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Is Blue GREY a good color?

Is Blue GREY a good color?

Blue grey is a cool, neutral shade that combines the calming properties of blue with the subtle sophistication of grey. With undertones of both colors, blue grey can work in a variety of settings from home decor to fashion. But is it truly a good color choice? Here we’ll examine the pros and cons of blue grey to help determine if it’s the right hue for your needs.

The Appeal of Blue Grey

So what makes blue grey an intriguing color option? There are several factors that contribute to its versatility and visual appeal.

Calming Effect

One of the main benefits of blue grey is its soothing, tranquil vibe. Just like blue, blue grey evokes feelings of relaxation and stability. This makes it an excellent paint color for bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces where you want to cultivate serenity. The cool undertones create a comforting retreat.

Soft Sophistication

While vivid blues can feel juvenile or nautical, blue grey has a more refined elegance about it. The grey tones mute the blue, making it feel sophisticated and upscale. This makes blue grey a great choice for formal living areas, home offices, and luxurious master suites. It provides a crisp, polished look.

Neutral Backdrop

With hints of blue and grey, blue grey is an extremely versatile neutral shade. It serves as a blank canvas in any room, letting other decorative elements shine. Blue grey walls nicely showcase art, furnishings, accessories, and architectural details. The muted color doesn’t compete for attention.

Natural Inspiration

Blue grey shades are often inspired by beautiful colors found in nature like blue seas, hazy skies, stones, and more. This gives the hue an organic, earthy appeal. Blue grey can mimic natural textures and materials in an interior space.

Potential Drawbacks of Blue Grey

Despite its many positive attributes, blue grey does come with a few caveats to consider:


While blue grey’s calm vibe is usually an advantage, some may find it too somber or cold in certain contexts. Used in excess, blue grey can feel dreary and depressive if it lacks contrast. Be sure to balance it with warmer accents.

Drab Effect

If not used carefully, blue grey can read as monotonous or drab. Because it’s such a tranquil, muted shade, it’s important to add visual interest through accent colors, textures, lighting and furnishings when using blue grey.

Lack of Contrast

Since blue grey is a more subtle neutral, it can be tricky finding colors that contrast well with it. You’ll need to take care when selecting accent hues to ensure they pop against blue grey backgrounds. Vibrant analogous colors like cerulean, violet and seafoam green are complementary options.

Difficulty Matching

The blue-grey mix means there are many possible variations of the color from a bluish tint to a greyish one. Nailing down the exact shade you want for a cohesive look can be frustrating during the design process. Viewing many swatches is a must.

Decorating with Blue Grey

If you want to use blue grey in your home’s design, here are some tips for decorating with it successfully:

Select the Right Undertones

Blue grey paint colors can range from those with strong blue undertones to ones that appear mostly grey. The undertones will dramatically impact the look. Choose bluer hues for airy, relaxing spaces and greyer shades for elegant spaces.

Add Warmth and Texture

Wood furniture, rattan accents, sheepskins and woven textures infuse warmth and dimension to keep blue grey palettes from looking one-note. Metallics also add polish.

Use Energizing Accents

Punchy accent colors give blue grey backgrounds energy. Yellow, chartreuse, crimson and coral provide vibrant pops. Distressed antique furniture also livens up the muted color.

Play With Lighting

Natural light keeps blue grey feeling bright and inviting. Use accent lighting like pendant lights, wall sconces and table lamps to create cozy ambiance in the evenings.

Layer With White

Crisp white trim, linens, furniture and accessories make blue grey walls pop. White offers contrast while maintaining the color’s quiet sophistication.

Combining Blue Grey With Other Colors

Blue grey is extremely versatile when it comes to color pairings. Here are some of the most attractive combinations:

Color Palette Description
Blue grey and yellow Citrine yellow injects warmth and energy into cool blue grey
Blue grey and teal Analogous colors give this pairing a soothing coastal feel
Blue grey and green Emerald green pops against blue grey for a refreshing, natural look
Blue grey and blush Soft blush pink feminizes and brightens blue grey’s sophistication
Blue grey and purple Regal purple makes a bold yet elegant statement with blue grey
Blue grey and orange Spicy orange injects blue grey with energy and visual interest
Blue grey and red From cherry to burgundy, rich reds give blue grey palettes passion
Blue grey and wood tones Natural wood finishes ground blue grey’s cool tones with warmth
Blue grey and black Classic black accents let blue grey shine while still creating contrast
Blue grey and white Crisp white makes blue grey pop while keeping the palette light and airy

Using Blue Grey in Fashion

Beyond home decor, blue grey is a prevalent color in today’s fashion world. It flatters a wide variety of skin tones while still making a stylish statement. Here’s a look at incorporating blue grey into your wardrobe:

Cool And Casual

Pairing blue grey with white, denim and natural tones creates relaxed casual outfits. A blue grey tee, jeans and tan shoes makes an effortless weekend look.

Menswear Inspiration

Blue grey suiting is a contemporary take on the traditional navy or charcoal suit. The color is softer and more modern. Match with a crisp white shirt and muted tie.

Office Attire

For the office, a blue grey sheath dress or blouse and trousers combo emanates professional polish. Add a blazer for power meetings.

Athleisure Edge

Blue grey leggings, tank tops, sweatshirts and sneakers adapt the color for sporty athletic outfits. Marled blue grey fabrics are on trend.

Red Carpet Glamour

For special occasions, an elegant blue grey evening gown or jumpsuit provides understated glam. Metallic shoes and jewelry glitz it up.

Blue Grey Paint Options

If you’re ready to use blue grey in your home, there is an abundance of gorgeous paint options to peruse. Here are some of the most popular blue grey paint colors to consider from major brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Behr:

Paint Color Paint Brand
Palladian Blue Benjamin Moore
Rain Sherwin Williams
Gray Matters Behr
Mountain Peak Valspar
Impressionist Blue Dunn Edwards
Nebulous Blue PPG
White Duck Farrow & Ball
Heavenly Haze Ralph Lauren
Cascade Green Clare
Aegean Teal Kelly Moore


So should you use blue grey? If you’re seeking a versatile, lived-in color with both style and substance, blue grey is likely a wonderful option. It works well in any room of the home, satisfying a palette that craves a cool, neutral backdrop. Sophisticated and invigorating accent colors keep blue grey palettes from falling flat. Just don’t overuse it or the moodiness can take over. When thoughtfully incorporated, blue grey offers the best of both worlds—blue’s calming effect and grey’s refined elegance. Find the right balance for you.