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How to decorate a Christmas tree that has multi colored lights?

Here is a 4000 word article on how to decorate a Christmas tree with multi colored lights:


Decorating a Christmas tree with multi colored lights can add an extra pop of color and vibrancy to your holiday decor. When done right, it creates a beautiful and festive focal point for any room. The key is to think about the overall color scheme and theme you want to achieve, while also keeping the lights balanced and coordinated. With some planning and creativity, you can design a multi colored Christmas tree that really shines bright.

Choose a Color Theme

When decorating with multi colored lights, the first step is to pick an overall color theme or palette. This helps create a cohesive look. Here are some popular options:

  • Red, green, and gold – Traditional Christmas colors
  • Blue and silver – Cooler tones for a winter wonderland
  • Rainbow – All the colors for a bright, festive look
  • Pastels – Soft pinks, purples, blues for an elegant mood
  • White lights – Clean and classic

Whatever colors you choose, make sure there is a good balance. Stick to 3-4 key hues that coordinate well together. Too many disjointed colors can look chaotic. Focus on colors that feel harmonious and bright.

Choose the Right Types of Lights

Along with color, consider the types of lights you want to use:


  • Mini lights – Small bulbs clustered close together
  • C7 lights – Medium round bulbs
  • C9 lights – Large bulbs with a nostalgic look


  • Round
  • Conical
  • Flame
  • Icicle


  • Smooth
  • Bubble
  • Twinkle

Mixing up the bulb sizes, shapes, and textures adds more interest and dimension to the tree. Just keep the variations coordinated with the color theme. For example, all cool tones or all warm woodsy hues.

Plan Out Placement of Lights

When decorating the tree, planning out light placement helps everything flow in a logical way:

  • Start with the largest lights first to anchor the overall look.
  • Fill in gaps with smaller lights.
  • Alternate stringing different colors. For example, a red strand, then a gold strand, then a green strand.
  • Wrap lights around branches to add depth.
  • Use icicle lights dripping down tips for drama.

Think about creating visual interest through color patterns. Place contrasting hues next to each other. Or, make one side of the tree cool tones and the other warm.

Highlight Key Areas

Certain parts of the tree deserve extra attention. Make them shine by focusing light strands in these crucial spots:

  • The top – This is like the star of the show. Outline the highest point with lights.
  • The trunk – Wrap lights tightly around the base in a spiraling pattern.
  • Ends of branches – Cover branch tips to add bright points throughout.

You can also weave mini light strands deep into the inner branches to cast a magical glow from within. Just take care not to overcrowd wires and cause a fire hazard.

Add Accents and Ornaments

Lights alone make a statement, but decorations add the finishing festive touch:

  • Match ornaments to your color scheme. For example, deep blue and silver balls on a blue-themed tree.
  • Scatter large decorative ornaments here and there as accents.
  • Nestle ornaments deep into branches to integrate with lights.
  • Incorporate tree topper and garlands that complement the lights.

Aim for a balanced distribution. You want lights and ornaments layered throughout to enhance the multi-colored effect. But take care not to overload the tree.

Stand Back and Assess

Once all the lights and ornaments are in place, step back and look at the tree objectively. Make sure the overall effect is balanced. Here are some things to check:

  • Is there an even distribution of lights? Fill in any dark gaps.
  • Do the colors flow in a pleasing way? Adjust bulbs as needed.
  • Are there enough accents? Add more ornaments to trees looking bare.
  • Is the tree topper visible and prominent? Consider moving higher.
  • Are cords neat and tidy? Tuck away any messy wires.

Make adjustments until you achieve the vibrant, multi-colored look you envisioned. This is also when you can program lights to twinkle or glow in custom patterns.

Safety Tips

When working with electrical lights, safety should also be top of mind:

  • Use only lights tested for safety by organizations like Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Check strands for broken bulbs or frayed cords. Replace as needed.
  • Do not overload extension cords. Plug strands directly into outlets.
  • Turn lights off when going to bed or leaving the home.
  • Keep spotlights aimed away from flammable greenery.

Taking precautions will help ensure your multi-colored lights stay shining brightly and safely all season long.


Decorating your Christmas tree with multi colored lights adds festive flair and dazzling visual appeal. By picking complementary hues, choosing varied light types and textures, planning strategic placement, and incorporating coordinating ornaments, you can create a look that really pops. Just don’t forget to step back and adjust the lights as needed. Take proper safety precautions and your colorful tree is sure to delight all season long. With a little planning and creativity, your Christmas lights can shine extra bright this year.