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How to test CS:GO skins with stickers?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) skins and stickers have become hugely popular over the years. Players love customizing their in-game weapons with cool skins and applying stickers to showcase their style. However, with so many skins and stickers available, how do you know which ones look best before buying them? This is where testing out potential combinations comes in handy. In this guide, I’ll go over different methods you can use to preview CS:GO skins with stickers applied so you can find your dream skin-sticker combos.

What are CS:GO skins and stickers?

For those new to CS:GO customization, skins and stickers are cosmetic items that change the appearance of your in-game weapons without affecting gameplay. Skins completely transform the base weapon’s texture and color scheme. There are skins of varying rarity, with the rarest ones costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the Steam Community Market. Stickers are like decals that you can apply on top of skins to add extra flair. There are all sorts of sticker designs, from team and player autographs to funny memes.

Why test skin and sticker combos?

Testing out how different stickers look on a particular skin before buying them is important for a few reasons:

  • Avoid sticker regrets – Stickers are permanently applied to a skin, so you want to make sure ahead of time that a sticker complements a skin nicely before wasting money.
  • Mix and match – Applying multiple types of stickers on a skin can look awesome, but it’s hard to visualize without testing.
  • See all options – There are thousands of stickers in CS:GO, far too many to keep track of. Testing them out lets you experience sticker and skin combos you may not have thought of.
  • Plan purchases – Previewing combos lets you decide which stickers and skins to buy to replicate your favorite test combinations.

Overall, testing CS:GO skins with stickers is the best way to experiment with different designs freely before committing to purchases. It helps ensure you end up with no regrets.

Method 1: Workshop Skin/Sticker Tester

One of the best ways to try out CS:GO sticker and skin combinations is using Steam Workshop test maps. The most popular option is called “CSGO Sticker Tester”, developed by Mr. NoaH.

Here is a step-by-step guide on using the Steam Workshop Skin/Sticker Tester:

  1. Subscribe to CSGO Sticker Tester on Steam Workshop – Navigate to and hit “Subscribe”. This adds it to your game files.
  2. Launch CS:GO – Make sure you’re connected to the internet so the map can properly download.
  3. Open console – Hit the tilde (~) key and type “map itemtest” without quotes.
  4. Browse stickers – Use the console to spawn stickers on the wall or the skin replica board.
  5. Experiment with combinations – Apply desired stickers onto weapons and play around.
  6. Screenshot good combos – When you find a slick combo, take a screenshot to remember it.

The CSGO Sticker Tester map lets you immediately try any skin and sticker in the game on a single player server. You can quickly preview combos, edit them on the fly, and save your favorites. It’s an incredibly powerful sticker testing tool.

Key console commands

Here are some key console commands while using the CSGO Sticker Tester map:

  • giveitem weapon_name – Spawns a weapon skin replica for testing. Replace “weapon_name” with a weapon like ak47, m4a1, awp, etc.
  • addstickers – Applies stickers onto the equipped skin replica weapon.
  • ss_enable 1 – Activates free screenshot mode for easy combo saves.
  • noclip – Enables flying for easy navigation.

Using these commands makes previewing and documenting skin and sticker combos simple.

Method 2: In-Game Inventory Sticker Testing

If you want to test stickers and skins you already own, you can do so directly via your CS:GO inventory:

  1. Equip a weapon skin – Go into your inventory and equip the weapon skin you want to apply stickers to.
  2. Join an offline server – Play on any offline game mode without bots to access your equipped gun.
  3. Open sticker capsules – Use the equipped skin and open your stickers in-game.
  4. Apply stickers – Click the equipped gun and place stickers in the desired slots.
  5. Preview combo – Admire your new sticker and skin combination in first person!

This lets you freely use your own stickers on skins you have without permanent application. You can test out combinations and simply re-join the server to reset the weapon to its default look.

