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How to print at ucsd geisel library?

Printing documents, photos, or other files is an essential need for many students and faculty at UC San Diego. The Geisel Library offers several printing options to meet the needs of the UC San Diego community. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through the printing services offered at Geisel Library, the requirements and instructions for printing, and tips to print successfully.

Overview of Printing at Geisel Library

Geisel Library has over 200 computers that are connected to printers located throughout the building. Printing at Geisel Library requires a UC San Diego PID and printing credits linked to your PID. Here are the key things to know about printing at Geisel Library:

  • Black and white printing is $0.10 per page
  • Color printing is $0.50 per page
  • You must have printing credits on your UC San Diego PID to print
  • Printing credits can be added at print credit stations in the library or online
  • Printers are located on floors 1-8
  • Print jobs can be released at any printer in the library

Geisel Library uses the PaperCut print management system. When you send a print job, it is held in the PaperCut queue until you release it at any Print Release Station in the library. This allows you to print documents from anywhere in the library, not just at the computer where you started the print job. Now let’s go over the step-by-step instructions for printing at Geisel Library.

Instructions for Printing at Geisel Library

Follow these steps to successfully print documents at Geisel Library:

  1. Adding Print Credits to Your UC San Diego PID

    You must have sufficient print credits on your UC San Diego PID in order to print. Here are the options for adding printing credits:

    • Use the print credit stations located by the front entrance of Geisel Library. You can add $1 to $20 in print credits using cash.
    • Go to Blink Print Credit Page and login with your UC San Diego PID. You can add $5 to $50 in print credits using a credit/debit card.
  2. Send a Print Job from a Geisel Library computer

    Once you have print credits on your PID, you can print from any computer in the Geisel Library:

    1. Log into the computer with your UC San Diego PID and password.
    2. Access the document or photo you want to print and select Print.
    3. In the print prompt, select the printer destination – either Black and White or Color.
    4. The print job will be sent to the PaperCut print queue.
  3. Release Your Print Job

    After sending a print job, you need to release it at any Print Release Station in the library:

    1. Go to a Print Release Station located on floors 1-8.
    2. Log in with your UC San Diego PID and password.
    3. Select your print job(s) to release and print.
    4. Confirm the details – printer location, number of copies, cost.
    5. Press Print and collect your pages at the printer.

That covers the basic process for printing at Geisel Library. Now let’s go over some tips and additional information to help you print smoothly.

Tips for Printing Successfully at Geisel Library

Follow these tips and best practices when using the printing services at Geisel Library:

  • Check your print credits balance – Before sending a print job, log into a library computer and make sure you have enough print credits on your PID to cover the cost.
  • Release print jobs promptly – Make sure to release your held print jobs within 4 hours. After 4 hours, unreleased print jobs are deleted from the queue.
  • Print in black and white – Choose the black and white printer option whenever possible to reduce printing costs.
  • Avoid peak times – The printers are busiest from 11am – 3pm on weekdays. Try to print early in the morning or late in the evenings to avoid lines.
  • Know your location – When releasing a print job, make sure to select a printer near your location in the library.
  • Check print quality – Review the first page of your print job to make sure the quality is satisfactory before printing the rest.

Knowing these tips will prevent issues and help make printing at Geisel Library a smooth process. Let’s go over some frequently asked questions about printing at the library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about printing at Geisel Library:

Question Answer
How do I check my print credit balance? Log into any library computer, open a web browser, and visit the UCSD Printing Portal to see your balance.
I’m having trouble releasing my print job. What should I do? Make sure you are logging in with the same UC San Diego PID that you used to send the print job. If issues persist, visit the Checkout Desk for help.
Can I print from my laptop at Geisel Library? Yes, you can visit UCSD Printing Portal and upload documents to print. Follow the same steps to release your job at the Print Release Station.
Are printers available in other libraries on campus? Yes, the Biomedical Library and Science & Engineering Library have printing services using the same PaperCut system.


Printing documents, photos, and other files is easy and convenient at the Geisel Library. Now that you know the process for adding print credits, sending print jobs, releasing your pages, and where to find printers, you can print smoothly at the library. Remember to check your print credits balance, select black and white printing when possible, and release jobs promptly to avoid issues. Follow the tips provided here and you will be able to print all your important documents at Geisel Library.