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How to do black heart on instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. One of the many fun features of Instagram is the ability to use different emojis and symbols in your posts and comments. One emoji that has become quite popular on Instagram is the black heart emoji.

What Does the Black Heart Emoji Mean?

The black heart emoji is often used to express morbidity, dark humor, sorrow, and sadness. It can also symbolize a range of other emotions and meanings, such as:

  • Emptiness
  • Coldness
  • Darkness
  • Grief
  • Solemnity

So people often use the black heart emoji to indicate loved ones who have passed away, break-ups, tragic events, or to express “dark” aesthetic. It’s become especially popular among gamers and those interested in gothic fashion.

How to Type the Black Heart Emoji

There are a few different ways to access and type the black heart emoji on Instagram.

Copy and Paste

The simplest way is to copy the black heart emoji symbol and paste it into your Instagram caption, comment or bio. Here is the black heart emoji symbol you can copy:


Emoji Keyboard

If you have an emoji keyboard enabled on your device, you can open it and find the black heart emoji in the “symbols” or “objects” section and select it.

Instagram Emoji Sticker

When creating an Instagram Story, you can access the black heart emoji sticker by:

  1. Clicking the sticker icon in the top navigation bar
  2. Scrolling down and tapping on the emoji sticker pack
  3. Swiping left through the various emoji tabs at the bottom until you find the black heart emoji

You can then add this sticker to your Instagram Stories.

Text Replacement

On iPhone devices, you can create a text replacement shortcut so typing a specific set of characters will automatically produce the black heart emoji.

To set this up:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
  2. Tap the + icon to create a new replacement
  3. For Phrase, type your desired shortcut text (for example “blackheart”)
  4. For Shortcut, paste the black heart emoji symbol
  5. Tap Save

Now whenever you type your chosen phrase, it will automatically replace it with the black heart emoji.

Creative Ways to Use the Black Heart Emoji

Here are some creative ways you can use the black heart emoji on Instagram to express yourself and enhance your posts:


Add a black heart emoji or two to your Instagram photo captions to add a touch of dark aesthetic. You can pair it with words like “soul”, “ghost”, or “haunt” for an extra gothic vibe.


Use the black heart emoji sticker to give your Instagram Stories a dark, edgy style. Or add the emoji to text on a black background for a dramatic look.


Putting a black heart emoji or two in your Instagram bio is a subtle way to hint at a dark or gothic personality.


Reply to your friends’ posts with a black heart emoji to show love and appreciation in a dark-themed way.

Like Button

The Instagram algorithm may pick up if you strategically like like-minded posts and profiles using the black heart emoji instead of the red heart.


Add black heart emojis in your photo or video descriptions to reinforce black and dark concepts associated with your media.


Include relevant hashtags with black heart emojis in your captions or comments to increase discoverability. For example:

#darkaesthetic🖤 #gothvibes🖤 #blackheartclub🖤

Black Heart Emoji Use by Platform

Usage of the black heart emoji varies by social media platform. Here is a table comparing usage on some popular platforms:

Platform Black Heart Usage
Instagram Very popular for dark aesthetic posts and profiles
Twitter Used to show sorrow, grief or dark feelings
Facebook Occasional use to express morbidity or loss
Snapchat Frequently used in black Bitmoji avatars
WhatsApp Sometimes used in solemn conversations

As you can see, the black heart is most popular and used frequently on visual social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Best Practices When Using the Black Heart Emoji

To make sure your use of the black heart emoji is appropriate and effective, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Use sparingly – Just 1 or 2 black hearts conveys the message without overdoing it
  • Consider context – Make sure it fits with the tone of your post or conversation
  • Pair with dark themes – Use with black-and-white or gothic imagery for maximum effect
  • Don’t over-explain – Allow the symbol speak for itself
  • Be authentic – Only use if it aligns with your brand identity and style

What Posts Work Well With a Black Heart Emoji

The black heart emoji can enhance certain moods, aesthetics and topics. Here are some examples of posts where a black heart would be appropriate:

  • Dark fashion outfit photos
  • Gothic architecture images
  • Black-and-white portrait photography
  • Photos taken at nighttime or in shadows
  • Horror or paranormal content
  • Tributes to lost loved ones
  • Dark abstract art
  • Soulful music performances
  • Posts embracing solitude and melancholy
  • Appreciation for misunderstood darkness

The black heart emoji tends to pair best with posts that have a somber, serious or mystical vibe. Use it thoughtfully on appropriate content for maximum effect.


The black heart emoji has become a popular and versatile way to add a gothic, dark, or somber touch to your Instagram posts. When used properly in the right contexts, the black heart can convey a range of profound emotions and aesthetics. Next time you want your Instagram content to lean into darker themes and feelings, consider incorporating this unique emoji into your captions, comments or Stories.