The only downside is you’re limited to stickers you already own. Getting new stickers to test requires opening capsules to add them to your inventory. But if you’ve been collecting stickers for a while, this method is a great way to visualize combos.

Tips for in-game testing

Here are some tips to improve the experience of testing your CS:GO inventory stickers:

  • Use offline bots mode – Disable bots under game settings so weapons stay in your inventory.
  • Third person view – Use this console command: thirdperson to preview the weapon.
  • Free camera – Enable free_roam 1 in console for better viewing angles.
  • Screenshots – Bind a key like F12 to jpeg to easily save combo images.

With a few console tweaks, you can get great screenshots of stickers applied to your personal weapon skins.

Method 3: Weapon Generators

Many CS:GO fansites host web apps that let you visually generate skin and sticker combos. These weapon generators are handy tools for testing combinations easily from your browser.

Popular CS:GO weapon generators include:

These generators provide an intuitive sticker application interface and let you browse thousands of skin and sticker options. You can mix and match to your heart’s content with no CS:GO required.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of weapon generators:

  • Adjust sticker positions – Drag stickers around to optimize placement.
  • Rotate stickers – Many generators let you rotate stickers for unique looks.
  • Use multiple stickers – Stack 3-4 stickers on one weapon to create combos.
  • Change background – Adjust the wear level or map background.
  • Export images – Save clean images without watermarks to share combos.

With the ability to fine-tune positions, rotations and mapping, you can mock up some amazing combinations.

Community Discussion

Outside of hands-on testing methods, discussing and getting input from the CS:GO community is invaluable. The game has millions of dedicated players with tons of knowledge to share.

Here are some great places to engage in skin and sticker discussion:

  • Reddit – The r/GlobalOffensive subreddit has active skin and sticker threads.
  • Steam Discussions – Look for sticker combo advice posts in the CS:GO community hub.
  • YouTube – Watch skin and sticker combo videos for inspiration.
  • Discord – Join Discord trade servers to engage with fellow skin enthusiasts.
  • Forums – Sites like CSGOLounge have dedicated trading subforums.

Browsing what combinations other players have come up with is a fantastic way to get sticker ideas you may have never considered before. Most CS:GO communities are happy to provide suggestions if you describe the type of combo you have in mind.

Key Things to Test

With so many potential combinations, it helps to have a testing methodology when previewing CS:GO skins with stickers. Focus on these key factors:

Theme Cohesion

The skin and stickers should fit a unified theme for the best look. For example, use spiritual Buddha stickers on Neonir skins, or tough military stickers on Vulcan skins. Theme clashes look disjointed.

Color Harmony

Colors make a huge impact. Make sure the sticker hues complement the main skin color tones. Vibrant orange stickers often match blue skins nicely for example.

Sticker Style Variety

Applying 3-4 unique sticker types (holo, foil, gold, etc.) adds complexity. But too many clashing styles creates visual chaos. Find the right balance.

Sticker Positioning

Where you place stickers on a gun matters. Obstructing key design elements should be avoided. Use large flat areas and play around with rotations.

Wear Effects

Battle-scarred skins pair well with scratched or faded sticker effects. But clean factory new skins deserve pristine polished stickers. Match the wear.

Keep these considerations in mind when testing combinations to identify the very best matches. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected themes too though. You never know what unique combo you may uncover!


Figuring out which CS:GO skins and stickers go well together can be tricky. But using Steam Workshop maps, in-game testing, weapon generators, and community advice makes previewing and sharing combinations easy. Follow the sticker placement principles, match themes, coordinate colors, and consider wear effects. With smart testing, you’ll design a visually stunning CS:GO sticker skin combo that you’ll love fragging with for years to come.

Method Pros Cons
Workshop Map Test any skin/sticker quickly Requires launching CS:GO
In-Game Testing Use your personal inventory Limited to owned stickers
Weapon Generators Feature-rich customization Not hands-on with real skins
Community Discussion Get awesome combo ideas Subjective opinions vary