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How to dye gear in bdo?

How to dye gear in bdo?

Dyeing gear is an important part of Black Desert Online that allows players to customize the look of their equipment. With a wide range of dyes available, players can create unique color combinations that fit their character’s style. However, dyeing gear requires some preparation and understanding of the dye system in BDO. This guide will break down everything you need to know about dyeing gear including how to unlock dyes, what items can be dyed, how to apply dyes, and tips for creating cool color schemes. Read on to learn how to make your gear stand out!

Unlocking Dyes

Before you can start dyeing gear, you first need to unlock dyes by completing quests. Here are the main ways to unlock dyes in BDO:

Method Dyes Unlocked
Complete the Black Spirit quest “[Awakening] Memories of the Past” Basic Dyes (red, blue, green etc.)
Complete the Black Spirit quest “Fairy Queen Theiah” Metallic Dyes (glossy silver, gold etc.)
Defeat the boss Mirumok Destroyer Offin Offin Tett’s Radiant Dye
Craft dyes by Processing Various rare dyes

The easiest way to unlock the basic dyes is by completing the “[Awakening] Memories of the Past” quest from the Black Spirit. This will reward you with the basic dye boxes. Defeating Offin and crafting dyes take more time, but give you access to special colors.

What Gear Can Be Dyed?

Not all gear types in BDO can be dyed. The main equipment that can be dyed includes:

– Armor: Helmets, chest armor, gloves, shoes
– Weapons: Mainhand, awakening, sub-weapon
– Defense gear: Shields

Accessories like rings, earrings, and belts cannot be dyed. Also weapons and armor need to be at least +15 enhancement level to unlock dye slots. Each enhanced gear piece has a certain number of dye channels that determine how many colors you can apply. Higher enhancement levels add more dye channels.

How to Apply Dyes

Once you have unlocked dyes and confirmed your gear can be dyed, follow these steps to apply dyes:

  1. Open your Inventory and click the Dye icon
  2. Select the item you want to dye from the list on the left
  3. Pick which dye channel to modify from the dye slot list
  4. Choose a dye color from your unlocked dyes on the right
  5. Click the Apply Dye button to set the dye

You can preview how the dye will look on your gear using the preview window. Repeat the dye application steps to fill all the dye channels on your gear’s available slots.

Tip: Use darker dyes on the later dye channels to create gradient effects!

Dye Removal and Reapplication

Already dyed an item but want to change the color? You can easily remove or reapply dyes:

– Remove Dye: Click the Remove Dye button in the dye UI to reset a gear piece to its default colors
– Reapply Dye: Selecting a new dye color in a gear’s filled dye slot will override and reapply a new color

The dyes themselves are not consumed or destroyed during removal/reapplication. You only need additional dyes if you want to fill an empty dye channel with a new color.

Tips for Creating Color Schemes

Planning out a color scheme beforehand helps create cohesive dye combinations:

– Match colors to your character’s style or backstory personality
– Pick a primary, secondary, and accent color to focus the scheme
– Use metallic dyes as accents to make details pop
– Try splitting complementary colors across gear pieces
– Add darker colors in later dye channels to create gradients
– Craft rare dyes if you need specific colors to complete your vision

Don’t be afraid to experiment and remove dyes until you find a gear coloring you are happy with!

Dyeing Costumes, Pets, and Horses

In addition to gear, BDO also allows dyeing costumes, pets, horses, and more:

Item How to Dye
Costumes Dye in Inventory > Dye window
Pets Interact with pet > Dye Pet
Horses Interact with horse > Dye
Wagons Interact with wagon > Dye
Boats Interact with boat > Dye
Furniture Interact with furniture > Dye

Follow similar steps as gear dyeing to recolor these items. Dyes for these items are unlocked through quests and crafting.

Tips for Dyeing Gear

Here are some final tips to help master dyeing gear in BDO:

– Level alts to complete dye quests again and obtain more basic dyes
– Reset boss alts to repeat weekly boss kills for rare dye drops
– Combine multiple cheap dyes at the Dye NPC to create expensive dyes
– Craft expensive dyes at the Dye Workbench using rare materials
– Save desired dyes in Dye Palette storage for quick reapplication
– Use Value Packs to dye gear for free and save silver
– Share dyes between characters using storage


Dyeing your gear allows full customization of your character’s look. Follow this guide to unlock the dye system, learn what can be dyed, apply your favorite colors to gear, and create unique color schemes. With a wide spectrum of dyes available, you’ll be able to achieve the exact look you want for your character in BDO. Happy dyeing!