Dark red is darker, less saturated, and more formal and elegant feeling
– Brick red is brighter, more vivid, and has an earthy, rustic vibe
– Dark red works for sleek, luxurious looks while brick red suits cozy, artisanal aesthetics
– Dark red pairs with burgundy and maroon, brick red pairs with orange, brown, and terracotta

So in essence, dark red is a very dark, formal shade close to burgundy, while brick red retains more brightness and warmth while feeling organic and handcrafted. When deciding between the two, consider the vibe you want to achieve. But both evoke a sense of boldness and richness in their own way.