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How to make black hair Violet?


Going from black hair to violet hair can be a dramatic change. However, with the right techniques and products, it is possible to achieve. Violet hair is an extremely vibrant, eye-catching shade that allows you to make a bold fashion statement. When done correctly on black hair, it creates a striking ombre or dip-dyed effect.

What you need

To go from black to violet hair, you will need:

– Violet hair dye – Specifically one designed for darker hair. Look for shades like “violet for dark hair” or “eggplant.” Regular violet dye won’t show up well on black hair.

– Developer – This activator helps open the hair cuticle so the dye can penetrate effectively. Opt for 20 Volume developer.

– Gloves – Wear gloves during the coloring process to protect your hands.

– Applicator brush – Use a tint or dye brush to apply the color.

– Petroleum jelly – Coat around hairline with petroleum jelly to prevent staining skin.

– Shower cap – Cover hair with a cap while the dye processes.

– Color-safe shampoo & conditioner – After coloring, use sulfate-free shampoo and moisture-rich conditioner made for color-treated hair.


For the vibrancy you want, black hair must be pre-lightened before applying violet dye. Bleaching lifts your natural pigment so the color will show through brighter.

– Option 1 – For subtle violet tones, pre-lighten just the lower 1⁄3 of your hair to pale yellow. The violet will blend attractively into your darker roots.

– Option 2 – For a vivid ombre, pre-lighten the bottom half of your hair to a pale yellow-orange shade. This allows the violet to really pop.

– Option 3 – For an overall purple mane, pre-lighten your entire head of hair to a light pale blond. This gives the truest vibrancy as the violet won’t have any dark strands competing against it.

Tips for bleaching black hair

– Use a powder lightener formulated for dark hair. It will lift more levels of pigment than a standard bleaching kit.

– Apply lightener 1⁄4 inch from roots to avoid damage and breakage near your scalp.

– Section hair cleanly and neatly to ensure every strand gets saturated.

– Expect 2-3 bleaching sessions to lift black hair to pale blond. Be patient and don’t rush the process.

– Deep condition after each lightening session. Bleached hair desperately needs moisture.

Applying the Violet Dye

Once your hair is lifted to an optimal starting shade, you can apply the violet dye. Follow these steps for best results:


– Protect surfaces, clothes and skin from splashes and drips. Violet stains tenaciously.

– Section clean, dry hair neatly into four quadrants. Use clips to hold sections taut.

– Drape an old towel around shoulders. Wear gloves and apron.

Mixing and Application

– Mix dye according to instructions with developer. Stir or shake vigorously until smooth.

– Saturate your applicator brush and paint dye directly onto pre-lightened sections of hair from roots to ends. Move methodically so no strands are missed.

– Apply thickest at mid-shaft and ends. Be more sparing near roots for a blended look.

– Once hair is fully saturated, pile into a bun atop your head and cover with a shower cap.


– Allow dye to process for 45-60 minutes without heat. Check for desired intensity and leave on longer if needed.

– Rinse dye thoroughly with warm water until the water runs clear. Be sure to rinse over a tub or in the shower.

– Follow with a sulfate-free shampoo and deeply nourishing conditioner. Rinse well. Towel dry gently.


– Violet hair fades faster than other fantasy shades. Expect to re-dye every 3-5 weeks. Use a color-depositing conditioner to refresh color between touch-ups.

– Shampoo minimally, using cooler water to make the color last longer. Rinse with cool water as well.

– Avoid chlorine, saltwater and heat styling which can strip violet dye rapidly. Use leave-in conditioners and heat protectant sprays.


The process of taking black hair to a vibrant violet is lengthy, but achievable with some bleaching sessions and the right dye techniques. For gorgeous results, lift hair to pale blond first before applying a violet shade made for darker hair. With the right home care regimen, you can rock this eye-catching color for weeks before your next color refresh. Just be prepared for the upkeep to keep your strands vibrantly violet!