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Is Benjamin Moore quiet moments better than Sherwin Williams sea salt?

Choosing the right paint color for your home can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to settle on just one shade. Two popular neutral paint colors are Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments and Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt. But which one is better? Here is an in-depth comparison of Quiet Moments vs Sea Salt to help you decide.


Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments is a warm, greige paint color. It has subtle taupe undertones that give it a cozy, welcoming vibe. Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt is a cooler, grayer neutral. It has a hint of green that makes it versatile for many different design styles.

Both paint colors work well in a variety of rooms and can be used as an all-over wall color or just for accent walls. They coordinate nicely with many furniture finishes and flooring colors too. Below is a detailed comparison of the two paints to help you determine if Quiet Moments or Sea Salt is better suited for your space.


In terms of appearance, Quiet Moments and Sea Salt have some similarities but also some distinct differences:

  • Quiet Moments has more brown/greige undertones while Sea Salt is a cooler gray with subtle green undertones.
  • Quiet Moments is a warmer neutral while Sea Salt is cooler in tone.
  • Sea Salt appears to have a bit more color variation depending on the light while Quiet Moments is quite consistent.
  • Both paints have a smooth, velvety finish.

So while both are neutral paint colors, Quiet Moments definitely skews warmer with its taupe undertones whereas Sea Salt is a cooler, more grayish neutral. The green undertones in Sea Salt also make it more complex compared to the quite consistent look of Quiet Moments.


In terms of versatility, here is how Quiet Moments and Sea Salt compare:

Quiet Moments Sea Salt
Design Styles Traditional, Transitional, Modern, Farmhouse Coastal, Transitional, Modern, Scandinavian
Rooms Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms
Paint Finish Eggshell, Satin Eggshell, Satin

As you can see, both paint colors work in a variety of design styles and rooms. Quiet Moments may skew a bit more traditional while Sea Salt lends itself well to coastal or Scandinavian inspired spaces. But they can both provide a subtle, neutral backdrop in any room.

The velvety finish of these paints also makes them suitable for being used on walls or trim. Eggshell and satin finishes are recommended to provide enough durability without being too shiny.

Mood & Feel

The mood and feel created by these paint colors include:

  • Quiet Moments: Warm, welcoming, cozy, relaxed
  • Sea Salt: Cool, serene, airy, soothing

Quiet Moments’ taupe undertones give it a very warm, inviting vibe. It creates a cozy, peaceful atmosphere. Sea Salt’s hint of green makes it feel more open and airy. Its cooler tone is very serene and soothing.

Color Combinations

Quiet Moments and Sea Salt coordinate well with many colors since they are quite adaptable neutral shades. Here are some recommended color pairings:

Paint Color Complementary Colors
Quiet Moments Sage green, terracotta, yellow, blue
Sea Salt Navy blue, light green, coral, chartreuse

Quiet Moments works nicely with earthy tones like greens, yellows, and terracotta oranges. The taupe in it also makes it complement blues well. Sea Salt’s hint of green makes it pair beautifully with navy blue and coral shades.

Price Comparison

In terms of cost, here is how Quiet Moments and Sea Salt compare:

Paint Color Gallon Price
Quiet Moments $69.99
Sea Salt $67.49

Sea Salt is a couple dollars cheaper per gallon than Quiet Moments. However, the small price difference likely won’t make a huge impact on budget for a typical room. It’s more important to choose the color you love rather than the cheapest option.

Application & Coverage

For application and coverage, Quiet Moments and Sea Salt are quite comparable:

  • Both provide great hide and coverage with one or two coats.
  • The velvety finish results in an easy, low splatter application.
  • Coverage is approximately 400 sq ft per gallon.
  • Both paints apply easily with brush, roller, or paint sprayer.

Customers rave about the easy, low mess application of these Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints. Their smooth finish and excellent hide mean fewer coats are needed. Coverage per gallon is industry standard.


In terms of availability:

  • Quiet Moments is only available through Benjamin Moore retailers.
  • Sea Salt can be purchased through Sherwin Williams stores or online.

So Sea Salt may be a bit easier to get your hands on since it can be ordered online and doesn’t require a trip to a specialty Benjamin Moore retailer.


For environmental impact:

  • Both paints have low VOC content to minimize emissions.
  • Quiet Moments contains zero VOC colorants.
  • Sea Salt uses VOC colorants but offsets with carbon credits.
  • Both companies have initiatives to improve sustainability.

There is little difference between the two in terms of sustainability. They both use low VOC paint and work to reduce their environmental footprint through different initiatives.


So is Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments or Sherwin Williams Sea Salt the better choice? Here are some key takeaways:

  • Quiet Moments is warmer and more consistently taupe-beige in color.
  • Sea Salt has more color variation and cooler green-gray undertones.
  • Both offer similar durability, coverage, and application.
  • Quiet Moments costs slightly more per gallon.
  • Sea Salt is more readily available at Sherwin Williams stores or online.

Ultimately, it comes down to your color preference and accessibility. If you like warm, cozy neutrals, Quiet Moments would be the better choice. If you prefer cool, serene grays, go for Sea Salt. Both are quality paints that will get the job done beautifully.

When selecting a neutral paint color, it’s always best to sample the shades on your actual walls before deciding. Lighting conditions can really change how a color looks. Be sure to view the swatches at different times of day to get an accurate impression. This will ensure you select the perfect tranquil neutral for your space, whether it’s Quiet Moments or Sea Salt.